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WoDotA Funny Top 10 Episode 1

Inspired by the success of WoDotA Weekly Top 10, WoDotA create another series, the WoDotA Funny Top 10! Since it's the first episode, let's keep our expectation low. Here we go!

Bug when choosing heroes? Anyone know what the text mean?

Kunkka missed Torrent, missed Ghost Ship and killed instead.

The items is left on the ground. Anyone know what the text mean?

Barathrum charging a creep and chased by a bunch of heroes. But when Lina stun Bara, Lina's allies, Purist, cast repel on Bara instead and let Bara tele to base succesfully -_-;;

Atropos and Bara is try to kill Clink. But Tiny (Atropos and Bara's ally), suddenly coming up and Toss Atropos, cancel his ulti and letting Clink to escape -_-

Bara charging Lina, but when Bara cast the ulti for finishing move, he trapped into the cliff instead and ended up killed by Lina. Man, many scene involved Bara in this video!

Dying Tinker get killed by Creep. Also featured on WoDotA top 10 vol 52.

The funniest scene, Rubick trap Pudge in the cliff with telekinesis. When he dying, he manage to hook Rubick but still dead instead. And then came Ogre Magi trying to kill Rubick, but Rubick trapped him too. Even so, Ogre still manage to kill Rubick. While Ogre dying, Pudge came as a life saver and ready to hook Ogre. But it seems the hook is not long enough and leave Ogre died to the creep. If i'm the one who play Ogre, i'm definitely on rage with Pudge ~_~

Furion cast Teleportation aimed to kill half HP Techies, but he teleport into the mines and ending up killed by Techies instead.

Rikimaru and Rhasta try to escape but blocked by creeps.

Furion blocked by creeps and left him with little HP. When he finally manage to escape from the creep block, Davion killed him. Dying Sven rushing to avenge Furion but just give another kill for Davion. Magina who still in good health blinked in to chase Davion but trapped on the trees and also killed by Davion -_-;;

OK, if the maker read this, here is several feedback i would like to give:
1. Please make the text in English so more people can understand it. If necessary, make two version, Chinese and English :D
2. Since this is Top 10, it will be great if you also rank the scenes.

Thats' all folks. What about you guys? Do you like the video? 

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  2. Finally the comment form work again, it seems blogger make some error. But now it fixed, enjoy!

  3. the video didn't say top 10.. it just mention wodota funny 10......

  4. hahahaha!! funny!!

  5. I LOVE THAT ^_^ Nice Job Brother ^^

  6. Actually the items which were destroyed by the Naga were belonging to his ally haha :D

  7. hahaha epic fail

  8. I really like the last one with the noob trio death!!! =))

  9. very very funny

  10. Regarding the untranslated texts:

    1) Text pretty much says Lich, Rhasta and other heroes started leaving due to too much pressure in this game :P

    2) Naga typed "I picked it up" when in fact she killed the items.

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