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Bloodseeker Guide & Build - Strygwyr Guide

Strygwyr the Bloodseeker Guide, Build and Strategy. Bloodseeker is pure ganker but yet can carry a team, one of my favourite hero. Let's check him out! 

Strygwyr, The Bloodseeker 
An unusual hybrid of Demon and Orc, Strygwyr is an outcast amongst all mortal creatures. By thriving on and bathing himself with the blood of those he slays, Strygwyr can heal his wounds - even those that could prove fatal. Beware the fool who dares venturing alone, for Strygwyr can sense his blood miles away and gain vision through his helpless prey's eyes. Having ruptured the enemy with mighty blows in his bloodthirsty frenzies, Strygwyr corners his foe into making the impossible decision - bleed to death by trying to outrun the hasty demon, or be ripped to shreds in its awesome fury.

Base stats
Base Damage: 53 - 59
Base Armor: 5.4
Primary Attribute: Agility
Strength: 23 + 2
Agility: 24 + 2.6
Intelligence: 18 + 1.7
Movespeed: 305

He has slightly above movement speed which is good, a rather decent strength and agility gain which definatly helps and his intelligence gain isn't all that great but still, you only cast 2 spells and they don't take THAT much mana so it doesn't affect us.

Bloodseeker Skills

Drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage. That unit is unable to cast spells, has it's attack damage increased, and loses a small amount of hitpoints every second.

Level 1: Lasts 6 seconds, 20% damage increase, loses 20 HP per second.
Level 2: Lasts 9 seconds, 40% damage increase, loses 15 HP per second.
Level 3: Lasts 12 seconds, 60% damage increase, loses 10 HP per second.
Level 4: Lasts 15 seconds, 80% damage increase, loses 5 HP per second.

80 mana cost and 10 second cooldown at all levels.

Several things about this skill, first it damages the unit, secondly it increases the units damage, thirdly it silences the unit making it unable to cast spells. Now whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you, early game at level 1 it can be used to do 120 damage over 6 seconds to an enemy hero, at level 4 it can be used as MASSIVE damage increase to you or an allied hero. The uses for this skill vary depending on your situation or (sometimes) mood of what course of action to take.

Important notes:
It does higher damage at level 1 and lower at level 4, remember that when considering whether to cast it on allied or enemy units/heroes.
It silences the unit, meaning if you cast it on yourself you won't be able to cast any other spells. (Rupture)

Blood Bath
Whenever Strygwyr kills a unit, he bathes himself in blood, regenerating his life source.

Level 1: 10% of Heros max HP, 10% for creeps.
Level 2: 20% of Heros max HP, 15% for creeps.
Level 3: 30% of Heros max HP, 20% for creeps.
Level 4: 40% of Heros max HP, 25% for creeps.

Pretty amazing, actually, very amazing. A decent Strygwyr player won't even need tangos or salves if they can last hit like a pro, because in doing so, you heal. Some will say this is better then normal life steal and some will say it's worst. The best thing about this skill is it's a sign of no mercy, it means you won't stop till they're dead so you can recover your HP, you won't back down till they fall at your feet and when they do, you're home free to run away.

Important notes:
You heal if you KILL a unit or hero, that means get the gold, not just help.
You recover a higher percentage when killing heros, don't be afraid to fight till the death if you're sure of a kill.
If you kill a hero (especially strength based) you'll almost always recover to NEAR full HP.

Strygwyr's Thirst
Enables Strugwyr to sense the bleeding of an enermy hero below 40% HP, if it finds one, Strygwyr gains vision of that unit and increases movement speed.

Level 1: Area of effect: 1500, 11% movement speed.
Level 2: Area of effect: 3000, 22% movement speed.
Level 3: Area of effect: 4500, 33% movement speed.
Level 4: Area of effect: 6000, 44% movement speed.

Oh my favorite skill! This is what makes people fear you. This will send people running. (Literally!) I can't even begin to stress how deadly this skill is, at level 4 you control half the map with your insane movement speed and ability to see heros under 40% HP, if you see someone running away, chase that chicken. You gain FULL sight of them, that means they can't wind walk away, they have nothing to save them. Except of course, everyone's worst enemies; towers and disablers.

Important notes:
At level 4 it affects almost half the map of your current location.
At level 4 with power treads you get almost/max movement speed, so you can even catch lycan in his shapeshift form (since he'll run out of time and you won't )
After the hero with 40% or lower HP dies, the skill still takes effect for about 2-3 seconds after they've died, giving you a nice boost to get away.

