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Dota-Allstars 6.49b AI

Free Download Dota-Allstars 6.49b AI, it's the lattest AI map that just been released. The chicken will not follow you anymore. The AI intelegence is standard. Just try it yourself. :)

dota allstars 6.49b loading screen Images
Download Dota-Allstars 6.49b AI

I only recommend this map for trying new items, combos and general playing. If you want to fight really tough AI, use 6.43b AIplus on Download Map section instead. But if you really want the ultimate AI, wait for 1-2 more weeks, the creator 0f 6.43b AI+ v1.4 will (hopefully) release his official 6.48b AI.

Read this post if you are looking for tough AI, Official Dota-Allstars AI Map, Looking For This?

RGB/Lazyfiend has released his official 6.48b AIplus. Download it from this post.

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  1. Hey bro, I discovered the DOTA secret items and secret bosses in 6.49 when I bought three (3) ultimate orbs, then it turned into eternal orb. That is why i researched in the internet about what happened. When I downloaded 6.49b, there were no bosses and no icefrogs.. I don't know where can I download this map 6.49 with bosses. Then i found this website. I will try to play this map i downloaded from here. Bro, if you have news regarding this secrets, please email me at

  2. Hi benjie! Thanks for your comment. There is no secret boss on 6.49b indeed. The secret quest only exist on 6.49. And all about the secret frog and boss already reviewed at
    If you still don't have the map, feel free to take it at

    Hope those links will help you..

  3. a..u bought 3 ultimate orb and it change to a eternal orb?...did u have ani other items in ur inventory other then the eternal orb?..

  4. I already search information about eternal orb, and apparently that items only exist in AI map. 3 ultimate orb will turn into eternal orb that gives you 25 all stats. Since it only exist on AI maps, i won't discuss it any further.
    Thank you for the information :)

  5. hey i love this site, cool.... and thanks for the map. i've searching everywhere until i found it here.

  6. whoa... im getting addicted to this... thanks for the free download... it dl it some other time.. huhu..T.T

  7. i'll* download it some other time.. huhu..T.T

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  10. how can i download dota
    tell me
    add me on facebook and tell to me
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  11. how can i see the other quest in dota i've been searching!!!..can someone help me?...

  12. how do I download it

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