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Dota Items Guide - Dota-Allstars Items

Dota Items Guide - Dota-Allstars Items. Feel free to notify me if there's a mistake or typo.
Recipe List is on this link : DotA Recipes

Cache of Quel-thelan

Gloves of Haste
+15% attack speed
Buy 500 Sell 275
Used to make Power Treads, Hand of Midas, Armlet of Mordiggian, Maelstrom

Mask of Death
15% life steal (orb effects)
Buy 900 Sell 450
Used to make Helm of the Dominator, Mask of Madness, Vladmir's Offering

Ring of Regeneration
+2 HP regen/seconds
Buy 350 Sell 175
Used to make Headdress of Rejuvenation, Vladmir's Offering, Hood of Defiance, Soul Ring, Tranquil Boots

Kelen's Dagger
Blink (active) : Blink for up to 1200 distance
Cannot be used if you have been damaged by player based damage in the last 3 seconds
Cannot be used by Vengeful Spirit or Pudge
Buy 2150 Sell 1075
75 mana, 14 seconds cooldown

Sobi Mask
+50% mana regeneration
Buy 325 Sell 162
Used to make Ring of Basilius, Oblivion Staff, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Soul Ring

Boots of Speed
Increase movespeed by 55
Buy 500 Sell 250
Used to make Boots of Travel, Power Treads, Phase Boots, Tranquil Boots

Gem of True Sight
Allow the bearer to see invisible unit within a small radius.
Drop upon death (10 minutes cooldown)
Buy 700 Sell N/A

Planeswalker's Cloak
15% spell resistance
Buy 550 Sell 275
Used to make Hood of Defiance

Magic Stick
Energy Charge (Does not stack)
When enemy casts a spell around you (1400), you gain 1 charge. Maximum 10 charges. When you cast the item, you instantly regenerate 15 hp and 15 mana for each charge. This does not trigger off of non-spells or attack orbs
Buy 200 Sell 100
Used to make Magic Wand

Talisman of Evasion
Add 25% Evasion
Buy 1800 Sell 900
Used to make the Butterfly, Heaven's Halberd

Ghost Scepter
+7 Attributes
Ghost Form (active) Ghost Form makes you unable to attack or be attacked, but you take 44% extra damage from spells.
4 seconds duration, 30 seconds cooldown
Buy 1600 Sell 800
Used to make Ethereal Blade

Shadow AmuletShadow Amulet
+30 Attack Speed
Fade (active) Upon activation, fades your hero out over 2.75 seconds. If you move, you will lose your invisibility.
No cooldown.
Buy 1800 Sell 900
Used to make Lothar's Edge

Ancient of Wonders

Clarity Potion
Regenerates 100 mana over 30 seconds.
Clarity Potion will be dispelled when unit attacks/attacked.
Contains 1 charge
Buy 50 Sell 25

Flask of Sapphire Water
Regenerates targeted friendly unit HP by 400 HP over 10 seconds.
Sapphire Water will be dispelled when unit attacks/attacked.
Contains 1 charge
Buy 100 Sell 50

Dust of Appearance
2 charge consumable. Does not stack in inventory.
Reveal affects enemy units in a 1050 AoE around the caster. Reveal prevents affected units from becoming invisible for 12 seconds.
Lasts 12 seconds. 60 CD
Buy 180 Sell 90

Empty Bottle
It can store healing water for up to 3 uses (cast on Fountain), each healing 135 HP and 70 mana over 3 seconds.
It can be used to capture magical runes for 2 minutes. No mana cost.
Buy 600 Sell 300

Observer Wards
Summon an invisible ward to spy upon an area. Does not have true sight.
6 minutes duration. Contains 2 charges.
Buy 150 Sell 75

Sentry Wards
Summon an invisible ward to spy upon an area. Will reveals enemy's invisible unit within 950 AoE. Have small AoE natural vision.
3 minutes duration. Contains 2 charges
Buy 200 Sell 100

Ancient Tango of Essifation
Restores 115 HP over 16 seconds when bearer eat trees.
Contains 3 charges
Buy 90 Sell 45

Animal Courier
Summon a fast unit with 6 items slot and 45 HP.
If die, all the items will be fall to the ground.
Buy 150 Sell 75
Used to make Flying Courier

Scroll of Town PortalScroll of Town Portal
Teleport hero to a friendly structure.
75 mana cost. 3 seconds cast time. 65 seconds cooldown
Buy 135 Sell 67

Smoke of DeceitSmoke of Deceit
Smoke of Deceit (active) Places a buff on all allied player-controlled units in a 1200 AoE. Makes them invisible, grants 15% movespeed bonus, and prevents them from appearing on minimap to enemy players. If you get within 1025 AoE of an enemy hero or tower, or if you attack any unit, the buff wears off. Buff lasts up to 40 seconds. Has a 12 minutes stock cooldown.
Buy 100 Sell 50

Sena The Accessorizer

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
+3 Strength
Buy 150 Sell 75
Used to make Bracer

Slippers of Agility
+3 Agility
Buy 150 Sell 75
Used to make Wraith Band, Poor Man's Shield

Mantle of Intelligence
+3 Intelligence
Buy 150 Sell 75
Used to make Null Talisman

Ironwood Branch
+1 to all stats
Buy 57 Sell 28
Used to make Headdress of Rejuvenation, Netherezim Buckler, Magic Wand

Belt of Giant Strength
+6 Strength
Buy 450 Sell 225
Used to make Sange, Necronomicon, Power Treads, Cranium Basher