Rupture (Ultimate)
Deals a mighty blow to the enemy causing any moment to result in bleeding and loss of life.

Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds, 150 mana cost, 150 damage, 20% of distance moved in damage.
Level 2: Lasts 7 seconds, 200 mana cost, 250 damage, 40% of distance moved in damage.
Level 3: Lasts 9 seconds, 250 mana cost, 350 damage, 60% of distance moved in damage.
70 seconds cooldown

Oh lawd, my other favorite skill. You know that situation "OMFG WHAT DO I DO?!" that's what people will be like if you use this skill on them, firstly in inflicts damage, secondly, the more they run, the quicker they die, thirdly if your opponent is sensible he'll stand still, giving you an open opportunity to run up and kill him for the gold AND EXP. (Since if he runs away off the screen you won't get the EXP:() This works great for team battles, if you see someone is badly hurt and is about to leg it away from the battle, cast this then go assist your team! They'll die in seconds due to the sheer awesomeness of this bad boy.

Skill Build
1. Blood Bath
2. Bloodrage
3. Strygwyr's Thirst/Blood Bath
4. Strygwyr's Thirst/Blood Bath
5. Strygwyr's Thirst/Blood Bath
6. Rupture
7. Blood Bath/Strygwyr's Thirst
8. Blood Bath/Strygwyr's Thirst
9. Blood Bath/Strygwyr's Thirst
10. Strygwyr's Thirst
11. Rupture
12. Bloodrage
13. Bloodrage
14. Bloodrage
15. Stats
16. Rupture
17-25. Stats

The typical Bloodseeker skill build, except for the point in Bloodrage at the start. This is used as a silence to escape some nasty spamming early kills like Zues or Lion and to silence and kill them. It shouldn't be used as a damage boost at level 1 though, it's just not worth it. Blood Bath is a no-brainer, you need this to stay in your lane almost forever. You don't have much damage at early levels so Bloodrage is maxed out after Thirst. At level 6 it becomes possible for a kill.

Well, Blood Bath and Strygwyr's Thirst can be taken wherever you feel under different circumstances. Sometimes I get Strygwyr's Thirst maxed earlier over Blood Bath because I am last hitting and denying well, going for some kills and on high health. I might get Blood Bath maxed earlier because I need the precious health to stay in my lane. There is no 'set skill build' at level 3 and over, just mix it up and do what you think is necessary.

Item Build
Starting Items

Stout is key, attack harass from the enemy hero while you go in for the last hits is something thta can really hurt even the best of BS players, Stout goes a long way to solving this problem, and also turns into something useful later on. Flask gives you room for error in your last-hitting, and is taken over tangoes because you'll only ever really need item regen if you're very low and can't get close to creeps without dieing.

Core Items

Phase Boots give you a lot of what you need. The Armour + Damage helps you become very hard to keep out of lane, and are stat bonuses that you'll use all game. But what's really invuable here is the phase for so many different reasons.

First off, you get a little movespeed bonus, this can often allow you to get 2-3 crucial hits on a running opponent to proc your thirst. Furthermore, it can allow you to jet away after making a kill. Being able to run through creeps is a massive bonus, especially with a playstyle like BS's, you can find yourself blocked by creeps fractions of hp away from a kill. Phase allows you to dive through unhindered.

On top of this, one of any melee carry's biggest problems is always gonna be making sure you can focus the right hero in a fight. Phase means you can rush through and get right to the casters and key heroes to take them out. 

This set of items is really important to my bloodseeker build. The conventional bloodseeker is a 800 hp moron who ruptures, rightclicks and then dies to tower. I try to mix things up a bit with my build, and instead of going for something retarded, Phase, 2 wraiths + Vanguard gives you a nice amount of hp (around 1.3-1.4k at ~lvl 11-13), LOADS of damage mitigation, with way above 15 armour as well as damage block. And still allows for some damage at the same time.

This sets you up to have some decent damage, loads of HP and loads of armour making you a seriuosly powerful diver and allowing you to survive until you get the kill.

The Damage

As far as first damage item on bloodseeker goes i almost always take one of DIFFUSAL or DESOLATOR.

Generally, if the enemy has lots of weedy casters Diffusal is the better bet, giving you some extra chasing, fucktones of damage and purge. It should be taken against heroes such as Omni or Warlock for obvious reasons.

However, some heroes are not so vulnerable to a diffusal, str-tanks, in particular heroes like Lycan, Axe or Centaur, are not interested by your Diffusal, they can just turn and fight you in many cases. At times like this you'll want to go for a deso to increase your power when fighting head-to-head, as you won't have such an opportunity to use purge to make kills.

