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Dota No-Remorse Music Video

To be honest, i didn't like rap music too much. But this video is really great and make me changes my mind. The lyrics (all about dota) is matched and synchronize perfectly with the video. Just watch it yourself :)

This video is made by Virus Hunter and the song by Devil's Urethra, the famous musician on Dota-Allstars.

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  1. the rhymes are aight.

  2. I never wanted to know what the devil's urethra does....

  3. uh, you all don't like rap music because u listen to newschool commercial sh*t like this. Get back to 80s and 90s, that was true rap. about the vid: very nice editing. that's good that there are such creative people.

  4. wow, cool music :D I'd like hip-hop :D