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Purist Thunderwrath The Omniknight Guide & Walkthrought

Purist Thunderwrath The Omniknight Guide & Walkthrought

A former member of the Order of the Silver Hand, Purist has joined the Sentinel to avenge the death of the Order's leader, Uther the Lightbringer. Trained by Uther himself in the ways of the Paladin, Purist brings the power of the Holy Light to the battlefield. He can purify the souls of allies, harming any nearby Scourge in the process. Able to protect allies from harmful unholy magic, the mere presence of a man of the Holy Light atrophies any nearby enemies. In times of dire need, Purist can call upon God himself to protect him and his allies.

Base HP: 530
Base Mana: 221

Strength - 20 + 2.65 (Primary)
Agility - 15 + 1.75
Intelligence- 17 + 1.8

Base damage 51-61
Attack range of 100 (melee)
Base Armor 4.1
Movement speed of 300

Skill Descriptions

Purification (R)

Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all enemy units 300 AoE within the target.

Level 1 - Heals/ damages for 90 hit points.
Level 2 - Heals/ damages for 180 hit points.
Level 3 - Heals/ damages for 270 hit points.
Level 4 - Heals/ damages for 360 hit points.
Mana Cost: 100/ 120/ 140/ 160
Cooldown: 12

This skill will heal you and the same time damage enemies nearby unit. Will help you greatly in the early game, but in the mid and late game this skill will less usefull.The way you have to use this spell is waiting for at least until your or an ally's HP drops to a level that if you healed, the target won't have full health pool. The only occiasion when you should be healing someone to full health is when you are harassing an enemy and especially if you can score a frag with Purification. If you need to farm, then you can use this skill for killing the ranged creeps instantly and damaging the melee ones heavily. But otherwise you should not be using it for farming, last hits will be enough if you can learn how to time it well.

Repel (E)

Creates a powerful divine ward that grants partial magic immunity from affecting a target unit.

Level 1 - Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 10 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 15 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 20 seconds.
Mana Cost: 60/ 70/ 80/ 90
Cooldown: 20

This skill is just like a free BKB. When you cast it on a hero, it will remove most of the casted buffs, doesn't matter if they are negative or positive ones. Most of the target spells won't work on the repeled unit and spell damage are fully negated. This skill is fit perfectly when you have a channeling spell heroes (Sandking, Crystal Maiden).

Degen Aura (U)

Greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of units that stray within 300 AoE.

Level 1 - Reduces movement speed by 7%.
Level 2 - Reduces movement speed by 14%.
Level 3 - Reduces movement speed by 21%.
Level 4 - Reduces movement speed by 28%.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

This passive skill is both an offensive and defensive ability. It will save your ass when some melee hero after you or when you want to block enemy heroes reaching your allies. It also will help out so well in chasing enemies. Using animation canceling is very important or else you might be slowed down so that you can't follow your target to keep the slow aura effect.

Guardian Angel (G)

Grants all friendly units within 1000 AoE 1000 armor and 25 HP/ second regeneration.

Level 1 - Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 9 seconds.
Mana Cost: 125/ 175/ 250
Cooldown: 150

Skill that gives 98% physical damage reduction and a 25 HP/sec regeneration with 1000 AoE. Repel removes Guardian Angel from target (!) It will be used in team fights when you jump on your enemies. Don't waste this spell, wait patiently for the perfect time.


Level 01 - Purification
Level 02 - Degen Aura/Repel
Level 03 - Purification
Level 04 - Degen Aura/Repel
Level 05 - Purification
Level 06 - Guardian Angel
Level 07 - Purification
Level 08 - Degen Aura
Level 09 - Repel/Degen Aura
Level 10 - Repel/Degen Aura
Level 11 - Guardian Angel
Level 12 - Degen Aura
Level 13 - Repel
Level 14 - Repel
Level 15 - Attribute Bonus
Level 16 - Guardian Angel
17 to 25 - Attribute Bonus

This skill build is commonly met in many games, because there’s not much variation on his skill build. Purification is maxed first for obvious reason - it's a heal and your only damaging spell. The skill after Purification is depends on the enemies. If you're laning against nukers/combo heroes or heroes with damage over time spells, get one level of Repel early. Will help you stop consecutive stun and early death. Another situation would be when laning agianst Viper, Repel prevents orbwalking and nullifies the damage and the slow of Viper Strike when cast after it. If you’re facing Venomancer, you will need 10 seconds duration of repel to nullifies his ulti. So the choice is up to you. Guardian Angel should be taken whenever available, it may always save your or your allies when ganked or when diving a tower.

