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Dota 6.57 Exact Changelogs

dota allstars 6.56 loading screen Images Dota-Allstars 6.57 Exact Changelogs. Just like previous version, here is the exact changelogs of Dota 6.57 that was taken from Dota-Allstars Mechanics Forum.

* Improved Shallow Grave cooldown
* Increased the bounty on Power Cogs a little bit
6-10 to 16-20
* Decreased Clockwerk's Intelligence gain slightly
1.7 to 1.3
* Improved Windrunner cooldown
65/50/35/20 to 30/25/20/15
* Lowered Admiral Proudmoore's base Intelligence and intelligence gain
Base INT: 18 Gain 2.2 per level to Base INT 16 and Gain 1.5 per level
* Decreased X Marks The Spot duration
(2/3/4/5 duration, 60/50/40/30 cd, 110 mana --> 1/2/3/4 duration 30 cd, 80/90/100/110 mana)
* Added manacost to manual return ability of X Marks The Spot
0 mana cost -> 50 mana cost
* Increased Ghost Ship's manacost
150/150/150 to 150/200/250
* Lowered Omniknight's base movement speed by 5
From 300 to 295
* Increased Rhasta's base strength
Base Strenght 16 to 19
* Improved AOE on Fervor
300/300/300/300 to 500/500/500/500
* Improved Dark Seer's cast animation point
castpt=0.5 to castpt=0.4
* Increased length of Wall of Replica slightly
759 to 984
* Lowered bonus damage per second on early levels of Geostrike
15/15/15/15 to 4/8/12/161.7 to 1.3
* Slightly improved Shackleshot duration and cd
Duration 0.5/1.4/2.1/2.8/3.5 Cooldown 14/14/14/14 to Duration 0.75/1.5/2.25/3/3.75 Cooldown 10/10/10/10
* Improved Mass Serpent Wards' cooldown
120/120/120 to 100/80/60 (manacost at level 3 from 610 to 600)
* Improved Thunder Clap AOE
From 250/300/350/400 to 400 at all levels
* Improve Primal Split's manacost and cooldown scaling per level
Cooldown: 180/170/160 Mana Cost 125/175/225 to Cooldown 180/150/120 Mana Cost 125/150/175
* Improved Life Break
40% Of Target HP as damage Cooldown 45/45/45 to 50% of target HP as Damage Cooldown 45/30/15
* Improved Slardar's Cast Point
0.55 to 0.35
* Increased Command Aura's AOE
From 300 to 450
* Reworked Voodoo Restoration stats
HP regeneration: 6/12/24/30 with 0.25 seconds interval to 16/24/32/40 with 0.33 seconds interval
* Minor improvements to Glyph of Fortification
Team Cooldown:6 Minutes to Team Cooldown: 5 Minutes
* Courier now costs 200 gold
225 to 200
* Lowered Lycan's Wolves Hitpoints
400/400/600/700 to 400/475/550/625
* Lowered base armor on Lycan and his wolves by 2
* Increased Empowering Haste's AOE
From 300 to 500
* Tweaked the bash values on roshan
2 seconds stun/100 bonus damage to 1.65 Seconds stun/50 Bonus damage

Wow so many changes, i hope this can balance the game :)

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  1. mind checking more futher in detail? etc wuts rasta's base HP after base str buff and for kunkka too lazy to check.. rofl

  2. @pluginbaby - i'll try to find it :) (if i'm not lazy too! rofl)But i'm pretty happy with this changelogs because Panda get pretty much buff ;p I like panda ;)

  3. aww!!! no mension of change to Luna's eclipse unlike yesterdays post.... I wanted tht one bad :(

  4. Eclipse change was already "exact", so no need to add it to the "exact changelog".

  5. oh! so Luna has been nerfed too gud :d

  6. oh! so Luna has been nerfed too gud :d

  7. Eclipse change was already "exact", so no need to add it to the "exact changelog".


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