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DotA 6.69c OMG-Like, DotA BYS & DotA LoD

DotA 6.69c OMG maybe one of the most long awaited custom DotA map. But we're still don't hear any news from ~BoB~ since the DotA 6.67 OMG. Fortunately, some people is trying to create their own version of DotA OMG and there you go, now we have DotA BYS and DotA LoD.

Both version is almost the same. You pick 4 hero skills and then ended up with picking your desired hero if you are using AP mode. Or, you can have totally random skill and hero if AR mode is used instead.

Here are the download link:
DotA 6.69c BYS v4 via GameWebZ

DotA LoD
DotA 6.69b LoD v6 via GameWebZ

Enjoy and please let me know if there's something missing in this post :)

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  1. First blood, Gonna have fun, i hope one day ai maps and Lod(omg) will be together

  2. Triple kill. . . .

  3. You were disconnected.

  4. First blood in seventh place :D

  5. zzzzzzz so many noob ppl playing omg and ai maps. why dont you noobs grwo up and play the real game? what a bunch of wimps LOL

  6. AI is goos when you just want to try something out. You're the noob one if you are going to risk ruining a game just to test something.

  7. Some people actually like single player sometimes. Dota is fun wether vs or single player. Some times I don't want to deal with emo kids complaining or raging every game. Especially when I can't play with my friends.

  8. theres no AI OMG map?? damn it..

  9. Lets hope that there will be AI OMG maps in the future..

  10. it sure nice if there will be AI for OMG maps XD

  11. Coding LoD dota is hard enough already.

    I found an english v6 copy here

    Been playing it on bnet, its freakin awesome

  12. bob has gone to the army

  13. the bys faggot just steals the translated lod maps and puts his name all over it.
    you can tell cause in bys v5 it still has the original translators name on the top right of the map where you usually check food.

  14. it really isn't boring when your playing with a.i 5 vs 5 allpick no random choosing for you meaning less gold and -ne and -ng commands your in level 4 they're at level 8 or 7... after that level 25 on your hero your only items are for losers while theirs' are GODLIKE items that matches their weakness... T_T

  15. where can i get omg ai???
    plz e-mail.

  16. o0o we play omg is not becuz we are noob, always playing the real game juz gets us bored, we should have try something abit different, and u still have to get ur own skill build for ur hero....if a noob still will end up noob even playing with omg

  17. just play it bitch....if you pro...stay cool...

  18. play with ai is only for practise but if you talk that ai is the real deal go play the reality just cant say anything while pee your pants :P

  19. DoT@ will Shot down due to some technical difficulties

  20. Hey,I'm new to this map. I can't choose the skill I want even after clicking the yellow cross above the skill. Can someone teach me how I can choose my skill?

  21. The best combination of all is the lifesteal of naix,the counter attack of centaur warchief and axe, and finally the ultimate of centaur

  22. what should i type at the start of the game in OMG to pick my wanted abilities?

  23. shut up all of you..IMBANESS

  24. can u make a 6v6 omg map?

  25. okay 20v1 by yhapet

  26. my skill build:
    hero: Crixalis or Baratrum
    1st skill: Echo Stomp
    1st skill: Phantom Strike
    1st skill: Degen Aura
    1st skill: Epicenter

  27. Skill 1 : Fevor
    Skill 2 : Zeal
    Skill 3 : Inner beast / unstable current
    Skill 4 : Battle trance/Marks (traxex ulti)

    Using the agi hero with high AS Atk Speed , Like Riki or Magina
    N be gonna GODLIKE

  28. Fissure of Earthshaker,Stun of vengeful,Stun of Sven,SS of Rexxar.


  30. risqi rahadian bima arifAugust 1, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    is invoker skill is enabled here???

    I mean the quas wex and exort, I don't need the invoke, just one of those...
    coz I got some crazy combo in mind that must use one of those skill...
    anyone can answer me??? 

  31. err this map like imba lorh.... wen i play can afk 4 mint but can win......

  32. sfafdagdgvdgvgdvsvaedaAugust 11, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    hero:Guardian Wisp
    skill 1:poison attackskill 2: storm bolt
    skill 3: avalanche
    skill 4: life break / sunder

  33. wheres download 6.74 v5d


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