Item Builds

The Omniknight is being played in several different ways. The way you are playing him depends on your line-up and match-up, and of course the level of the game. But, basically what we think is that Omniknight is a support hero, that can become a hybrid in many ways. Give him some mana regeneration and then do whatever you want to do and needs to be done to him. If your team lacks a tank, then buy a Heart. If your team fails horribly at carrying and you have the possibility of buying a Radiance, then buy it. Adapt with the games.

1. Ring of Protection + Clarities or Chicken + Ring of Protection + Clarities
2. Energy Booster
3. Finish Arcane Ring
4. Bracers
5. Boots of Speed
6. Belt of Giant Strength
7. Staff of Wizardry
6. Finish Necronomicon
7. Finish Boots of Travel

Your core item should be like this :

Purist is need some form of mana regeneration since he is a STR hero with 3 active spells. You won't be spamming your spells, but when there's a big battle, you will spend a lot of mana in a considerably short time. Arcane Ring is made for you perfectly. TP scrolls is a must until you buy Boots of Travel. Power Treads seem like a better choice, but since you will be supporting BoT is suit you better. Movement speed is much more needed for you than attack speed. Bracers will needed when you are having trouble in surviving.

Necronomicon is a really great item on this hero. The MS aura that one of the demons give will allow you to chase more efficiently, the mana burn gives you high boost on damage as you will not be attacking too frequently. The attribute bonuses are both needed, a little STR and a nice amount of INT. Especially if no one else is heading for this item you are to be getting it as a Necronomicon 3 will allow you to destroy wards, detect mines and invisible heroes. Radiance will allows you to farm neutrals fast and speed-farm in lanes, so it becomes harder to catch you. In case you can farm up the 3800 golds early on, this will be a great addition to your inventory. Grab this items only when you are facing not-so-hard enemies and can farm greatly.

Optional Items

Heart of Tarrasque is a great item for Purist Thunderwrath when you are need to be a tank of your team. Also if there are no better heroes to cast Repel on, and it's you who get the benefits of magic immunity, then you need to be able to tank physical damage. Eye of Skadi is a great items, as the slow, the mana and health pool, everything is good for him. But since it highly cost you, buy this on fun game only. Assault Cuirass will boost your attack speed. With Repel on and an AC in your inventory you are basically unkillable. When you are low on health, then you just use Guardian Angel and there's no problem at all. After the core builds are complished and either there are no magical threats or you are a better repel-user than your allies, buy this item. Hood of Defiance is needed when you’re facing a lot of nuker and you need to cast Repel on your carry hero. Sange & Yasha is not a bad item on this hero, it's easy to farm up and you benefit from everything this item gives to you. The only problem is, that you can always find better alternatives. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse is used to be a very much liked item on the Omniknight. It was gotten on this hero because he needed some form of mana regeneration and manapool. The Cyclone and then the Hex abilities are really useful. The only problem is, that both Arcane Ring and Bottle are thousand times better to fix your mana problems and a Necronomicon suits this hero much more (giving STR, MS/AS auras, manaburn).


Purist is a rather weak soloer, although against melee heroes he does really fine as he can adapt to any circumstances. However in organized games you will see him paired up with a ranged hero, who has a nuke, a stun or a slow at least, which will allow you to take the lane control. If you face troubles, you can always use Purification and Repel. Use the offensive Purification only when you take the lane control.

Omni isn't that good at soloing unless put against a melee hero. Ranged heroes are probably going to out-micro you and won't allow you to get any last hits/creep denies. Try to play conservatively against them and go in only for the last hits or when he is over-confident and makes a big mistake try to damage him with Purification. Against melee heroes you are going to max Degen Aura before putting points on Repel, as it allows you to harass the hell out of them and maybe score a kill. Heroes like Nerubian Assassin will be really harmful for you. Spam all your spells before he does much harm to you. Against Ogre Magi you might want to get Repel, because a hero might come over to help him and that will hurt you. Against many dual and especially tri-lanes, get 2 points on Repel, too. This all depends on wether you'll be nuked/disabled or not. You have to be observant.

