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Now Dota-Allstars 6.52d is a Stable Map!

At last, a new stable map is announced. If you check, you can say sayonara to 6.48b and welcome the Dota-Allstars 6.52d as the new stable map. Maybe some of you didn't care about this matter, but a new stable map means a lot. The competitive game/ tournament of Dota-Allstars will use new map (even tough some of them already are). And the another good news is, a new stable map means RGB/LazyFiend will make us another AI map! Yay! At least that's what he promised us.

Another thing is, if you check the, you maybe notice that the Dota-Allstars AI link is replaced with Beta Tester Sign up. I hope this change doesn't mean IceFrog is decreased his support to AI map section. AI map section is important, especially for those want to learn or only have a single PC without connection.

The above picture is the screenshot of the signup page. Interested? Just go to this link and signup there. And one last thing, after declaring a new stable map, usually there's gonna new contents on the next map! Look forward to 6.53! Stay tune in this blog by subscribing the feeds and we'll send you an email everytime there's a new post :)

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  1. i cant wait for the ai plus version of this.. hope that the ai's are tougher and harder to beat... a new generations of ai's.. gank makers, aegis takers.. devine rapier builders.. junglers.. lol..

  2. any clues about when will 6.53 be out?

  3. pluginbaby.. u missed something.. i hope they can juke! hehe.. coz we juke them they wont chase liao.. easy to run =.=

    ~Brought to you by ™~

  4. found some bugs in this version..

  5. do we have any leaked notes for the new version?

  6. Read my latest post, 6.53 hopefully will released next week with a new hero! :)