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Naga Siren Guide | Slithice DotA Strategy & Build

DotA Naga Siren Guide, The Naga Siren Guide, Strategy & Build. Slithice is an Agility hero which has some of her skills remade on the DotA 6.72. This post will provide you with the Naga Siren Skill Description, the Slithice Guide, the Slithice Strategy, the Slithice Item Build and the Naga Siren Skill Build. Check also the Dota 2 Naga Siren if you are playing Dota 2.

Name: Slithice, the Naga Siren
Type: Agility
Alliance: Sentinel

Strength: 21 + 2.3
Intelligence: 18 + 1.95
Agility: 21 + 2.75 (Primary)

Movement Speed: 320
Attack Range: 128 (melee)
Total starting damage: 56-58
Total starting armor: 5.94

Slithice was always a vagabond among the Naga, roaming beyond the boundaries of the sea in search of new things. During her adventures she met and fell in love with a young Orc raining to be a Blademaster. Though he was inexperienced he taught her many Orcish fighting tactics employed by seasoned warriors. During their courtship as she was learning how to make traps from a local raider, a swarm of Scourge came and invaded, and her love was killed before her very eyes. She used her Naga magics to put the evil to sleep and fled, and now gives her all to the Sentinel, in the name of her love.

Slithice the Naga Siren Skill Descriptions

Mirror Image
Confuses the enemy by summoning copies of Slithice, which can deal damage. Images take extra damage.

This skill creates 3 illusions, which are everyone of them deals and takes different damage on each level
Level 1 - deals 30% damage and take 600% damage
Level 2 - deals 35% damage and take 500% damage
Level 3 - deals 40% damage and take 400% damage
Level 4 - deals 45% damage and take 300% damage

Duration: 30 seconds
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100

Note: During the casting, Slithice is invulnerable. This can be used to avoid spell and attack damage. Upon cast most effects will be removed from Slithice.
Note 2: If Slithice is targeted with an attack or skill before the attacker is in range and she uses Mirror Image the attacker will hit the real Slithice.

Entraps an enemy unit in a net, rendering the unit unable to move.
Immobilize only the enemy units

Duration of the trap: 2/3/4/5 seconds
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Mana cost: 75/85/95/105
Casting range: 620/630/640/650

Note: Works on magic immune units. Interrupts channeling spells. A few spells, including Blink, will also be disabled when Ensnared.
Note 2: Ensnare sets the movement speed of the affected unit to zero. Ensnare also dispels non-combat consumables.
Note 3: Pugna's Decrepify will set the ensnared unit free.

Rip Tide

Calls upon the power of the seas, creating an enchanted wave that deals damage and degrades enemy unit's armor for 8 seconds.

Damage: 130/160/190/220 (magical)
Armor reduction: -2/-3/-4/-5
AOE (starting/distance/final): 350/300/350

Duration of armor reduction: 8 seconds
Casting range: 600
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110

Note: Can affect units up to 1000 range away.

Sing of the Siren
Releases a melody around you the puts enemy units to sleep while they are in your range. Units wake up if you leave the area or the duration of the melody runs out. Slithice can choose to end the melody at any point.

AOE: 750
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 180/160/120
Mana cost: 100

Note: This skill also can be able to put enemy structures to sleep. Sleeping units and structures are invulnerable until the end of the spell.
Note 2: Enemy units wake up when you leave the area, or at the end of the duration. Casting the spell again will end its duration immediately.

Slithice the Naga Siren Skill Build

1. Ensnare
2. Rip Tide
3. Rip Tide
4. Mirror Image
5. Rip Tide
6. Song of the Siren
7. Rip Tide
8. Ensnare
9. Ensnare
10. Ensnare
11. Song of the Siren
12. Mirror Image
13. Mirror Image
14. Mirror Image
15. Stats
16. Song of the Siren
17-25. Stats

Obviously, we took Ensnare on the first level for preventing early first blood attempt. Especially when we face the dual-lane or tri-lane enemies. Rip Tide taken and maximized first, the new remade skill has the low mana and fast cooldown AOE nuke, which is good for farming and dominating the lane efficiently. Mirror Image taken on lvl 4 to be the escape mecanism as well as increases the lane control. After that maximized Ensnare to help ganking and pursuing the enemy. The Ulti taken whenever possible. Stats come last.

Slithice the Naga Siren Item Build

If random
1. Tangos, Healing salve, Circlet x2, and additional QB
2. Get Boots of speed + Circlet x1
3. Finish Wraith Band x3
4. Finish Power Tread

Slithice's early core item should be like this:
Quelling Blade - Increases the chance of last hit which is necessary for gathering gold in early game.
Power Tread - improves survivability by turning it to STR mode and of course bonus AS and MS for gaining gold efficiently and harras as well as gank the enemy.
Wraith Band - Good early stats, increase survivability and damage as well.

Situational items :
Magic Stick/ Magic Wand - is a situational item against spell spammers.
Poor Man's Shield - if you have a hard time laning. Note that this item does not work with the illusions.

Main Core Items
Diffusal Blade - Purge ability which is very usefull for chasing an enemy. Also it's good to know that every hit wether from you or your images will burn the opponents mana and deal additional damage on every hit and damage type of orb is physical. And additional agility stats (Our images' damages effected by our stats not the +damage).

Manta Style - Provides us with good stats (damage, movespeed, hp) and an active ability that is on a level to our Mirror Image spell, which means that we will get additional images around (total of 5 illusions). Damage maximized.