When you see someone trying to gank you, or a spell is heading towards you, then immediately put Repel on yourself. After that run back to your tower and if needed, then heal. If you fail to cast Repel in time, cast Purification first, then Repel and then Guardian Angel. If you managed to cast Repel in time, but their physical damage is so hurting you, then cast Guardian Angel this case as well. If you don't have Repel, then try to juke you and/or ask for you ally's help. Try to calculate wether a guardian Angle will be in need or not and cast it in case it is needed. Try to get your Arcane Ring early, when you got it, it will be really boost to you. You can heal without worrying the mana. When you already have it, try to use Purification to help you farming by using it near creeps or neutrals. Just hit all of them as much as to getting them instantly killed by a single Purifitcation. This way you won't lose HP and you will clear a whole creep spawn.

After getting the Necro, you will be more agile and your damage output increase. Even so, don’t try to be hero. Purist is a lot better act as a support hero. Leave the hero kills for Motred or Trolls. When your team starting to push, stay aware of the situation and cast Repel on your carry hero if you get ganked. Use Guardian Angel wisely, to turn the tides of the battle. Don’t use it too early, it will make your opponent retreat until your Angel vanished. And the most important thing, don’t wait until your friends die, or even you! When trying to defend an outer tower, you will need to stay behind the tower and waiting for the best opportunity to initiate. If you have no problem keeping your carry hero or ulti-channeler repeled, then don't hesitate using it every time it cools down. With your repel, Crystal Maiden can cast her ulti’s without afraid being canceled. Heal the wounded hero and at the same time damages the enemy who hit them sometimes can turn the tide too. Final words, Purist is maybe the best support hero in Dota ever!

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  1. I better prefer chose hex to replace Arcane Ring.... Hex can make your enemy zero armor n free hit 3.5 secs.... That's mean u can reduce enemy's over 300 hp just simple pure attack when hexing... without any skill!!! Oso, by using hex u oso earn >200% mana regen, it will compare with Arcane Ring regen every 30 secs or even better than it!!! U oso can save your allies/ own life when hexing ppl.... Somebody will say the item is expensive n Arcane Ring is easy to out... I think only nood will say that... Pro never worry about farming... A void stone only cost 875 n ored make 50% mana regen... and pro oways bring out the bottle.... so be pro pls...

  2. ., The Butterfly is also good in

    Omniknight cause if you have this

    item you can easy kill a hero...:)

  3. Hmm. Butterfly is a bad idea, you are supporthero, not a killer. and i agree, that guinsoo is better than arcane

  4. i said this is a very nice guide. well i not agreed to replace arcane with hex. why?? here is my reason, yes void stone give omni huge of mana regen but he is the supporter he need alot of mana pool and arcane is the right choose, why no hex?? u think u can farm good enough?? farming a hex 1st is suckss i meant REAL SUCKs cant even use it for jungling..!!! & y not bottle? huh is omni a killer is he a huge nuker?? don waste ur money for it. just make he's support ability at the peak so u team will get high benefit for it..btw necro is imba with omni :)~

  5. ., yah i know that omniknight is a supporter what if you are playing on a one on one battle in random hero and omniknight is your hero, are you going to make him a supporter or a killer???

  6. Well, if thats the case, repick. Still Dota is no one-on-one game 90% of the time you play. One one one is the exception. And yeah, necro is the ultimate item on him, yet arcane still is arguable, but DotA would b boring if everyone played the same way

  7. ., you know what in our country if you are playing in one on one battle in random hero the one rule that you should know is no repicking of your first random hero..

  8. Well either you are from Kongo or some third-world-country, because either your English taecher FAILED EPICALLY and you folks play one on one random games, which is totally absurd coz about 70% of the games the randomed heroes make a win or lose or you are trying to fool me (well, i hope the latter one is correct). Even though im not sober: Playing Dota in one-on-one is like participating in the special Olympics: Even if you win you are still retarded. Sorry, but you don't play WoW solo either...

