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Dota 6.57 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.57 AI Plus Map Updates

dota allstars 6.55 AI loading screen Images Dota 6.57 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.57 AI Plus Map Download Section. We already have Dota 6.56 AI now since BMP released Dota 6.56 AIPlus. Even though there's still a lot of bugs ^_^ And now Dota 6.57 already went live. So as usual, this post will provide links and update of the Dota 6.57 AI progress :)

Update 1 (12 Nov 2008)
6.57 seems straightforward enough. Looks like I might have to manually redo all the regions again, which is pain, but not difficult.

Okay. Thanks guys, I'll see if I can have something up as soon as tomorrow.

Also, an update on that command line thing: you'll note that long commands only fail with 10 players (works fine with 9). It seems to be hanging on the Scoreboard generation routine, which you can see when you try to input a long command with 10 players. The scoreboard will appear in the upper right corner (says "DotA Allstars", regardless of the mode), and if you open it, you'll see it's only half done. There's probably a loop that keeps running and stops the script from proceeding, which halts the system from detecting the specified game modes. I need to look at it more (I only glanced briefly at it last night before going to bed).

Also, fixed KOTL learning attribute bonuses and Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25).

Well, expect a quick update from BMP :)

Update 2 (12 Nov 2008)
Meh, looks like there's more to the Circle of Power changes than I had anticipated. I doubt I'll be done by tomorrow.

Well, it's ok BMP :)

I think the Dota 6.57 AIplus won't be as long as before because Dota 6.57 major changes is only on bug fixes. I will update this post if there's any news about it and will place the link if the map is ready. Until then, let's just try the new map and hope for the good news from BMP :)

The latest AI is now:
Dota-Allstars 6.56 AIPlus v1.52 Rev. 2

Update 2: Words from BuffMePlz (12 Nov 2008)
Note: Moved to Dota 6.57b AI section ;)

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  1. to BMP,
    YOU'RE the BEST among the REST!

    Like i said in the other section. We can wait for your great work of arts patiently.

    Goodluck on doing your next MAPsterpiece.

  2. thank you so much BMP in tagalog putang ina mo!!!!!!lol

  3. hahaha lol cge kya yan BMP in english you can do it BMP!!

  4. It's truely pain, however you can do it :> 'cause u r the best :> we believe in u :D

  5. BMP KOE PANCEN JOS...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  6. habedibidibidapde!! sarovagan!!

  7. WTF is with the INDIAN stuff. Anyways Go BMP!

  8. this map is slightly unstable the ai version. it sometimes get slowed. dont know the reason. i have 4gb of ram so i dont think thats my computer.

  9. plz tell BMP that I have found a bug.

    When you start a game, then PAUSE and type -ar twice, then Continue the game. Every one will get two random heroes. And the number of the units that the Sentinel controls also doubles.

    If you type -ardm twice, when one hero dies, you will get two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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