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WoDotA Vol.46 vs GosuGamers Vol.8 Top Ten Moves!

Here we go guys, another week of Top Ten Moves. This time, i'm quite disappointed with the GosuGamers choice. Meanwhile, WoDotA keep showing why they have that many views in their video. Check it out!

10: Necro getting a Double Kill with timely heals
9: SS getting Triple Kill With 1 Ether shock
8: Tiny doing a Double Kill
7: Pugna saves Kotl with timely Decrepify and kills both of their opponents
6: Mirana stunning Lucifer with a timely arrow and denying himself with his illusions
5: Pudge saving Wisp with Force Staff
4: Pugna getting Ultra Kill
3: Lina luring 5 opponents and manages to kill 4 of them with help from her teammates
2: Undying getting a Rampage with the help of its zombies
1: Morphing Getting a Rampage + 1 ( 6 kills)

10: Magnataur doing an excellent Ulti and assisting Omni Knight to get a Rampage with his heal
9: Syllabear using his bear to save him self and blocking Balanar to help SK get the kill.
8: Venomancer using his wards to get a tower last hit while Nevermore try to deny
7: Phantom Lancer trapping Invoker with Quelling Blade and Tangos leave Kael to death
6: Shadowfiend casting a timely Ultimate to get a Rampage
5: Tauren got a Triple Kill with his Spirit by using Town Portal. Awesome!
4: Pudge getting 3 kills with 1 going to tower
3: Morphing using Replicate to get a kill and a timely Wave to avoid Raigor’s Fissure then using Str Morph to kill Drow. Continued with a perfect Waveform to kill ClockWerk while Clock is using his ulti.
2: Kunkka splash Lanaya in the river from the ancient creep, Torrent her and finish her with another splash.
1: Tiny tossing all of his opponents to a terrain causing all of them having to buy Town Portal. Wow, is this happening on a real game? If so, it will be really epic!

As always, thanks to JK for the timeline :) 

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  1. 1ST BLOOD! COOL! :)


  2. Wrong spelling of morphling! LOL

  3. how did the rd heroes move

  4. i wonder if they don't buy a courier in the game what will happen

  5. hey u should post tuskarr and phoenix video!

  6. woDota-Nevermore + mega rampage +_+!

  7. lol they forgot -unstuck.

  8. @^ dun think so if they dash unsutck am can go kill them wad

  9. gosugamer video = SHIT
    WODOTA video = EPIC

  10. WoDota wins once more =))

  11. gosugamers... piece of shit!
    fucking pubbies

  12. What a great map, it has a new hero..
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