  9. ., for your information i'm not from Kongo i'm from philippines and all of my teacher in english in my country is a very good teacher.. you know what i think you and you're teacher in your country are a failure in your own country cause you don't know on how to spell some words in your letter..But you know i understand why you didn't agree to me to make a butterfly on omniknight's item i know you have a point on that but were both right cause we have our own point...:)

  10. @nickfreak putang ina mo lol!! kababayan ko yang ginago mo ahahahah!!!

  11. Burn in hell Nickfreak !

  12. Yeah yeah the usual hatred i experience. Well, i didn't make a single spelling mistake, but still i have to tell that there are way better items. Sorry i won't agree with your butter idea. Even blademail would be better (before anyone mentions it: it's NOT limited to meleeattacks anymore) Sorry, but i guess we better stop arguing. And i didn't say that your teacher lacks in English skills, but you. Sorry, but it's sometimes hard to understand.

    And to my Anonymous friend. You can flame as much as you want, but not even writing a nickname and spamming useless crap is like the otherposter- Get back on your palmtree and feed on bananas. Well at least before trying to flame in some foreign language nobody understands....

  13. ., yah i think so we better stop arguing.,:)

  14. ., kikimomakuto,, saan kah poh sa phillipines??

    astig name natin ahhh!!!

  15. @spook bulacan pare kaw ba??? lol dami dinpalang pinoy dito ahahhaha

  16. . well anyway, the items you should build really depends on the given situation .

    ** mas astig pa rin pangalan ku Spook ! ;p

  17. ., Pilipino ka rin bah nickfreak??

    saan ka poh sa philippines??

  18. ., kikimomakuto,, saan ka sa bulacan kasi ung girlfriend koh nasa bulacan

  19. yeahyeah pretty funny, but as you might have guessed I am indeed not interessted in girls, so your tiny little joke is not that funny as you might have thought

  20. @spook - sa balagtas pare malaki bulacan eh tiga san ba gf mo baka kilala ko ahahah gala ako eh tambay shop wahahah btw nickfreak what are you talking about???? tanga di ata naintindihan epal

  21. @shortstorieswithtragicending - sorry, but i have to delete your comment. Flaming people is tolerable, but i think your comment is too much. Thanks for your understanding ^^

    @other - please use English guys.. :)

  22. @alief yeah that's rite osrry for MY flaming before but i cant stand some thoughts. Sorry folks and nice blog, alief, just to mention it

  23. Hoy,pati gamit sa DOTA pinag-aawayan nio ni spook!
    Just build your own item in that particular HERO!
    Filipino English is better than Nickfreaks country.
    Fuck You

  24. ., nice one netherstrikeph...!!:)

  25. well you messed up the prepositions... Nevermind... I still can't see the point in flaming here anymore. I guess you folks need some lessons in appropriate behaviour, not to mention in english... Have fun folks^^

  26. To all th Filipino fags ; get a fucking life and stop talking in Tagalog or w/e it is . Noobs . And learn some English .

  27. Why should they learn english sucker?
    You thing you are better than them?
    they have the right to speak in their language.
    If you r so curius write in ur google toolbar:philipino to english

    Makita? hindi na mahirap ..

  28. such immature people..
    they should learn English to make their message understandable..
    It's not about who is better..
    it's more on respect..
    people have rights for their language but it's somewhat disrespectful to others involved in the talk who doesn't understand.. And it's quite shameful that you proudly say your nationality while doing such improper behavior.. this is why Filipinos are sometimes coined as barbaric.. because of your disgraceful types.. nickfreak's right.. learn more appropriate behaviour.. people can bear crooked english but not crooked people.. XP

  29. this hero is meant for support roles only. not for killing. go for crowd control items and mana / aura items. dont noob the hero

  30. Guys im a filipino too, and theyre right in saying we should be pretty fair in sharing ideas and comments and use languages that all of us can understand. Sad to say to you guys, most of these DOTA gamers in our country are really like that in behavior, unless theyll stop skipping class just for playing this game. Learn some manners dont turn down our country.

