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Do you want to contribute guides/articles in this blog?

Notify and email me at:

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You will be listed on Credits if your suggestion/article got published in this blog.
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  1. Hi guys,

    We at Spotgamers was wondering if we could collaborate in terms exchanging links and contents. By doing so we can help promote each other and give exposure to the general public. We hope that maybe you can provide us with contents about the gaming scene.

    We infact have linked you to our site. Check out

    Feel free to link us in as well as sourcing any of our articles for your readers pleasure.

    Till then, all the best and good luck ^^


    Rinie @ Si_Jali
    Chief Editor Of Spotgamers

  2. Hello,

    I know most of the DotA community is kinda nervous about the latest custom map virus exploit. To allow DotA players to play with peace of mind until Blizzard's 1.23b patch comes out (and a new DotA map comes out to support the changes), please try my utility, Sentinel. It is a lightweight program that basically monitors your Downloaded maps folder for any changes. If there is a change it plays a warning sound. Then you can leave the host before the game starts, so any malicious code isn't executed.

    Please read the full thread at:

    I have also posted the original source code, so you can be sure this is not a virus of its own.

  3. @PhoenixStar - thanks, i will check it soon ;)

  4. hey alief its time for an AI update! see BMP's blog.
    sorry wrong topic for this post. I only using my cellphone for this post, and i have difficulty browsing other AI topic.
    Good night anyway!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Alief,
    I'm Phoenix, the sole owner of or
    I come here with a proposal of sharing links with each other. As the name says my blog primarily comprises of "Secrets" or in simple words "Advanced Mechanics" of DotA units (heroes/items/towers/etc.) and some few guides and tips on playing DotA. What I look after is a complimentary website that provides all content other than my blog and yours I find to be a suitable match.
    About my blog...
    Originally, my blog was hosted at by the address
    It managed to acquire pagerank 1/10 on google in around 3 months without much advertising. The reason for my blog's success was the originality in content. Anything my blog covers is the most comprehensively detailed research one cannot find anywhere else on the internet. Recently, I shifted my blog to wordpress because it offers more functionality than blogspot. I'm positive about the bright future of my blog with time as
    1. First of it's kind on the internet.
    2. Based on reading data dump, mistakes are rare to happen.
    3. Well supported by antiweltteilchen and Robzor. (I don't need to introduce them if you have been to the dota-allstars/playdota forums.)
    4. The most comprehensive on the internet (on the topics it covers)
    5. Bound to increase the number of users as the database increases.

    ...If my blogs are so great, why I need you??? To see the light... Even if my blog is one of it's kind, no one would actually visit it if it's nowhere linked to the already established sites of the net.

    ...What's in it for you?
    The blog will be linked to an authentic blog (A blog with original content i.e. one of it's kind on the internet). Also, you're an old player of the web-game and must be knowing the importance of link referral in page rank and so on...

    Anyways, I hope that you find my proposal viable for the reasons I already mentioned.


  7. @chal - yes, i'm already aware ^^ i will post it here once he released the map ;) Thanks for notifying me :)
    @phoenix - i'm sorry, currently this blog is not receiving link exchange request. I will inform you if we have a space for another link :)


    bro would you plz do something to this guy posting his website! he is just using your site to promote his non sense site plz ban this guy.. thanks bro

  9. @ANAKNGPUTAH - Yeah, i also annoyed. Thanks for your support, deleting his comments now ^^

  10. Dear Alief,
    Are U Indonesian?
    Man, when I arrived at this blog, I thought that this Blog was belong to Western people but when I see your name below this Blog, I Believed that U're A Naturally Indonesian..HHHHmmmmmmm.. Btw, I really Like PLAYING DOTA too Bro & this Blog had become my PRECIOUS DOTA BLOG.

    THX, LJBU!

  11. Just heard that 6.65 contains four new heroes. Maybe only a rumor, maybe real.. Who knows?

  12. Sorry. The new layout is a eye sore. Please make it more professional looking.

    Anyway, this is a great dota blog.


  13. Could you tell which part you don't like? I just make the changes and maybe need some feedback. Also tell me the browser you use.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I'm mentioning the header(the only image in this layout). Its very low quality and looks like not much effort was put into it.

    I can help you create a better one if you like.

  16. Woah.. Really? Actually i put a lot of effort on that T__T If you can create a better one, of course i'd love to see it :)

  17. Sorry to say like that.

    And i don't have much experience in graphics section but I'll give it a try.

