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WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol. 58 & DotA Fail Scenes Vol. 40

Another week with more awesome moves and funny scenes. Behold!

10: Sniper using Armlet to avoid death from Dagon and killing Prophet
9: Gondar gives Zeus Town Portal so he can go back to the base and cast ulti for 2 kills
8: Shadowfiend manages to kill Weaver with blind Razes
7: Clockwerk got 2 kills, escape Tide’s ulti with Hook Shot and got another 3 kills for a Rampage
6: AP ‘faked’ Torrent and hit Pudge with the real Torrent
5: Rubick using Rasta’s Ward to trap Sniper with Telekinesis and got an ultra kill in the end
4: Wisp got a Double Kill and escaping from a lot of close calls
3: Puck ,Pudge, Clockwerk, Mirana and Luna got a funny exchange of kills. Must see it yourself to know what is going on
2: Tinker juked a lot of enemy heroes and killing 4 of them in total with the help of Sandking
1: Darkseer ,Magnus , Shadowfiend & Clockwerk perform an amazing AOE teamwork
Special: LOA supposing saved es but is got considered as a deny ?

And here is WoDotA Funny Time Vol. 6 and DotA Fail Scene Vol 40. I think DotA Fail Scene is much funnier, what about you?

Enjoy the video! Thanks to JK for the video link and timeline :)

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  1. 1st blood :)))))
    bhahahaha XD

  2. Triple Kill..
    cool :D

  3. like dota fail scenes :)

  4. like china fail scene...XD

  5. fail scenes are funnier than funny time this time!! hahahaha!!

  6. boom!! hahaha!!
    poor KotL! XD

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