  31. Purist can own if you really want him to be a killer, all he needs to boost is his MS, AS and damage.

    I go Power treads, SandY, Vladimirs, and radiance. GG

    I go for ROB and ROR early on

  32. Yes, i agree much on the last comment. I almost use the same build (i dont do support build for purist)except i go for shivas than radiance or go shivas first than radiance..

    Pretty funny coz I own most of the time just with treads, SnY and Vlad early to mid game. Bout you?

  33. this is an awesome guide, thanx alief!!!

    Though, sad to say, the EXTREMELY embarrassing comments made by my fellow filipinos just dirtied this guide. You guyz have gotta start learning your manners and stop degrading our country! gawd >.<

  34. i steadfastly agree that purist is a support hero, i've seen the havoc it caused when it gives repel to magina, the thing turns into a killing monster, its pretty unstoppable until one of us bought Diffusal blade, but still we are a bit too late and we lose the match..
    (magina end up being so fat!)
    but i do agree that purist can be a frontline hero and a herokiller, S&Y @ skadi, vlad, cuirass, buriza, are good stuff for purist.
    but only noob would deny the perks you get from necronomicon, its a really good item for purist, and the MS aura, mana burns, and true sight is so indispensable in a dota match. anyway, a guide well done, i learned a lot.

  35. This is my item when I use Purist...
    1. Bracer
    2. Sange Yasha
    3. Battle Fury
    4. Boot of Speed

    That's my stategy if you play 5 vs 5

  36. I am agree with Nickfreak that butterfly is not that suitable for Omniknight, and Nickfreak ur english is really good, but pls respect third-world-country, i feel comfortless when u oppugned at Spook whenter he is come from Kongo or third-world-country, but no doubt ur english proficiency is really high, impressive ^^

  37. Item build:
    1.Arcane ring
    2/3.Phase boots
    4.Blade mail
    5.Shiva's guard
    6.Refresher orb

    With this build you have, Blade mail, turn on when you're enemies try to take you down, and smack right in the face. Phase boots for improved chasing and a little damage. With Purification - Shiva's Guard and refresher orb you have a combo of 360+360=740 heal/damage
    740+400(for double shiva's) =1140 Damage.
    Now if you're opponent if careless enough to bang at you when you turn on blade mail, his hp should start sinking, with 1140 damage + incredible slow for a few hits. GLHF
    You're also a great help for you're team this way, with: Double heal, Double repel, Double Guardian Angel, And double Shiva's + Shiva's have AS slow, so you slow both MS and AS. If you're focused - blade mail - win.

    Skill build:
    4.Degen Aura
    6.Guardian Angel
    8-10.Degen Aura
    11.Guardian Angel
    16.Guardian Angel

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. ermz..
    i ply this hero as killer in fast game...
    my item build ::

    i knw these build almost sick...
    but i pwn hero hard with these build in mid game..

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Omniknight is a support hero who only needs enough mana to spam skills and enough movespeed to chase and slow down enemies to kill. I get a dagon for this and phase boots for this purpose. A simple heal+dagon really hurts BWAHAHAHA!!! You really need the extra nuke to get kills easily for your team.

  44. Omniknight is a healer and repeller. His guardian is imba!!! He's got an awesome slow. he is the best support hero in the game...

  45. omniknight 1st skill pain.. so i use 1st skill to another hero,that hero life sure pain until half life jor so i choose hex.why?coz u can attack another hero cant attack u.. so if u life is almost going to die can use hex oso

  46. any want cant add me?
    my Msn is jacko.chan98@hotmail.com

  47. my build:
    1. dager
    2. guinsoo
    3. bot
    4. heart
    5. bottle
    6. mecha

  48. I've experpimented w/ different item combos to use as Omni, and I noticed ALOT of people use Omni as a tankish type of hero and just power..
    Try to use him for his abilities instead of just brute force lol

    purification max asap, and degen aura then get ult asap as well, when you can get atleast lvl 1 repel its like a BKB, max stats up then finish getting repel. This build is set for healing, support, can be VERY agressive if used right. if you get Repel maxed fast then you cant heal yourself while its on you.. which tends to kill yourself then.

