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Neutral Creeps Major Change on Dota-Allstars 6.50 & 6.50b

Neutral Creeps Major Change on 6.50 & 6.50b. There's some major changes on Neutrals since 6.50. The most noticeable and can change the game is the Scourge Neutral Creeps layout.

* Change some of the Scourge's top left forest area
* Reworked the trees/pathing near the small sentinel creep camp

The new layout will remove the scourge disadvantage when jungling. Now jungling is easier at the scourge. You can see the new location at the some neutral creeps screenshot below.

Wow, 6 new groups of Neutrals. Chen will definitely smile in the agony!


* Added a new creep camp group (1 Ghost with Frost Attack + 2 Fel Beasts)

Alpha Wolf

* Added an Alpha Wolf in the wolves creep camp with a command aura

ungle Stalkers

* Added a new ancient creep camp group (Jungle Stalkers)

Enraged Wildken

* Added a new creep camp group (1 Enraged Wildken with Tornado + 2 Wildkins)

Dark Troll Warlord

* Added a new creep camp group (1 Dark Troll Warlord with Raise Dead and 1.5 sec Ensnare + 2 Dark Trolls)
Watch he minimap and the location of this creeps. This is one of major change on the layout.

Mud Golem

* Reduced model size and changed the look of the non-ancient Golems (now it is Mud Golem)
Another new location for Neutrals.

There is also some change in the Neutrals Skills.

* Changed the Furbolg's Stomp to a Clap
* Increased Neutral Centaur's aura by 5%
* Improved Satyr Hellcaller's Unholy Aura
* Neutral Ogre no longer autocast Frost Armor

The rest is just some optimization.

* Changed the location of some of the Scourge creep camps
* Redid neutral creep spawner code for some optimizations
* Changed the locations and distribution of neutral creep camp groups
* Fixed neutral spawn times in various modes

Like always, reminds me if i missed something :)

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