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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.83 & 84

Its has been Several weeks Without WoDota Top 10 and here is 2 for you guys to Enjoy.

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.83

10: Invoker and Clockwerk using Rocket and Sun Strike to kill Bounty Hunter
9: Vengeful Spirit Escapes Death with Jukes and Swap Form 4 heroes
8: Nevermore kills Bounty Hunter and uses Manta to dodge Thinker’s Rocket
7: Windrunner with a imba Shackleshot helping Mirana to get a Triple Kill with the help of Crystal Maiden.  Mianda kills Lina For an Ultra Kill
6: Dragonus Juking Pudge with Eul Scepter , Force Staff and Ghost Scepter Killing Pudge
5: Rasta Use Eul at the correct time saving himself and killing Mortred for an Ultra Kill
4: Techies Escaping death from Naix and Spirit Breaker and with the help of his teamaters  get a Double Kill on them
3: Slark Epic escape from death and kills Dragonus
2: Pudge Saving Crystal Maiden and Dragon Knight by hooking them from Danger . Pudge then Kills Rubrick with a hook then hook Naix Killing him and killing himself
1: Epic Teamwork from Chen , Lina and Centaur Must see.

Special : Furion Denying a tower with 1 Treant.

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.84

10: Mirana Escapes from Faceless Void and Earth Shaker . Then escapes from Faceless Void’s Chronosphere
9: Engima Kill Puck and Dodges Sladar’s Stun , Then kills Sladar for a Double Kill
8: Rizzrak Clearing the Scourge Team for a Rampage.
7: Tiny Guesses Invoker’s Location and killing him
6: Juggernaut and Kunkka kills 4 People with nice jukes from Juggernaut
5: Nevermore Kills Pudge and Blind Razing Bounty Hunter killing him
4: Naix Owning Scourge killing them multiple times
3: Rubrick Using Pudge Hooks Like a Champ Hooking ClockWerk while he using hookshot
2: Windrunner Jukes Faceless void and with the help of Kunkka Kill him then kills Xin and with the help of the gem and Mirana killing Bone and Xin for the Second time
1: Sand King’s Epic Escapes and helping his teammate get a Rampage

Enjoy the Videos =)

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  1. first bloood and omg so good, awesome editing, awesome game play

  2. I wish someday i will be in the WoDOTA! YEAH!

  3. killing spree:
    playing with sleep is epic!

  4. can't wait for TOP TEN 2011

  5. just shows how many chinese MH and scepter hack nowadays..

    nice betting tips