    start w/
    sobi mask, 2 clarities (dont use purification not untill rank 2)
    get Boots, by that time you should have around rank 4 purification and rank 3 degen aura, speed is a big help now for catching up to enemies to slow them and get in front of them to block/ then heal yourself and destroy their hp (plus keeps you topped off) if you have a stealthed teamate tell him to stand next to an enemy then just heal him, lol easy heal dps.

    get void stone
    staff of wizard
    then Euls scepter (cyclone)
    Boots of Travel next
    (now you can CC in big crowds, or stop an enemy from running catch up, and do as i said above, BoTs help you run ahead so well.

    get mystic staff next
    the mana is a huge help
    then plate armor thats a huge help as well, create a shivas

    you need survival, and hero ganking now. so get Lothars for easy escapes, plus sneak up behind enemies and use purification (gives you the jump on them to get behind them so they have to go around you and w/ degen aura thats really tough, and you get a good hit on em)

    now youll want HP since its goin to be near mid game/end so get a Heart of T

    then Hex stick for more CC and faster mana regen

    end results for your items should be in order of

    Euls Scepter
    Hex stick

    Ive gotten great results from this set build.
    You Can TRY Mek first instead of Euls if you want, it takes about the same time to make, but the downfall to mek is when you use that heal it burns your mana to much and cant ult / purification then.. so its really not worth.

  49. the way to play hero is depend on condition..
    the guide only for beginner..

  50. For me,.. i used omni as a killer.. My item is SnY, BfuRy, BoT, MKB, Vlademirs , and Radiance.. i can do that item in just 35 mins.. :))

  51. Just Be Ur Way..... own have own way...... ^.^

  52. i think its good if u use arcane

  53. arcane? no more. Now soul ring is gay on him.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. my build:
    2.power treads

  56. Anonymous fellow is pretty much racist.

    Let him try learning another language and talk about grammar.

    I cant believe filipinos defended the ***

    yeah speak english guys its pretty clear instructions.. but dont let them bully you. They are third rate in manners so don't stoop to their level!

    Nc guide guys keep it up!

  57. radiance important!
    i remember a match with my insane fren,
    he survive all along the game from 1-11 with.
    5branches + 10clarity(in the same way,we have been instructed to back up him)
    on lvl 10 he already get a sacred relic.
    after he get radiance,he going farm like(you know insane?)kill like hell...
    when i ask him why he early item was 5brance and 10 clarity...he answer was :omni has low mana pool,it waste if we buy mana regen for him ,thus not all of his skill used frequent on early level,so omni only use 1st skill on early level to ,then there is no need rush for mana regen item on early level bcoz it is percentage%(which mean better regen is on higher mana capacity)

    in the same way,it bother us(that in same team with him) to protect him...

    so his final item:

    well i think that the only then we together end the game...it eat alot time to remember back last 1years match...and now he quit dota for unknown reason(he said its boring to face same thing everyday)

  58. Hmmm... this comment section has somewhat turned into a racist thing.. To nickfreak, I don't think WE should tolerate you. Upon reading the exchange in arguments, it would appear that you insulted us first with your comment on our DOTA tradition (so to speak) regarding the 1v1 random no repick. Talking about respect, that shows disrespect on your part. What really bothers me though is that you criticize our english language (I admit that most filipino citizens are indeed lacking in proper english education) like all of us dont know how to speak english. DONT BE RACIST. DONT DISCRIMINATE.

  59. As for spook, sorry dude but I have to agree with nick's comment on butterfly. No decent dota player would buy that item for a str hero, much less so for a support type like Purist.

  60. And about that bottle thing, I disagree, bottle is now the trend for almost any hero who constantly uses up mana. Since it can store runes as well, it gives the bottle more use, and with a courier, you wont have to worry about having to go home because the courier will make the trip for you. This gives you more survivability and lane control.

  61. @glennlevi, I disagree with your clam that butterfly is not good for str heroes because there are some str heroes which could find it very usefull (if they can farm up one). For example Huskar and Barathrum.