Both items have their perks, I don't really have a preference, you really have to read the game when deciding which one you make your choice.

Optional Core

Get BKB if you face heavily caster enemies. Yes, you got Bloodrage to silent your enemies, but if you're facing a lot of caster/stunner, BKB is a necessity.

Further items

I hesitate to build more HP than vanguard on Bloodseeker. The reason being that if you're killing in a fight then your HP levels should stay high and you can stay alive. So you're really best off making your hero deal a LOT of damage. By all means, make a BKB on him if circumstances dictate, but heart/satanic are just a no-no to me.

So now we have to decide on damage. Mathematically, and in most cases practically, Butterfly is the best thing you can get, phaseboots are not treads, and while you have a lot of + damage (especially with bloodrage on), your attackspeed leaves everything to be desired. The massive agility also gets amplified by your rage, which is obviously awesome.

However, there will be TIMES when you might want to go for radiance instead, these could be when you're up against something like Weaver, or perhaps a team with many dagger heroes where you want to make sure people aren't cheesing you out of kills with blink.

Now that we've got butterfly as core i'll discuss the other options you have. If you've gone diffusal originally then you'd probably want to complete your manta as soon as possible after Bfly, however, if opted for deso instead then you'll probably rather get hold of a Buriza to make use of low armour 1.1k crits (yes they are that high ).

Either build is ended with buriza/cuirass, both items are very powerful and at that stage in the game you really have to decide what you need yourself.

BKB is ASSUMED and you should always take it either straight after your first damage item (purge/deso) or straight after Bfly in games where it's necessary.

Tricks & Tips

Animation cancel, you are NOT lycan with 0.1 attack point, you have a big backswing, and if you cancel it you'll find yourself getting FAR more hits during a chase than if you rightclicked and went afk. -apm wins.

Bloodrage rapes casters SO hard, don't make the mistake of going into a gank/teamfight with it casted on yourself, trust me, zeus/QoP not being able to cast any spells for 16 seconds is FAR more important than a bloodseeker having + 80% damage. The second one can even go on a caster as well if you think it will win the fight, but often the damage can come on at that point as rupture is casted and you start getting up close and personal.

General stuff: Blood can't initiate teamfights by himself, so when drafting lineups you'll want to get hold of heroes with some AoE, having a hero like Tide/ES on your team who's beefy and can jump in with a dagger to get things started is invuable and gives you time to get a hold of the fight with some timely ruptures and bloodrages

Manta: If you're ever low and have a manta style, cast split and deny the images: straight to full hp. SO nice to run into fog with 400 hp and turn around and rape them when you're back with 2k. Since Dota 6.61, Bloodseeker no longer gain health from killing images :(

Well? What do you think about this Strygwyr Bloodseeker Guide & Build? Share your build here ;)

Source: banjkan3 BloodSeeker Mini Guide

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  1. maybe you can try for a full atta cking BS with
    Battle fury

  2. hey alief you forget, bloodbath no longer can regen from denied or killing images..

    btw nice guide

  3. using force staff on ruptured heroes can be still damaged? i nver try before is it work?

    1. yes.. using force staff damages enemy that are ruptured

  4. Yes, it's a shame that bloodseeker cannot fill health from images again T_T

  5. @Alief

    Please update the numbers/ skills.
    The cooldown of Bloodrage isn't 20 sec anymore, it's 10 seconds. And Bloddbath gives +5% health for killing a creep (10/15/20/25%).

  6. @CapSeb - Updated. Thanks for the info ;)

  7. i do the skills this way
    1 bath
    2 thirst
    3 bath
    4 thirst
    5 rage
    6 rup
    7 thirst
    8 bath
    9 thirst
    10 bath
    11 rup
    12-14 rage
    15-20 stats
    the mere reason i lvled bath coz in start i buy boots then a tango
    i put rage in lvl 5 to be ready for rupture for silence or sometimes when i have int enemies i put rage in lvl 1 then spam it to them

  8. i think u all can follow my bs style...

    1 rage
    2 bath
    3 thirst
    4 thirst
    5 thirst
    6 rup
    7 thirst
    8 bath
    9 bath
    10 bath
    11 rup
    12-14 rage
    15-20 stats

    tis type skill can easy kill the int hero o agi hero in begin if them 1 lane wif u coz lvl 1 rage can deal 120 damage n silence 6sec
    example...if u one lane wif begin he only gt around 500 life then u n ur teamate combo can easy take the 1stblood...

    item build u all can try buy

    mealstorm 1st(if u can cant earn 3800 in 10min)
    o buy sacred relic 1st n bcome radiance(if u earn 3800 in 10min)

    full item wif tis is gud...
    type 1

  9. items:
    phase boots or treads
    radiance(if you can)

  10. items:
    2.vladimir or HoT

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Cool guide, tried some games with it now, pretty neat imo.