Boots of Elvenskin
+6 Agility
Buy 450 Sell 225
Used to make Yasha, Power Treads

Robe of the Magi
+6 Intelligence
Buy 450 Sell 225
Used to make Blade Mail, Oblivion Staff, Diffusal Blade, Power Treads, Veil of Discord

Circlet of Nobility
+2 to all stats
Buy 185 Sell 92
Used to make Bracer, Wraith Band, Null Talisman

Ogre Axe
+10 Strength
Buy 1000 Sell 500
Used to make Sange, Black King Bar, Aghanim's Scepter

Blade of Alacrity
+10 Agility
Buy 1000 Sell 500
Used to make Yasha, Diffusal Blade, Aghanim's Scepter

Staff of Wizardry
+10 Intelligence
Buy 1000 Sell 500
Used to make Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Dagon, Necronomicon, Aghanim's Scepter, Force Staff, Rod of Atos

Ultimate Orb
+10 to all stats
Buy 2100 Sell 1050
Used to make Linken's Sphere, Eye of Skadi, Guinsoo, Manta Style

Weapons Dealer

Blades of Attack
+9 damage
Buy 450 Sell 225
Used to make Crystalys, Phase Boots

+18 damage
Buy 1200 Sell 600
Used to make Blade Mail, Crystalys, Battlefury

+10% attack speed
+10 damage
Buy 900 Sell 575
Used to make Oblivion Staff, The Butterfly, Lothar's Edge, Force Staff

+21 damage
Buy 1400 Sell 700
Used to make Battle Fury, Lothar Edge

Ring of Protection
+2 armor
Buy 175 Sell 87
Used to make Ring of Basillius, Arcane Ring, Tranquil Boots

Stout Shield
60 % chance block 20 damage
Buy 250 Sell 125
Used to make Vanguard, Poor Man's Shield

+21 damage
20 % chance add 40 damage for each attack
Buy 1500 Sell 750
Used to make Monkey King Bar, Cranium Basher

Mithril Hammer
+24 damage
Buy 1600 Sell 800
Used to make Maelstrom, Black King Bar, Stygian Desolator

+5 armor
Buy 550 Sell 275
Used to make Natherezim Buckler, Blade Mail, Assault Cuirass , Phase Boots

Helm of Iron Will
+5 armor, +3 HP regen/seconds
Buy 950 Sell 475
Used to make Helm of the Dominator, Hood of Defiance, Armlet of Mordiggian, Veil of Discord

Plate Mail
+10 armor
Buy 1400 Sell 700
Used to make Assault Cuirass, Shiva's Guard

Quelling Blade
+32% bonus attack damage on non-hero units. +12% (ranged)
Tree Chop (Active)
Tree Chop destroys a target tree.
Cooldown : 5 seconds
Quelling Blade cannot be held by Admiral
Buy 225 Sell 112

Leragas the Vile

Demon Edge
+46 damage
Buy 2400 Sell 1300
Used to make Divine Rapier, Buriza-do Kyanon, Monkey King Bar

+25 Agility
Buy 3300 Sell 1650
Used to make The Butterfly, Mjollnir, Ethereal Blade

Messerschmidt's Reaver
+25 Strength
Buy 3200 Sell 1600
Used to make Heart of Tarrasque, Satanic

Sacred Relic
+60 damage
Buy 3800 Sell 1900
Used to make Divine Rapier, Radiance, Abyssal Blade

+55% attack speed
Buy 2100 Sell 1050
Used to make Assault Cuirass, Mjollnir

Ring of Health
+4 HP regen/seconds
Buy 875 Sell 437
Used to make Perseverance, Vanguard, Hood of Defiance

Void Stone
+100% mana regeneration
Buy 875 Sell 450
Used to make Perseverance, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Guinsoo

Mystic Staff
+25 Intelligence
Buy 2700 Sell 1350
Used to make Shiva's Guard, Guinsoo

Energy Booster
+250 mana
Buy 1000 Sell 500
Used to make Soul Booster, Arcane Ring

Point Booster
+150 mana
+200 HP
Buy 1200 Sell 600
Used to make Soul Booster, Eye of Skadi, Aghanim's Scepter

Vitality Booster
+250 HP
Buy 1100 Sell 550
Used to make Soul Booster, Heart of Tarrasque, Vanguard, Rod of Atos

Orb of VenomOrb of Venom
Adds a poison effect to your attacks. Deals 3dps and lasts 4 seconds. 4% slow for range, 12% for melee.
Buy 275 Sell 137
Used to make Eye of Skadi

(Last Update Dota 6.75)

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  7. ...aWw nMan bkit nDi kumpLeTo ung mGa iTem sNA kumpLeto pRa mAs LaLo pa aQng ma22 mAg dOtA....


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  10. hello dude!!! i wanna tell you about my dota map error... in my dota i cannot read the recipe list... i think i have to download some staffs to see themm... pls help me with that... in 6.59 i can remember the recipe.. but in 6.60 there are lots of different recipe... so pls tell me how i can do to see the recipe... thx a lot dude!!!


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  49. hello dude!!! i wanna tell you about my dota map error... in my dota i cannot read the recipe list... i think i have to download some staffs to see themm... pls help me with that... in 6.59 i can remember the recipe.. but in 6.60 there are lots of different recipe... so pls tell me how i can do to see the recipe... thx a lot dude!!!


  50. hello dude!!! i wanna tell you about my dota map error... in my dota i cannot read the recipe list... i think i have to download some staffs to see themm... pls help me with that... in 6.59 i can remember the recipe.. but in 6.60 there are lots of different recipe... so pls tell me how i can do to see the recipe... thx a lot dude!!!

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