  62. 4 bracers and hearth and vanguard owning

  63. Huskar and Barathrum? with bfly? i don't think that's a wise decision of spending your gold with. Especially since both those heroes doesn't have any farming skills. Wouldn't it be better to have them equipped with Assault Cuirass? unless you badly need the evasion bonus of the blfy against hitter heroes (eg. PA, Void and such) still i would prefer to equip Omni with cuirass too. Armor Bonus + Aspd.

    i still choose his starting item is the Soul Ring. He could easily stay in the lane wherein he could farm the necessary items he need later in the game such as Hex stick, heart and armor equips (Shiva's Guard and/or Assault Cuirass), radiance (?) and of course BoT

  64. hmm..my usual build here is a pure support type guy...hated by killers as usual.

    1. arcane boots.../phaseboots
    2. mekanism
    3. pipe
    4. soul ring.
    5. dagon
    6. orchid

  65. 1.phaseeboots

    much better ^_^...
    ala lng., gusto ko lng bawasan ung well jijiji!!

  66. I prefer omni is a battle type hero.
    2.Arcane Ring
    3.Vladimirs Offering
    4.Sange and Yasha
    6.Assault Cuirass
    This items will make Omniknight IMBA!!!! (//_^)

  67. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha beat that!!!!!

  68. Omniknight is considered to be a support hero. But he is not. Well, he kind of is, because his skills, stats, and common build, make him appear as a support hero. But, he can also be a killer. It all depends on his status in the game.

  69. i make omni a pure support hero my build...
    1.arcane boots
    4.soul ring

  70. what is clarities can anyone tell me pls

  71. basher

  72. my build up .healing salve, iron wood branch, town portal, boots of speed, magic wand,

  73. bala japun kau mu.

  74. bala japun kau mu.

  75. what is clarities can anyone tell me pls

  76. Just Be Ur Way..... own have own way...... ^.^

  77. For me,.. i used omni as a killer.. My item is SnY, BfuRy, BoT, MKB, Vlademirs , and Radiance.. i can do that item in just 35 mins.. :))

  78. Omniknight is a support hero who only needs enough mana to spam skills and enough movespeed to chase and slow down enemies to kill. I get a dagon for this and phase boots for this purpose. A simple heal+dagon really hurts BWAHAHAHA!!! You really need the extra nuke to get kills easily for your team.

  79. my build:
    1. dager
    2. guinsoo
    3. bot
    4. heart
    5. bottle
    6. mecha

  80. walang picture

  81. yea. . .phaseboots can work

  82. my item is 6 DIVINE REAPER

  83. i don't agree when they say Purist is only a support hero, because most of the time i found him as a killer. try this stuff combo..
    use orb of venom (nice to be used by hero with passive non orb-base slow effect) early game whenever possible. its slow stacks with the degen so greatly it additively slows both attack and move speed (42%). a chainmail is an item great in consonant with his high strength gain and his heal (when used close to hero, a difference of 720HP summation in between). a phase boots ensure failure of opponent to escape. everytime i used purist even the opponent is on Xtreme-mode, they cud hardly withstand this hero.. remember, the orb of venom.. never to take it lightly..

  84. i'am also a filipino,. and i'am the one who recommend the usage of the orb of venom..i believe their is no racial superiority by the way. Nickfreak, i know you viewed yourself as superior(which in truth, you are not) your good in english because that is your main dialect.. most filipino didn't fluently speak that language,.. but to redirect the question towards you.. did you know how to speak tagalog, bisaya or ilonggo?? almost ALL filipino are multi-linguistic, that depicts how intellectually superior we are... sad to say if you are not yet on the realm of modernity,. racial superiority nowadays is not an issue.. way back to history,.. they only viewed as superior because they progress first in economy than the others.. but the skill???? duh.. speck of sucks!! they didn't fathom the basics.. LOL. barbarians?? is that we are for you?? then go here in the philippines and you will also be called as barbaric.. hehe. read basic history for "barbaric" and you will comprehend.. nyahahaha.. it's not about what race we belong,. its how we show are self to be extraordinary.. hehe. peace!!

  85. Better to stop this fight guys! It's all about Omniknight. not anything else. All are correct and no one's wrong.
    You're arguing by such a little thing. Please widen your mind and stop commenting if you'll just quarrel with each other.
    Good day Folks!

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