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DotA 6.70c Bugs/Tricks - Wards Bug

DotA 6.70c Bugs and Tricks. This videos contain some tricks and bugs that can be applied on the DotA 6.70c. Even though some of the tricks is maybe hard to applied in the real game (like Desolator Luna), but some trick are useful. Especially the Observer Ward trick. Check it out!

With that trick, you can refill the Observer Ward stock using the courier. Thanks to Joon Kiat who told me about this video and kudos to blinkfire4 who found it. Hope IceFrog can fix that bugs on the next patch :)
Don't forget that you can always check qualities DotA videos on DotA Media sub-forum.

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  1. 1st blood!!
    by dewa nusa

  2. find me in GG

    pali gay.pali ok

  3. Weak All of you

    Me Beyond Godlike And Rampage

  4. Monster Kill!!
    by Indo player V

  5. @ black_batavia
    dewa koq pernah di ban 2x dewa leaver x
    dasar cacad

  6. it 's work for tango sentry observer
    i tried to other item,and the item is muted

  7. a little explanation
    put ob in slot 6 (bottom right)
    pick branch
    shift + G

  8. i cant believe not many people plays syllabear, not many knows about the 100% stunbug from spirit bear, this bug already exist since 6.67 or even earlier versions and still working at 6.70c

    1. syllabear is the most awesome hero to play with
    2. syllabear is one of the most imba hero from early to late
    3. spirit bear has the fastest movement speed in the entire dota hero
    4. spirit bear can rax building within seconds
    5. who doesnt want a 100% stun from bear? u can kill any heroes in dota, makes void, troll, mortred, riki look like noobs

  9. just for info:
    this trick was found first by blinkfire4

  10. Thanks for the info, will update the post for credits :)

  11. Can't get the courier trick...

  12. Thanks for the credit :)

    aka dotaddict2

  13. Is purging Omniknight's repel a bug? That's what the old Medusa would have done in the past.

  14. no bug with omniknight ..... Its very normal to purn repel!!!!!!!

    ---------> sorry for bad english

  15. purge removes repel isn't a bug at all. it can be done in earlier version maps. ghost scepter to avoid naga's net isn't new bug or trick. Many people has been using the technique since ghost scepter first introduced.

  16. what is the name of the song that plays in video?

  17. also works with dust, tango and juggo

  18. bugs/tricks not surprising, except for luna and the courier trick... tricks aren't new

  19. daya ni rerefresh si omnynight ..

  20. nice...very nice!!! i like the venge and wards part!! hehe

  21. hey does it work on bottles???

  22. more thing..does it work on birds??

  23. indifferent
    depending on the people who play

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