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Some Cool Dota-Allstars Movies

Remember PizzaSlice? The one who make Dota: The Final Hour? Yeah, he is my favourite Dota-Allstars movie maker. His work is soooo movies, not like the other who just a compilation of replay with a random background music. I think he is the best Dota-Allstars movie maker right now.

And.. Recently he make another two movies which i highly recommend. Here's the first one, Noob Supremacy: Volume 2!. This movie is scenes of what-so-called a noob. You will saw it with laughter :)

The second one is a movie about Rikimaru, Rikimaru's Precious.
To enjoy this one, you must watch this as a movies :)

How about that? Nice isn't it? At least you can watch it to fill the gap until Dota-Allstars 6.53 is out :)

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