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DotA - youBoat the Movie & DotaNation2

It's being a while since a good DotA movie released out there. But for those love watching DotA clips, here are some recently added DotA video which maybe deserve some attention :) The first video is youBoat the Movie, enjoy!

Another video is the DotaNation 2. Check it out!

Credits : Thanks to JoonKiat as always :)

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  1. first blood :)
    nice vid btw

  2. killing spreee!!!!!!!!!!!
    triple kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mega KIlll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dieses Video enthält Content von UMG. Es ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.

  4. good ...but iam better

  5. Can they drop the special effects ? It's fucking annoying how to properly see how the game plays.

  6. 2nd vid is good. 1st vid plz guys dont even bother to watch. i dont know the creator(s) of the 1st vid r showing us video effects or dota game game-play. all i can see is effects after effects from 1st vid. ratings: 1st vid 2/10, 2nd vid 9/10.

  7. Too fake . And also players too noob . How the f*ck 4ppl fail to kill an od with 120hp and 3 died ? :)

  8. Wanna C a real pro dota vid...

  9. I always download here, I always love to visit here

  10. i prefer play with ai++ if my oppenent like lame...Credits for 6.67 ai+ ...

  11. SO LAME 1st VID MH!
    I SAW THE MH THING cos my fren MHs~

  12. could somebody pls post the links ?

  13. just put the name on youtube dude and you will find.........
    and go to hell for everyone that are talking shit about this videos the second one youboat these guys are pro men do a search and you will know it ...... and that dude who made the second video spend 3 months to finish it and you guys don't even care ......

    and why they don't release dota 6.69 ai instead of working in 6.68 ai its useless

  14. all are you are weak.haha

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