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DotA 6.69c AI (BETA) Changelogs

DotA 6.69c AI (BETA) Changelogs
Note: Download the map on DotA 6.69c AI post.
1. Added Aghanim`s to Enchantress.
2. Invoker now gains attribute points for each orb he levels.
3. Mjollnir
- Static Charge changed from a chance on attacks to a chance on any damage
- Double click now activates Static Charge on yourself
4. Alchemist
- Unstable Concoction stun duration rescaled from 2.5/3/3.5/4 to 1.75/2.5/3.25/4
- Added an AoE effect indicator for the Alchemist player while he is charging his Unstable Concoction
5. Bone Fletcher
- Death Pact attack damage rebalanced from 6/7/8% to 4/6/8% of targets HP
6. Dazzle
- Shallow Grave now has a duration indicator for allies
7. Luna
- Eclipse (Aghanim's version) target limit increased from 5 to 6
8. Morphling
- Adaptive Strike damage type changed from Physical to Magical (248693)
- Replicate cannot target Morphling's own illusions anymore
9. Ghost Scepter
- Cooldown increased from 25 to 30
- Cost increased from 1500 to 1600
10. Added items gemcourrier, mantastyleranged. Fixed skadi and Aghanim`s recipes.
11. Defiance Itembuilds Updated; [Tested]
12. Prices of Function E5 Updated; [Untested]
13. Gyrocopter
- Homing Missile now adds an ally only visual effect on targeted enemies
14. Furion
- Wrath of Nature (Aghanim's version) max chain increased from 12/14/16 to 14/16/18
- Sprout code improved to reduce the chances of heroes sometimes popping out of it
- Sprout targeting change from 6.67 removed [Untested]
- Wrath of Nature can now be cast through the minimap and it will select the closest unit as the initial target
15. Keeper of the Light
- Recall is now targetable through the minimap
16. Bane Elemental
- Brainsap damage rebalanced from 75/150/225/300 to 90/160/230/300
- Added -disablehelp for Nightmare, to stop direct casting on allies
- Nightmare fixed so it properly stops enemy potions
17. New ItemBuild for Tiny Aghanims
18. Beastmaster
- Hawk's HP reduced from 100/200 to 50/100
- Invisibility on Hawk reworked. It now fades out automatically whenever it hasn't moved for 8 seconds.
19. Shadow Fiend
- Added a new command (-souls) to see the number of souls you have collected
- Added a new effect when you get a last hit with Necromastery on Nevermore
20. Fixed some minor issues with Javelin with spirit bear and invisible units (ancient bug 6.66b->6.67)
21. Fixed Liquid Fire interaction with Siege units (263667)
22. Increased Jakiro`s Macropyre (Aghanim's version) travel distance
22. Juggernaut
- Omnislash no longer wastes a strike by considering banished units in its search
23. Changed Bristleback's model and hero icon.[Untested]
24. Terrorblade - Fixed melee/range item to update properly for Metamorphosis transformation.
25. Focused Detonate added to IsGlobalSpellIgnore.
26. Fixed AI Furion usage of Wrath of Nature.
27. Fixed all Ultimate Cooldown changes.
28. Fixed Techies Remote Mines XP range gain from 1000 to 1200.
29. Eredar`s SoulCatcher modified as in 6.69c.
30. Warlock
- Increased Infernal movement speed from 320/330/340 to 320/340/360
- Immolation from multiple Infernals now stack (281065)
31. Fixed converted creeps from sometimes being slowed by Enchant
32. Armlet of Mordiggian
- HP regen and lifedrain increased by 2 (overall +2 regen while inactive, no effective change while active)
33. Razor
- Static Link drains damage over 8 seconds instead of 10.
- Static Link damage per second rescaled from 5/10/15/20 to 7/14/21/28
34. Lone Druid
- The "-ms" command now shows the movement speed of your Spirit Bear as well
35. Fixed bots starting to use drophack to remove humans from game (ROFL).
36. Sven now transforms into "that red thing" when he casts his ultimate (Ability Code: A1WH)
37. Fixed Glyph of Fortification not showing icon
38. Leoric
- Hellfire Blast damage redistributed to some on impact and some dps
- Scoreboard now displays Skeleton King's ultimate cooldown time
