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DotA 6.67b AI +Fun Map Released!

DotA 6.67b AI +Fun Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.67b AI +Fun Map. This map is a customized version of the Dota 6.67b AI Rev2d versions. On this map, Overflow (a PlayDota member), import some fun stuff into the map. Check it out!

Additional Features

*Bastion, an additional hero that was created by BuffMePlz. Type -bastion after you allowed to pick a hero to create him.

*Fun Shop, type -fun to enable additional item shop which consist several additional items. It located on the right-bottom on the map. You don't need to buy any recipe from there, just buy the component ;)

Download links:
DotA 6.67b AI +Fun
DotA v6.67b AI +Fun

Thanks Overflow! Hope this can be another alternative while waiting for the newest AI map. At any rate, enjoy this map guys! :)

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  1. 1st blood!
    Is there fun tavern heroes?

  2. wala wei.. y always 6.67 ai release ooo... wer 6.68 o 6.69 ai... btw.. n1... maybe we can play this while we wait 6.68 o 6.69 ai jor... good job

  3. yay, time for some fun... even fun items will do...

    it's been too long ai maps are without fun stuffs...

  4. i've been missing these incremental maps

  5. I love this map....

  6. Where IS 6.68 AI ????

  7. we want 6.68 or 6.69 AI !!! haha
    Good Job!

  8. BMP is better than harekkeOctober 23, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    where is 6.68 Ai+? they said that BMP has retire,and replaced by harekke for the Ai+ map?then where is the 6.68 Ai map from harekke?just create 1 map then retire? --a"
    but..once again BMP show his skill for Ai+ map and add a fun..THANKS A LOT BMP!

    sorry,bad english

  9. Everytime I see an update on AI maps, I can't help but feel pissed at all those people who continue to press for faster updates and better AI.

    Icefrog, harekke, BMP and PleaseBugMeNot make these maps for the sake of the community. If the community isn't going to appreciate what they have done and demand for things to be done more quickly, I don't see any reason for them to continue working on it. What's the point of a hobby (yes, it's a hobby) if they're constantly being pressured to the point of annoyance?

    So for the sake of those who constantly churn out new things, please give it a rest and stop asking for the newer versions. It won't speed up the process. Helping them with it will.

  10. to above above me
    we don't ask you to read our comment..
    it's your own fault for reading it
    who cares if you pissed??

  11. I prefer shutting up and waiting for an update for (insert here anything that is going to be released soon.)

  12. Alief, here's a tip:

    It's the new dota. :)

  13. how to build items from fun shop...i buy all the requirements but still i cant

  14. the item is very imba..=D

  15. NOTE TO ALL:
    6.67c is the current stable version.
    So why waste time in making AI for unstable versions...

  16. for those who are still demanding 6.68ai, just wait!

    they are working on it. and right now i can already guess that some people, when 6.68 ai is released in public, they will ask for an 6.69 or 6.70 ai. jeez, some people just don't know how to wait coz they have no social lives at all, and there's a lot of things to do for pass time.

  17. how to create items from the fun shop? i cant :(

  18. where's the funshop... i could'nt find it

  19. If I recall correctly, pardon me if I accidentally gave wrong information.
    To create item from the fun tavern, all you have to do is type -fun at the beginning of the game. To use kappa, pretty sure you need to type -bastion when you could select your hero.

  20. ther is no fun traverns.

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    guys sign up using this link to enter this draw for some cool gaming stuff.... its real and its worldwide so everyone is welcome!!

  22. Where is the FUN TAVERN? Where are the FUN HEROES? In the FUN TAVERN?

  23. please fix barathrum first skill because there is a bug on it 6.67b ai ... pm me ( if it is already fix thnks best regard to the staff

  24. hoping that someone will add the rest of those fun heroes...thx anyway.

  25. wohoo hurray fun ai+ just like 6.59 this will definitely be fun

  26. Fun items list:

    1: Active: Deals damages equals to 100% of the caster's max HP, at the cost of 40% of your max HP
    2: Invert, passive: Give the wielder 25% chances when taking damage to be healed instead.
    3: Active: Shoot a light arrow dealing 1000 damages. Range: 9000
    4: Active: 600 manaburn on the target
    5: Active: Blink. Range 9000
    6: Passive: Max IAS, 100% chances ministun
    7: Passive: Regen
    8: Passive: No cooldown, no manacost. (Like wtf mode)
    9: Active: Pause every foes in a 500 aoe for 5s

  27. its so incredible ultimate power ah i am impressed i download it and im playing now amazing .67b AI -fun w0w

    add me on fb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. wow thats great....

  29. each item is wicked cool ha3 had so fun playing with this map...thanks for the map!!! haven't been enjoying playing this much for a while now

  30. please help i cant create fun items....

    i have all items example buriza satanic and relic but i cant combine them

    i tried with -fun, bot nothing is happening

  31. The fun mode doesn't work

  32. yo overflow you shoulda do some changes on the fun items receipe. its wasted for the previous items' abilities wasted

  33. is there dun travern?????????????/

  34. GOD MODE.... make it easy to finished the game. where's the fun??? my friend said that not interesting fun

  35. were can i find "kappa" ??

  36. after u type a mode like '-apneng'.. then wait until u be able to select hero..n then type -bastion n then u got that turtle..-_-

  37. I cant find the download button

  38. can you help me finding the download button???

  39. well for all who have problem with fun version

    you can download here:

    when the game begins if you want to use custom(fun) items you need to type -fun before selecting the game mode.

    For example you type:

    if you want to use the custom hero bastion after you select the game mode you use -bastion and you get the "turtle"

    And one last ting there are not new taverns to pick up heroes, and the secret shop for the custom items is located in the right bottom of the map deep in the trees. After you use -fun mode it will revile automatically. You dont need receipt for them just buy required items

  40. Where i can download the map

  41. can you give me the components of each item in fun shop please ..


  42. Message from Cheats S30SCI Movie: Great job for this post, someday I hope that I will be like you.

  43. uhm , excuse me , where is the fun tavern? the fun heroes?

  44. @^ type -fun
    then wadever game modes u want -ap,ar.
    The fun Tavern will appear at the bottom right of the map

  45. i completed the items why it is not combined to the secret items?

  46. I love this map, a very impressive look. Have only downloaded it for myself :)

     pdf viewer

  47. Hello there! Did you manage to execute all the settings of this portal all by yourself or you asked for some help?

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