    You just forgot to mention I think, that some noob nuggets are gonna ban you for maphack (meld @ 30% hp moar plix) o_O

  13. This Hero is quite an easy Hero to use.Just make sure you get the last hits and your health won't go down.Blood Rage is also a very useful skill.Damage Increase or Silence SpellCasting Heroes

    Item Build:

    Power Threads(Attack Speed)

    Arm of Mordiggan(Huge Strength Increase and Damage,Blood Bath rejuvenates health from curse)

    Vladmir Offering(Lifesteal instead of depending on Blood Bath)

    The Butterfly(Extra Evasion and Attack Speed)*

    Sange and Yasha(Movement Speed and Maim)

    Assault Cuirass(More Attack Speed and armor reduction)*

    * Optional

    I don't know why you people like Radiance so much...O.O
    I would prefer Buriza or Satanic

  14. I agree with the previous writer...
    With Armlet of Mordiggan=Pure Pwnage
    Crap Long Health and damage + BloodRage=Super IMBA

  15. I agree with the previous writer...
    With Armlet of Mordiggan=Pure Pwnage
    Crap Long Health and damage + BloodRage=Super IMBA

  16. either diffusal and deso is incorrect!!! the BEST FOR him is maelstorm and will turn to mjollnir later,!!! in this case, he has more passive damage WITH, protection and more damage to those who attack him or to those who fyt back at him!!!


  17. items should be

    manta style

  18. tell me what you think of my guide..leave comments on website..

  19. I think battlefury is very important, because he gets all the "blood" of the dying creeps

  20. blood and thirst first!
    then rupture
    and treads would be a nice 1st item!

  21. Personally, i love going mid lane with stryg, he just ownz here. Only some heroes can make i impossible for you to farm here (like nevermore, maybe zeus). When doing mid, you can (and should!) rush radiance, as this item is just great on bloodseeker. Recently, i didnt even buy boots before relic as i didnt have to go to foutain. When you have the relic, make treads. After this, finish radiance. Then imo best item is s&y. It gives max ms with treads and thirst, gives attackspeed which is always useful, gives health, and gives MAIM which is just awesome for chasing, nobody can escape you when you have max ms and maim (only heroes with some kind of blink, and guys with tp scroll, that have too much hp for you to kill them fast enough). After this i usually make butterfly- more survivability, more dps. When you have those items and cast bloodrage on yourself- you will rip everyone to shreds.

  22. And why use radiance? When chasing, you sometimes dont even have to attack to kill. Also, helps a LOT with farming rest of items

  23. I think Battle Fury is the best for Blood

  24. stryg is imba with :

    these are best items for him


    1.dagoon -go play with public , hit u abit(LITABIT) ,suitable life then dagoon setle,or rupture.

    why dagoon:mana + faster finish,i always see bs got problem to setle enemy with red hero.although silence in his hand.and its suprice for ppl neutral creeper.

    2.butterfly(no nid explain)

    3.radiance(... decaying critical hero)

    4-6.anything u like .

    1.quelling blade(important for last hiting)
    2.healing salve.

    aim priority:
    power thread
    quarter staff

    Mid Game:
    KILL LIKE NO OTHER.GET BUTTER/radiance b4 late game.that only.

    hero need to be avoided = any hero with GOOD EVASION like broodmother,mortred,any but that why dagoon.whenever they on red,dun fight but use dagoon-fight with mortred is wrong coz of do brood imba life steal + initicipating and void + backtrack, leoric, or any. :)

    when you want to kill a imposible hero that have high percentage that will never run when critical life or ruptured ,bring along your team mate.

    want thing work well? it only on teamworks!

    harras them until they annoyed and leave.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. blood is one of the best farmers of dota bec. of vlads+2nd skill+battle fury...running low on hp? choose between farming then go ot with full HP or stand still away from creeps for the regen of battlefury(sht)...surely will choose farm...and of course if you had a good team who likes GB, they will also see you with a red mark on the head(let the huntings begin!)...most of the time my enemies play with my ulti running in circles while they are also affected by my silence...this is my 1st best pick when i started to play dota and might be yours too!have fun!

