WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.81 | WoDotA Funny Time Vol.29 | WoDota - Winter Special | Dota - RGaming - DotA-Blog

WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.81 | WoDotA Funny Time Vol.29 | WoDota - Winter Special | Dota - RGaming

After Weeks Of Missing Action WoDota Top Ten is back enjoy.

10: Pudge kills Tauren chieftain and a Blinking Anti Mage with a Hook for a Double kill
9: Baratham kills Earth shakers and buy a Power Threads which managed to save his life and kills Nevermore and Tiny as well.
8: Witch Doctor Escapes death with the help of Treant and Tiny

7: Wisp and Troll kill The Entire Opponent team
6: Scourage Defend the throne with 1 dot of HP and TP to Sentinals Base downing their Throne and winning the game.
5:ClockWerk Kills Rogue Knight and lina , With his Hook and Battery assault kills Tuskar
4:Sand King Kills Doom Bringer and uses Sand Stomp to help kill Orge Magi and with timly Burrow Strikes and Blinks kill Chaos Knight and Orge Magi with the help of Pheonix
3: Epic Save By Pudge and Vengeful on Stealth Assassin , Pudge Then Kills Phoenix and Vengeful helped Pudge to TP away .
2:Drow ranger used Helm of Dom to Dominate a creep causing a suscide on him
1:Puck Kills Wind Runner and with the help of Weaver kills Shaker, Pandrean, Beast Master and Lion.
Special Scene: Zeus and Furion Clears Opponent Team for a Rampage

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  4. Hahaha... THat's so funny!


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  6. only spam comments. :( Puck did quite well there, hehe. 


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