- Skeleton King will be automatically selected for you after he reincarnates
39. Added -disablehelp for Bloodrage
40. Wind Runner
- Shackleshot's search angle reduced from 30 to 26 degrees
41. Added 4 more options to -music (other6/7/8/9)
42. Magnataur
- Skewer damage rescaled to 70/140/210/280
43. Spirit Breaker
- Greater Bash no longer messes up the target's command
- Nether Strike (Aghanim's version) now Greater Bashes everyone in 250 area around you when you teleport to the primary target.
44. Slark
- Pounce damage rescaled from 50/75/100/125 to 40/80/120/160
45. Witch Doctor
- Casks first bounce no longer stuns for additional duration, it now lasts the same as all the bounces
- Voodoo Restoration mana cost per second from 6/9/12/15 to 8/14/20/26
46. Armlet of Mordiggian
- HP regen and lifedrain increased by 2 (overall +2 regen while inactive, no effective change while active)
47. Couriers can now carry Gem of Truesight (it loses its truesight while on courier)
48. Added a rabbit courier.
49. Tether Stun duration reduced from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75
50. Techies.
- Added a new sub ability Focused Detonate that you can use on the minimap or in an area to detonate all nearby remote mines (AoE of 700)
51. Healing Salve.
- Double clicking on Healing Salve causes it to be used on your hero.
52. Hand of Midas bounty text is now easier to see.
53. Magic Stick & Magic Wand.
- AoE for gaining charges reduced from 1600 to 1200
- No longer give you charges if a spell was cast from the fog of war
54. Manta ranged <-> melee converting fixed.
55. Metamorphosis manta use fixed.
56. Old Scrolls of Teleportation returned... human players will use the newest Scrolls, but AI will buy only the old version scrolls.
OLD: [A137] Order=channel
NEW: [A1R5] Order=tornado
57. Troll Warlord.
- Battle Trance self duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds
58. Added a sound effect that notifies allies near the location you are teleporting to
59. Added a ground effect when the water is gushing out from Torrent
60. Fixed Healing Ward to indicate the level to your allies instead of just for you
61. Fixed some issues with Shackleshot calculation where it could sometimes hit weird angles.
62. Rebalanced the assist Gold & XP system... removed the Old Gold & XP system.
63. Fixed Roshan not dispelling Urn of Shadows
64. Fixed Liquid Fire interaction with Siege units (263667)
65. Fixed a bug with Scepter Dismember and Linken's Sphere
66. Fixed lag on first cast of Adaptive Strike
67. Fixed interaction between Level 3 Rupture and Force Staff
68. Fixed damage AoE on Waning Rift being slightly less than the silence AoE
69. Fixed very minor inconsistency between the armor reduction and the damage AoE on Acid Spray
70. Fixed AoE on Strygwyr's thirst being off by 25
71. Fixed AoE on Song of the Siren being off by 25
72. Fixed some triggered spells from bypassing Last Will (on Necronomicon Warrior) damage return
73. Fixed a very rare cause where you could Soul Ring usage could be lethal
74. Courier can no longer use Ghost Scepter (to prevent some abuses)
75. Fixed some minor incorrect behaviors when using burning spears at very low hp
76. Fixed some minor duration inconsistencies with Insatiable Hunger
77. Lone Druid
- Leash range increased to 1100
- Fixed common scenarios where Spirit Bear would miss its attack as the target was moving
- Casting Summon Spirit Bear while the bear is still alive will restore that bear's health instead of not allowing you to cast.
78. Meepo
- Fixed some targeting issues with casting poof (300996)
79. Tweaked condition for Slark`s Dark Pact usage.
80. Fix Sticky Napalm
81. Add auto crow morph
82. Removed some unused Fun parts
83. Enchantress new skills build
84. Venomancer`s Wards condition tweaked. More often use now.
85. 442+ memory leaks fixed.

None of the testers were injured in the process of testing. But someone definately gone missing...

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