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DotA 6.72 Polls!

DotA 6.72 PollsAs usual, it's finally time to give your vote!
Go to the link below to participate on DotA 6.72 Polls :)

DotA 6.72 Polls

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  1. nice web,i like

  2. To see DoTA v6.70c AI Fun 2.5, enter in . Please report any bug and give suggestions. I like DoTA 6.72.

  3. 4th , ,

    add me

  4. 4th , ,

    add me

  5. how about dota imba? is there a new version?
    please post it to this commanet tab please

  6. hey all of you! you guys get out and kill yourselves!!

  7. yeah..
    like it!!

  8. cool video hehehe, i like it

  9. imba for the skills of Tormented when using vs Spectre. 1v1 fight please make adjustment on this on the next MAP release thanks.

  10. yaha!

    i dont like troll warlord in 6.72....his second skill is more than worste

  11. i think the terror blade was too imba,with his second ring of health and hyper stone??

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