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WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.55 & DotA Funny Time Vol 4!

Enjoy, the WoDotA Weekly Top 10 Vol. 55 and DotA Funny Time Vol 4!

10: Venge using Swap to help Mirana's Elune Arrow to hit Rubick and kill him. Nice move!
9: Tinker spotted enemy team is killing Roshan, and Tinker use March of the Machine to last hit Roshan, making the Roshan kill's gold belong to the Scourge(Tinker's Team).
8: Nerubian Weaver with a timely Teleport to Deny Rhasta, and Killing a dying Leoric and Akasha, then escape with a very Low Health after being poisoned by Akasha and manage to survive the poison by changing the Power Tread from Agility to Strength.
7: Lycanthrope is ganked by Bloodseeker and Venomancer. Bloodseeker using Rupture so that Lycanthrope can't run and Venomancer using poison that allowing Lycanthrope's wolves to deny him from the gold. The Lycan then using the Wolves to block Bloodseeker and killed him.
6: Puck manage to survive after being executed by Sand King (Burrowstrike+Epicenter) and Morphling (Adaptive Strike), Dodging Morphling's Waveform on a VERY CRITICAL HEALTH using Illusory Orb, and Surviving from Ogre Magi's Ignite and a few attacks from Morphling using Magic Wand+Bottle. Then Dodging Morphling's Waveform again with (Maybe) Autocast Phase Shift, Killing Morphling with Waning Rift and Dodging Windrunner's Powershot with (Maybe) Autocast Phase Shift.
5: Zeus, Omniknight, Raigor, and Obsidian Destroyer with a Powerful AoE and Good Teamwork allowing Obsidian Destroyer to get a Rampage with his ultimate.
4: Kunkka with an Amazing Prediction, using Torrent several time and getting a Rampage.
3: Pudge survive from Ezalor's Illuminate and Using Meat Hook to save Tauren. And then, Tauren using an "Old School Ancestral Spirit+ Teleport to Fountain" combo, to kill Ezalor with a perfect timing Echo Stomp. Amazing move!
2: Pudge and Wisp with a Coordinated Strategy, using Tether + Relocate + Meat Hook = Hook to fountain Trick, to Hook Ogre Magi to the Fountain. Ogre Magi did survive the Fountain's Attack and try tp teleporting home but Pudge (who buy teleport scroll and teleporting back to base) Dismembering Him and also Wisp come to Last hit the Ogre Magi.
1: Venge with a Beautiful Juking skill manage to avoid Barathrum's Nether Strike casting time by juking (6 Times). Furion then come to help Venge kill Barathrum.

DotA Funny Time Vol 4

Here are some interesting scene!

0:23 - Pugna is after enemy hero in the Scourge top tower jungle but ended up blocked by his own ward. Killed by Nevermore miserably

0:37 - Leviathan placing Observer Ward but then blocked by Neutral Creep. He desperately try to kill the neutral creep but killed by Gyro's missile. Barathrum actually coming to save Levi, but he's late apparently :p Funny one!

1:20 - Witch Doctor is chased by Huskar and Barathrum. Luckily, he managed to pickup Illusion Rune. But uh oh, the illusions are blocking him instead! R.I.P.

2:08 - Sven managed to kill everyone despite the game already finished :D

2:50 - Skeleton King is trapped on the cliff and died but still have Reincarnation. After he live again, he already waited by Tiny, Rubick, Pitlord and Lucifer. Fortunately, Rubick's Telekinesis remove him from the cliff :D

3:39 - A Sentinel creep somehow went into Scourge mid line and killed Scourge courier :D

5:15 - Tiny is hiding behind Roshan and Ursa didn't notice him lol~ Tiny managed to steal Aegis and  Ursa left with low health (and sad face)

Nice! The DotA Funny Time is getting funnier and the WoDota Top 10 weekly is still on the top notch. Enjoy guys! :)

Credits: Thanks Raymond for the time line! ;) 

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  1. First Blood!! Lol @tiny. :)

  2. actually if the bara don stun the neutral 2 save levi and let neutral hit levi would have been killed by the neutral creep

  3. Ultra Kill! LOL. :D

  4. I want to try trapping a hero too.! Some dota competition don't allow that.. Very nice!

  5. how about it accidentally trap? will it mean remake or DQ? :D

  6. hahaha,... Nice trick to Io n Pudge,but can Io relocate move the enemy to Io place (fountain) with pudge?? Lol xp

  7. Vol 4 Already ?
    Where,s The 2 & 3 ?

  8. @^ u can get them from Dota-Blog Forums

  9. theres something missing in the funny video.....

  10. hey, player VS very imba, skill control hery very good :)

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