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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.79|Fail Scenes Vol. 60 by 77 [subbed]

Enjoy this week's WoDota Top 10 Weekly and Fail Scene

10. Lion Tping Top to help kill Bane and hitting syalla bear’s Bear to deny his teammate and killing Pandarean for a Double Kill
9. BeastMaster Killing Crystal Maiden for a First Blood and Tiny dies to the tower for a Double Kill
8. Kunkka Kill Sand King and Stealth Assassin for a double Kill and Torrent hitting SyallaBear for a Dominating Streak
7. Pudge Survives a gang with very low Hp Hooking Witch doctor allowing him to channel his Ulti killing 3 heroes
6. Baratham with the help of armlet Kills Tiny.
5. Akasha Kills Invoker
4. Thinker Buys Back and Tp back to the fight and escaping death with a last hit and Tp back again killing Thrall and Force Staff down cliff almost Escaping but Stealth Assassin Blinks the Neutrals to get the last hit on Thinker(Pro move ^^)
3. Dazzle Saves Kunkka with a timely Grave . Kunaka help dazzle to kill Juggernaut and Morphling with Torrent and ship.
2. Pudge hooking Omni Knight killing him and blind hooking Storm Spirit Hooks Sniper and rots Stealth Assassin for an Ultra Kill
1. Pudge Kills Weaver and hooks Pit Lord killing Pitlord and using Kunkka X Mark the spot to hook him NICE!! Then Hooks TerrorBlade to kill him as well
Special :Unlucky Rouge Knight =<

Once playing Press the CC for Subtitles

Enjoy =)

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