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Dota-Allstars 6.49b Map

You can download the 6.49b Dota-Allstars Map since couple days ago. If you want it now, you can get it from the link below for free. In this map, there's some major changes. And one of the most interesting part of this map is the addition of 4 (yes, four!) new items. The new great items are Armlet of Mordiggian, Orchid Malevolence, Shiva's Guard and Javelin.

Beside those items, there are still many changes on previous item. Looks like after giving us a lot of new hero, Dota-Allstars want to renew their items. People who loves Puck will cry on this map, because they decide to debuff Puck quite much. This hero indeeds has over-balanced stats, and many peoples love it. The details of the changelog can be seen on the rest of this posting.

You can download 6.49b Map from this link for free :

If you still want the previous version, you can get 6.49 Map in this link :

6.49b Changelog

* Fixed a major bug related to Ogre Magi from last version
* Few other minor fixes
* Can only carry one Power Treads now
* Fixed the recoded Fissure to work properly with Aftershock

6.49 Changelog

* Added a new recipe item (Armlet of Mordiggian)
* Added a new recipe item (Orchid Malevolence)
* Added a new recipe item (Shiva's Guard)
* Added a new base item (Javelin,139527)
* Remade Power Treads
* Changed Monkey King Bar recipe
* Remade Vladmir's Offering
* Reduced Ultimate Orb price by 50 gold
* Mystic Staff price from 2900 to 2700 gold
* Reduced movement speed bonus from Boots of Travel by 5
* Reduced Linken's Sphere recipe by 100 gold
* Changed the second secret shop model (to Goblin Shop) and the shop's carried items
* Bottle and Ring of Basilius no longer shift positions in your inventory when used
* Reduced Black King Bar cooldown from 100 to 85 seconds
* Increased Kelen's Dagger of Escape cooldown from 25 to 30 seconds
* Improved Bloodstone's charge regeneration rates
* Reduced mana cost on Hand of Midas
* Lowered mana cost on Helm of the Dominator
* Purchasing Bottle fills it to 2/3 instead of to maximum.
* Lowered Eaglehorn price from 3400 to 3300 gold
* Dagon's mana costs and cooldown now decreases per level
* Reduced mana cost on Nathrezim Buckler
* Euls and Guinsoo now share cooldown
* Lowered Gloves of Haste price from 610 to 550 gold
* Recoded Aghanim's Scepter. It can now be dropped, sold and disassembled. It also properly updates itself in deathmatch.
* Decreased Linken's Sphere cooldown from 60 to 40 seconds
* Reduced Hyperstone price from 2300 to 2100 gold

* Remade N'aix
* Changed Crystal Maiden's Brilliance Aura to a global effect
* Increased Acid Spray duration by 4 seconds
* Undid previous Jugg armor buff and increased starting strength by 3 and movement speed from 290 to 295
* Removed the invulnerability period while Priestess of the Moon is leaping
* Lowered Puck's initial Intelligence and Intelligence Growth
* Lion's Mana Drain is now faster (same mana drain over 4 seconds instead of 5)
* Changed Dark Rift from channeling to cast delay and reduced mana cost
* Increased cooldown on Call of the Wild
* Increased Lich attack range from 500 to 550
* Increased Pit Lord's movement speed and starting Intelligence
* Improved cast and attack animation time on Broodmother
* Decreased cooldown on Death Coil from 15 to 11 seconds
* Rewrote Fissure to avoid Entangle and Impale based spell conflicts
* Improved Chen's movement speed by 5
* Reduced Bristleback's strength growth from 2.7 to 2.2
* Reduced Poof's cooldown and mana cost

* New loading screen art (
* Added player index flags to replays
* Fixed a typo with Reaper's Scythe
* Fixed some rare exploits with the Freeze Leaver system
* Improved Harbinger's story (Terrorblaze)
* New Spectre background story (-Jenova-)
* New Visage background story (Grujah)
* New Storm Spirit background story (Inferno[DK])
* New Ogre Magi background story (Digital Anomaly)
* New Alchemist background story (Inferno[DK])
* New Lion background story (vertigo12)
* New Centaur background story (-Jenova-)
* New Slardar background story (Inferno[DK])
* New Tinker background story (Grujah)
* New Rigwarl background story (Volcove)
* New Zeus background story (Inferno[DK])
* New Pudge background story (Inferno[DK])
* New Traxex background story (Volcove)
* New Vengeful Spirit background story (-Jenova-)
* New Mortred background story (Inferno[DK])
* Fixed various item tooltips

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