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Dota 6.55b Incoming due Dota 6.55 Bug!

dota allstars 6.55 loading screen ImagesDota 6.55b will Coming Out Soon! Dota-Allstars 6.55 bug on the new Aegis system is likely the major cause of it. There already several bugs reported regarding Aegis. The worst bug is the game will crashes with fatal error message. The other bugs is cause you to have immortal hero, more than one Aegis or even immortal bear. IceFrog is make a thread about this, you can check it here. He also make a beta map of 6.55b, you can check the link within this post.

Here is some stories of the bug:

  • I was playing against a Syllabear who killed Roshan and accidently picked up non-droppable new aegis with his bear.The bear never dropped it, and every time it died, it would just resurrect at the spot it died with aegis still in its inventory. It could also still attack, even if the hero was dead, as long as it was within the restricting attack range from where Syllabear died.
  • I was playing leshrac with bloodstone and magic stick. Me and potm killed roshan and about 5 seconds after i picked up the aegis, everyone in the game fatal errored.
  • I am not sure how helpful I can be, but this was my experience yesterday: I loaded a single player game to test out the new heroes. I turned on -noherolimit so I could experience a lot of changes. I was particularly enjoying Windrunner, and I took her to solo Roshan - I got the Aegis on her, and noticed the timer. At this time I chose the new Captain hero and played around with him for a while - Roshan was back, and I decided to take Windrunner to visit him. She still had the Aegis on (with a number "1" in the corner) and I killed him, getting a second Aegis (with a new timer).
  • Strange, my aegis did not show any timer....
    It just show number one like Aegis in older version.
    When i test it with Meepo, Clones has 200 mana only when they reincarnate.
That's just some people stories about the new Aegis bug on Dota 6.55 that i get from the thread.

If you also had some fatal error or bug about that, you should report it to IceFrog. And you can even test the Dota 6.55b Beta map, IceFrog provide it for us because some of the bug is hard to reproduce. Here is the link of the Dota 6.55b Beta

If you still find fatal error or another bug in this map, feel free to report it immediately to IceFrog :)

Update: Try Dota 6.55b Official Map!

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