    Tel me what you want your header to look like:
    Any other informations

  18. It's okay, i always love to receive feedback (good or bad) :)

    About the header, i don't have specific requirement, as long as it fit this blog. But maybe you need to use black background. Text and size is about the current header. Colors preferably red and theme is about Warcraft/Dota.

  19. I emailed the header to you. Check it out and give feedback.

  20. Thanks, i already receive it. I will check it tomorrow since it's already late here :)

  21. yo alief,

    nice terror blade there hehe.. why dont put his brother too ;)

  22. Wow, you notice it ^^ I just put it for a while and take a screenshots to compare it with the old one :) Find a way to make it fit this blog :)

  23. Alief,

    haha i was thought you realy have change it.

    btw it look nice, maybe you can put more heroes could more nice ?? hehe

  24. Oops. I missed it. How was it? Does it fit? The bottom part got some work to do right?

  25. It's really cool! I love it :) But maybe it's still need some change to make it blend with this blog.

    Give me some time, my office today is quite busy ~_~ I will reply your email after i finish my work :)

  26. Dear Alief..
    The Banner is too big.. Or maybe it was because i used IE 6??

    THX, LJBU!

  27. I guess you want it abit darker to suit the background. I'll give it a try.

  28. Emailed you the darker version. Give me your feedback.

  29. Just upload the new banner with a little modification, check it out :)

  30. Check your mail..=)

  31. hey everyone..why not identify yourself n not anonymously while posting in this blog..its better to communicate that way..

  32. I guess you edited again and you lost some symmetry. Anyway, just make sure you save it in high quality. Its abit noisy.

  33. I guess so. Still doing some experiments ^^ Thanks for your feedback, gonna recheck it again :)

  34. alief check this out

  35. @Chal - Yup, just wrote it as soon as i wake up ^^

  36. Hi,

    I am the advertising manager for a site which promotes computer games guides online.

    I came across your website and it seems like a very resourceful site with quality content & visitors. I would like to advertise on your site in the form of banner ads (468x60) or (728x90).

    Kindly respond to this email the soonest and we shall negotiate possible cooperation.

    Cherie Sike

  37. Hi,
    Regarding the dota hero guide, can it be leeched?

  38. @Nic - As long as you give the source link into the original source, it's fine by me..

  39. look at this!!! Letter from pendragon

  40. ^OLD NEWS BRO! Valve together With Icy already filled for DoTA!

  41. hi!

    In DotA 6.68c..pudge meathook damage is lowered into 360 from 400...but it can now hook heroes purging themself...ang it can hook juggenaut while on blade fury....even it is on a Black King Bar mode...he can hook it....because pudge hook is change to pure damage....from pysical damage.....tnks for reading....hope it helps

  42. Reign of chaos stunns even hidden, and avatar mode heroes. Refresher and aghanims will make reign of chaos reak CHAOS!! Ultimate Stun. hahaha!! That's just what i found out recently.

    BTW it's in 6.68c.

  43. can you make the 3rd skill of slark plus 2 to agility...because its hard to kill him

  44. "Today we're happy to announce that four new custom games currently being developed in the StarCraft II Editor by the game's development team are available for play for the first time on the convention floor. The four games, StarJeweled, Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, and Blizzard DOTA, will be released for free to all StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players in the months ahead. Also featured on the convention floor are three winning custom maps submitted by players in the community map-making contest."

    from page

    blizzard Dota eh?:)

  45. Check this small updates for 6.72 map.

  46. Dota 6.71 6vs6 have

  47. Hey...hmm...i think that....
    the dota players actually need to see the heroes' mana wondering if u out the heroes's mana dota v6.72 =D

  48. treant protector's living armor aura needs to be fix... if treant protector switched to the other team, the aura is left behind.

  49. guys check this out.
    it's about dota2 changelogs. some secret guy have been releasing these information. many heroes have already been ported to dota 2. sound exciting! hope you like my post. JUMARIE

  50. Check your mail..=)

  51. Just upload the new banner with a little modification, check it out :)

  52. Dear Alief..
    The Banner is too big.. Or maybe it was because i used IE 6??

    THX, LJBU!

  53. yo alief,

    nice terror blade there hehe.. why dont put his brother too ;)

  54. Thanks, i already receive it. I will check it tomorrow since it's already late here :)

  55. Alief, I think you should consider deleting post that does not use English because not only it's annoying but also they are unlikely to get answered/responded.....

  56. some eye candy for dota fans

  57. pwede po gumawa kayo ng bagong hero yung astig naman po please

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