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Exact Changelog on Dota-Allstars 6.52

Dota-Allstars 6.52 map give us so many changes on heroes. I guess IceFrog tries to balance the hero. Here is the exact changelog of Dota-Allstars 6.52 map.

* Lowered side angles on Bristleback
<70 degrees =" Back." degrees =" Side-"><70 degrees = Back. <90 degrees = Side
* Agility Morph and Strength Morph can now be clicked on directly for one-time use
* Morph interval is smoother when it levels (same overall rate though)
2/4/6/8 per second->2 per each 1/0.75/0.5/0.25 second (yeah, it should be each 1/0.5/0.33/0.25)
* Improved Elder Form attack animation
* Improved cooldown progression on Soul Rip
30/30/30/30 seconds->25/20/15/10 seconds
* Rewrote Timewalk to keep constant speed (so its not slow motion when you click nearby)
About 0.6 seconds travel time->Always at a speed of 2600 units/second
* Dark Rift can now be cast by targeting minimap
* Increased AutoQuills release requirement on Bristleback from 200 to 300
* Improved cooldown progression on Primal Split
180/180/180 seconds->180/170/160 seconds
* Improved initial AI on Dopplewalk image to make it less obvious when it's created
Standing still->Starts walking (not autoattack) towards the point 600 units in front of Phantom Lancer
* Sonic Wave cooldown no longer improves per level in non-scepter form
120/100/75 seconds (without scepter)->135/135/135 seconds (without scepter)
* Reduced Reverse Polarity AOE a little
480 triggered pull range, 460 stun range (= 460 AoE stun)->434 triggered pull range, 400 (?) stun range (= 410 AoE stun)
* Reduced Dragon Knight's Breathe Fire manacost
100/115/130/150 mana->100/110/120/130 mana
* Undid a portion of the cooldown buff done on Elder Dragon Form last version
100/100/100 seconds->115/115/115 seconds
* Increased Huskar's attack range from 350 to 400
* Lowered Puck's attack range from 600 to 550
* Increased level 2 and 3 Purge's damage to summoned unit
600/600/600 damage->600/800/1000 damage
* Lowered Faceless Void's strength gain
17 + 2.2/lvl->17 + 1.4/lvl
* Improved Faceless Void's cast animation time
* Increased level 3 Insatiable Hunger cooldown
60/45/30 seconds->45/45/45 seconds
* Lowered Sand King's base armor
3 armor->0 armor
* Improved cooldown progression on Spirit Bear
180/180/180/180 seconds->180/160/140/120 seconds
* Lowered movement speed on Beastmaster's Hawk
* Increased Abaddon's movement speed slightly
295 ms->300 ms
* Scream of Pain manacost is now constant on all levels
85/105/120/140->140/140/140/140 mana
* Increased Primal Roar cooldown by 10 seconds
70/65/60 seconds->80/75/70 seconds
* Lowered Living Dead bounty and increased their magic resistance
* Decreased Timelapse cooldown
120/90/60 seconds->60/50/40 seconds
* Increased Immolation damage on level 3 Primal Split's Fire panda
10/10/10 damage/second->10/10/30 damage/second
* Lowered Sven's agility gain
16 + 2.2/lvl->16 + 1.6/lvl
* Improved Huskar's attack animation time slightly
* Scaled the movement bonus on Chemical Rage (lower at level 1, level 3 remains the same)
60/60/60 ms->30/40/60 ms
* Lowered Scepter upgraded Doom's cooldown
150/120/120 seconds (scepter)->110/100/90 seconds (scepter)
* Increased cast range on Drunken Haze
* Changed Fatal Bonds from damage to HP loss (numbers adjusted to keep it at the same effectiveness)
* Lowered Medusa's attack animation time
* Lowered Will O' manacost
75/75/75 mana->25/25/25 mana
* Undid manacost change on Level 1 Reaper's Scythe
150/340/500 mana->175/340/500 mana
* Slightly reduced Rikimaru's cast animation time
* Scattershot gives vision on the area it is cast on
N/A->400 AoE vision
* Flesh Heap now works with denies
* Lowered cast range on Neutral Dark Troll's Ensnare
* Increased cooldown on Neutral Dark Troll's Raise Dead

Hmm, looks like Bristle Back and Queen of Pain has nerfed badly. If that heroes is your favorite one, then i will pity you :D
The source of this changelog is mechanic forum of dota-allstars.com

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  1. Lot's of changelog list, but there's few major changes. It's just still look the same as 6.51.

  2. Poor Sand King. I feel sad for you.....

  3. one of the most used hero in tournament, Mirana, didn`t get nerf. So he will be the best hero and the "must used" hero now. can stun, blink for escape and chasing, mass invicible to all friend and herself, nuke damage , aoe damage, agility hero which can become strong from early to late. After the nerfed of dagger, this is the must used hero for tournament.

  4. @unkn84 - i think anti-pooling is a major change, aside of that, IceFrog is trying to make balance and aim the 6.52b to be a next stable version
    @ant - can't agree more. Looks like IceFrog swing his nerfstick in most picked her on tournament ^-^

  5. usually the stable version is 5 version gap, so it will be 6.53b

    mirana also range hero with 600 range

  6. @ant - yes, usually it's 5 version gap. But IceFrog mention in some forums that he will try to make 6.52b as the stable version :)

  7. still too many unbalance, hehe

    the main one maybe kael, usually makes game lag and his meteor show too IMBA

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