Late Game Items
Here are Luxury late game items for her:
upgrade to
Butterfly - Gives Slithice +30 agility, +30 extra damage, +30 IAS, and more 30% evasion. It's a best item for agility hero like her. Your illusions also gain some damages from the agility stats (remember that +30 extra damage and +30 IAS don't effect with your illusions).

Linken Sphere - Slithice is a glassy hero which is always being targeted by deathly single spell or disable. So Linken will be a perfect item for this kind of situation. Also provide good stats for survivability.

Hearth of Tarrasque - The extra strength provided will be your HP boost as well as your illusions. Also out-of-combat HP regen is what we're aiming for.

Crystalys/ Buriza-do kyanon - Though you gain benefit from critical damage, your illusions do not gain +raw damage from it. But the damage from your illusion still kind of huge (about 3:2 between you and your illusion's critical damage). If you want to bring back the old Slithice which has a red number above her when whacking some guys, get this item.

Not Recomended Items:
Battlefury - Since +damage and cleave won't work on your illusions, this item is a perfect crap.

Slithice the Naga Siren Strategy

You can pick this hero if your team need carrier, gank initiator, pusher, and long-duration disabler. But don't pick this hero if enemy team has more than one AOE nuker, they will ruin your illusions.

You can be supported by:
Treant Protector DotA Hero Earthshaker DotA Hero Tidehunter DotA Hero Rogue Knight DotA Hero Sand King DotA Hero Enigma DotA Hero Crystal Maiden DotA Hero Tormented Soul DotA Hero
AOE Disabler/ Nuker
- Your ulti will be the initiator, then give the rest to them
Admiral DotA Hero Butcher DotA Hero Priestess of the Moon DotA Hero
Difficult-to-aim disabler
- Ensnare will provide them with 100% accuracy
Doom Bringer DotA Hero Drow Ranger DotA Hero Stealth Assassin DotA Hero Silencer DotA Hero
- Your whacks will be land perfectly without fear of being disabled
Omniknight DotA Hero Shadow Priest DotA Hero Warlock DotA Hero Pit Lord DotA Hero
Good supporter and babysitter
- Thanks to their heal
Also some spell considered work when Siren of the Song being casted and enemies are sleeping
Necrolyte DotA Hero + Heartstopper Aura
Shadow Priest DotA Hero + Weave
Enigma DotA Hero + Midnight Pulse

Beware of his counter:
Stone Giant DotA Hero Axe DotA Hero Geomancer DotA Hero + your AOE disabler friends
Massive AOE disabler/nuker
- They will ruin your illusions in no time, revealing your true self to be whacked
Doom Bringer DotA Hero Drow Ranger DotA Hero Stealth Assassin DotA Hero Silencer DotA Hero
- You can't do your escape mechanism while being silenced
Admiral DotA Hero Rogue Knight DotA Hero Magnataur DotA Hero + carrier
- Your illusions will be ruined with a couple of attack
Drow Ranger DotA Hero Enchantress DotA Hero Silencer DotA Hero Obsidian Destroyer DotA Hero
Orb walker
- Worst lane partner you've ever meet, change your lane immediately


Early Game.

Laning with your friend (babysitter or disabler) on dual or tri lane. Choose the short-lane which your creeps are closer to the tower. It will help you farm easily while staying away from enemies. Never solo mid because you're very fragile and easy to be ganked. Especially for range heroes, they will never give you a chance to farm.

The srategy is playing safe and focus on farm. Use your Rip Tide if you have a hard time to last hit every single creeps. It will assist you with enough damage and armor reduction for fast-killing creeps. Though on level 5 you can attempt to harras (or even kill) your single non-disabler hero enemy using Mirror Image-Rip Tide-Ensnare-whacks-Rip Tide combo (considering your manapool is enough to do the last Rip Tide), you'll have to be careful of being ganked, because this time your mana is not enough to do the escape procedure (ensnare or mirror image). Of course it will be more safe and efficient when your disabler teammate is around.
At level 6 you are virtually invincible, thanks to your 6-secs-AOE-disable ulti. This skill is very useful when you and your team in a gank with heavy injuries. So always have your mana remaining for doing Song of the Siren in critical condition. Take a note that if you leave the area where you cast the song, the spell will disappear.

Mid Game.

When you're on Level 7 - 16. In this fase always carry TP for keeping alive while being ganked. Use a simple combo of Song of the Siren-TP to give you a 100% escape. At level 7 your Rip Tide should reach max level. The AOE -5 armor and 220 damage is no joke. It can be used for better farm, controlling lane, or easy heroes kill. The TP you already had also good for ganking the enemy. TP to other lane and intiate the gank (using Ensnare). Your team should help you with their combo to make sure the gank was success.
At this point of the game we are finishing our Diffusal, which greatly increases our damage output, while purging the enemy stops them from running away (in addition to Ensnare). Remember, always have your diffusal and ensnare to the right target, for example purge Warlock's ulti to neglect it while ensnaring Rylai to stop her Freezing Field. This way you'll give benefit for your team.
For the overall, your role in this fase is gank and farm, also don' forget to push the enemy tower between team clashes (your mirror images are really annoying for structures) and as always, see the minimap for saving attempt.

Late game.
This phase is where you are truly shine. Still, you will be no match for being ganked and combo-ed by enemy heroes. So always stay with your teammate and use your ulti depend on the situations of the team. Enemy carries is your priority, because they're so fragile for you, target them first on every team clash. Get your luxury items and always push and gank to get your hands to the Tree of Life or the Frozen Throne.

Upgrade version of: Playdota guide

This post contain Slithice Guide & Build - the Naga Siren Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Naga Siren Forum.

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