  28. my items for bloodseeker are:

    1.stout shield > poorman`s shield
    2.ring of basi > vladimir`s
    3.blades of attack > phase boots
    4.perseverance > battle fury
    5. divine when rage is lvl4

  29. U 4 got radiance.......just see when u are in combat and u hav radiance on bloodseeker the nearby creeps will get damaged and die hence u gain health........veri useful

  30. no it isn't w0t. best for strygwyry is mask of rawness

  31. can force staff trigger rupture's damage?

  32. Bloodseeker
    -Vladimir's Offering
    -Power Treads
    -Van Guard
    -Arm of Mordigigan
    -Etheral Blade
    -Change Your Power Treads to Boots of Travel

  33. If you have the gold :
    -phase boots
    -BKB if nukers
    -Linken if stunners

  34. Dagon and force staff...

    dagon, rapture, force staff...

  35. my items are
    boots of travel
    force staff
    divine rapier
    etheral blade

    1.Power treads
    5.Vladimir`s Ofering

  37. starter kit: 2x wraith band + powertreads
    monkey kingbar
    assault cuirass

  38. nice guide, 11/0 own :D

  39. force staff duh, it's a shame so few people mentioned it

  40. do Bs need vlad? i mean, i usually use Bs when in serious game, n i never need any life stealing item more than i was given, vanguard, probably, if theres like tons of nukes( in my case, when im lvl 7, thell be running like heck from me) but never vlad or HoD.. is it really important,,
    ps, force staff is good, but for real carnage effect, team up wif thrall,, insta ulti kill...

  41. 1 power thread
    2 radiance
    3 battlefury
    4 butterfly
    5 buriza
    6 satanic


  42. Add Forced Staff for BloodSeeker Rupture

  43. force staff for awesomeness.with this baby you can kill any hero below 500 health.

  44. It's a bit more than idiotic what you say here ...
    1st , you do not need phase boots you allready have the 3rd skill and avter 10 minutes of playtime have max speed almost all the time.
    Phase boots are for heroes like rilay that do not need to move faster all the time they should stay back.
    Than.. regarding items.. why would you purge someone when on the contrary you want him to run ASAP
    Try a maelstorm as starter item and a Mjol after and see what happens.

  45. dont expect that you are all strong!

  46. dont expect that you are all strong!

    1.Power treads
    5.Vladimir`s Ofering

  48. If you have the gold :
    -phase boots
    -BKB if nukers
    -Linken if stunners

  49. Bloodseeker 
    1. Sange and Yasha
    2. Vlads
    3. Buriza
    4. Batlle Fury
    5. Butterfly/heart of tarras.
    6. Power threads
    if somebody kill you i am son of chiken... :D

  50. that is true but what will i be stronger

  51. BOT


    Cant read? YOUR OWNED!

  52. -Power Treads
    -Force Staff
    -Dagon Lv. 5
    -The Butterfly
    -Mask of Madness
    Understand ?

  53. i suggest getting a quelling blade for early gaming and farming(if necessary). This way, you can kill a numerous amount of creeps in a short span of time. Then get vlads to help you. You will have Bloodbath AND lifesteal to help you stay alive. Doing this will help you take on more than one hero at a time even by yourself.

  54. i say you DONT NEED A STOUT SHIELD IN EARLY GAME. The bloodbath will already cover your hp. Coz even if you take a certain amount of damage from creeps, you can easily get that hp back by killing either a hero or farming creeps or neutrals.

  55. but still i am the best 

  56. SeverofranciscopakinoFebruary 21, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    Ahh ,Shut Up

  57. well, you still suck

  58. 1.phase boot
    2.dagon ( early owning ) / forced staff ( if u think play SnY ) 

  59. bobo :P
    ako ang pinakamagaling
    sa dota weak kayong lahat

  60. lothars is really good. w/o the aid of phase boots it can passed through  creeps without being blocked. of course if you wind walked, any foe that was low in life will be comfortable to run because they thought you was faraway but....... you still following him mwahahahaha. if he is now alone,,,,,,,,,began raping him.
    its not a coward move but something like riki an *assasin*
    try bloodseeker teamed with venge and you will see that they are raper

  61. it would be very nice if you can get a quick force staff and radiance early game :)

  62. it so nice when you pruchase force staff first it is very effective to the rupture
    first of all you will first pick blood bath then blood drage lvl 5 thirst

  63. all argue lanjiao here ar?? regarding items build is very own problem ,all depends on urself favourite and team condition , different ppl different choices, argue lan jiao here ar? come try practical fight with me, i pawn u to cry ya, let u even phase boot or wat else lanjiao powerthread also cant afford to buy ya, dun ask me why, this is skill problem, u retard sucks,just go home play ur tetris la

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