Dota 6.78c Map - Official DotA 6.78c Map & Changelogs (Released!) - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.78c Map - Official DotA 6.78c Map & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.78c Download - Official Dota 6.78c Map. DotA 6.78c has just released with some minor balance changes. Some popular heroes like Na'ix, Gyro and Alchemist got the nerf stick pointed on them. IceFrog also made a slight change to the Captain Mode. Check out the full changelogs and download link below!

DotA 6.78c Changelogs
DotA 6.78c Changelogs

Dota 6.78b Download Link
Dota 6.78c Download - GameWebz Mirror

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It seems now the DotA map cycle are first map to introduce new contents, version b to fix the bug and version c to balance them. Looking on that, unless there's a major bug found, i think this will be the latest series of DotA 6.78 before DotA 6.79 released. Enjoy the new map guys!

PS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.78 AI page!

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  1. kaboomm!! first!! blood!

  2. Check your typing

    Dota 6.78b Download Link <------Dota 6.78b??? confusing me
    Dota 6.78c Download - GameWebz

  3. wow udah keluar lgi yang C . . . mksh infonya :D

  4. ayo gabung di game perang seperti Dota di:

  5. Thanks for the update! I wonder when 6.79 will come out!! :D

  6. Thank you.I updated my users too! I think its much faster if you download from their official getdota website.I tell my readers the same thing

  7. ohh.!! astigg :)

  8. where the hell is AI 6.78 !!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Replies
    1. Iyo.. Tapi belum ada AI nya

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  12. ayaw mag start na 6.78c map ko
    may bago po ba version nang warcraft?

  13. map 6.78Ai lama amat keluarnya...

  14. sir i found a bug on the map...

    using phoenix

    uhm.. if u use the fire spirits then dive then super nova, and when u get killed the fire spirits will still be there.. thus you cant use fire spirits anymore..

  15. do you have a 6 vs 6 map?

  16. when will 6.78 ai will come out....? :-(

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