DotA-Blog is Recruiting! - DotA-Blog

DotA-Blog is Recruiting!

Hello guys~!
Currently DotA-Blog and Dota 2 Blog are inviting some writer to join our team.
Our blog is dedicated to give the fastest updates about DotA and Dota 2.

So if you feel qualified for these position, shoot us an email on alief_5103100007[at]!

DotA Blog Writer (
1. Able to use Blogger platform.
2. Have knowledges and experiences about DotA Map in Warcraft 3.
3. Able to write well in English.
4. Able to communicate using messengers (Yahoo/GTalk/Whatsapp).

Dota 2 Blog Writer (
1. Able to use Wordpress platform.
2. Have a Dota 2 client (required) and have some experience playing it.
3. Able to write well in English.
4. Able to communicate using messengers ( Yahoo/GTalk/Whatsapp ).

Please let your email follow the following format:
Email Subject: Dota 2 Blog/DotA Blog Writer Apply
Email Body:
1. Your DotA/Dota 2 experience
2. Your blogging experience (if you have a blog, let us know).
3. Why do you want to apply.

We also looking a new header for DotA-Blog and Dota 2 Blog. So if you are a designer, send us your design preview and we'll send you email if it fits our syle.

Can't wait to read your email guys~!

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  1. hope i am the first one to send email :D

  2. wtf is with all these bot posts advertising stuff?

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