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Gyrocopter Guide | Aurel Vlaicu Guide, Strategy & Build

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Guide, Strategy & Build. Aurel Vlaicu is a unique hero from Sentinel which has many active skills as an Agility hero. This post will provide you with the Gyrocopter Skill Description, the Gyrocopter Guide, the Gyrocopter Strategy, the Gyrocopter Item Build and the Gyrocopter Skill Build.

Raised amongst the dwarven mining clan, Aurel grew up with a fascination for making things explode. Such tendencies were considered healthy in the mining society as a dwarf's skill with explosives determined his pay, his rank and of course, his popularity amongst the females. Unlike the rest of the clan however, Aurel sought to use his skills for more than just blowing up rocks. By combining controlled detonations with thick metal to direct their force, Aurel is able to create everything from engines to missles. Excited to be able to put his inventions to the test, Aurel's presence on the battlefield promises to be a blast!

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Skill Descriptions

Hero Class: Gyrocopter

Hero Name: Aurel Vlaicu

Affilation: Sentinel

Strength: 18 + 1.8
Agility: 24 + 2.4 (Primary)
Intelligence: 23 + 2.1

Attack Range: 375
Movement Speed: 305
Starting Armor: 2
Starting Damage: 41-51

Rocket Barrage

Gyrocopter unleashes a massive salvo of rockets, striking random units in a 400 aoe. Fires 30 rockets over 3 seconds.

Damage per rocket: 10/13/16/19
Duration: 3 seconds
Cooldown: 6.5
Manacost: 90

Note: The rockets can only hit units you have vision over.

This skill looks awesome, multiple rocket is launched from you. However, the damage is pretty small if you got many enemies around you. If you wanna kill enemy hero with this skill, make sure he is alone. Also a good skill for push/farm.

Homing Missile

The Gyrocopter launches a homing missile that will follow the target until it impacts. The missile is inactive for 3 seconds upon launch and then begins slowly accelerating towards the target. Stuns the target for 2.5 seconds and deals damage based on how much it traveled. The missile can be destroyed by 3 attacks from a hero or tower.
Maximum damage is dealt at 2000 distance traveled (doesn't increase beyond that distance)

Maximum Damage: 100/200/300/400
Stun Duration: 2.5
Cast Range: 1050

Cooldown: 20/17/14/11
Manacost: 120/130/140/150

Note: Towers do half damage. Enemy has vision over the rocket once it starts moving.

Pretty tricky skill. Make sure you cast this from behind a forest so your target won't notice it until they got hit. The stun is always 2.5 seconds, but the damage is depends from how far the missile traveled.

Flak Cannon

The Gyrocopter enables all of its cannons, allowing its attacks to strike all enemies in a 800 aoe. Lasts for a limited number of attacks or 15 seconds. Does not work with illusions.

Your attack range is still limited to 375 range.

Attacks: 3/4/5/6
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 20

Maybe this is the only skill that suggest Gyrocopter as a carry hero. You should take this only when you got enough already damage items. This skill is really great for farming and pushing. Take it on mid/late game.

Call Down

The Gyrocopter launches two missiles at the targeted area. The first missile strikes in 2 seconds, followed by the second missile at 4 seconds. Enemies in the area when a missile strikes are damaged and slowed.

Primary Missile Damage: 250/300/350
Primary Missile Slow: 20%
Primary Missile Slow Duration: 2

Secondary Missile Damage: 100/150/200
Secondary Missile Slow: 50%
Secondary Missile Slow Duration: 3

Cast Range: 1000
AOE: 400
Cooldown: 55/50/45
Manacost: 125

Note: The visual warning indicator is visible for allies only. The enemies can see the rockets fly out of you though.

Pretty neat ulti, maybe work well if you can hold the enemies with Black Hole or other skill so the enemies will got hit with the second missile.

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Skill Build

Level 1: Homing Missile
Level 2: Rocket Barrage
Level 3: Homing Missile
Level 4: Flak Cannon
Level 5: Homing Missile
Level 6: Call Down
Level 7: Homing Missile
Level 8: Rocket Barrage
Level 9: Rocket Barrage
Level 10: Rocket Barrage
Level 11: Call Down
Level 12: Flak Cannon
Level 13: Flak Cannon
Level 14: Flak Cannon
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Call Down
Level 17-25: Stats

Here is my initial skill build for the Gyrocopter. Homing Missile is taken and maximize first because it will be your nuke and stunner at the same time. Rocket Barrage will be the next skill because it offers you area nuke which can work well if the enemy alone.

Call Down is every time you can because it gives you area damage as well as slow. Flak Cannon is taken last because you will need some items to boost your damage to make it useful. This skill is really great for farming, pushing and giving area damage.

Feel free to contribute in the comment section :)

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Item Build

1. Buy an Empty Bottle
2. Get Boots of Speed
3. Buy a Wraith Band
4. Finish Arcane boots
5. Helm of the Dominator

Aurel's core item should be like this:

Empty Bottle - a must have item for ganker like aurel. It's fast-regen HP and mana really helpful to get him ready for gank everytime you want.

Arcane Boots - Boost your movement speed as well as your mana pool. Good for solving his mana problem for entire game. Help your friend to spam their skills too.

Wraith Band - Bonus stats means bonus HP, mana, and damage.

Helm of the Dominator - Survivability is one of Aurel's lack. It's +5 armor and 15% lifesteal will cover it up. And +20 damage for the bonus.

Power Treads - An alternative to arcane boots. Give some stats, MS, and AS. Good for increasing your dps but will reduce your spell usage cause your limited mana. But its not a problem cause you can change it onto int Treads.

Poor Man's Shield - Add some agl stats. Plus damage block for aurel's survivability.

Magic Wand - Useful when there are some spell spammers on enemy's side. You get some attributes too.

Lothar's Edge - You can add this to your core items. Use windwalk to surprise your target until they die. Cast Homing Missile, sneak behind them, stun, attack while you're invisible will add +125 bonus damage, and show the rest of your skills to them. You can use it to escape too.

Kelen's Dagger - Same strategy with windwalk. Also can be an escape mechanism.

Luxury late game items for Aurel:

Linken's Sphere - For counter the massive damage of enemy's single spell. Like Laguna Blade or Finger of Death.

The Butterfly - Agl stat, damage, AS, and evasion. The best item suited for Agl hero like Aurel to be more dangerous for the last phase of the game.

Manta Style - Your Mirror Image will confuse your opponent and will add bonus damage as well. The other good things about this item are stats, AS, and MS.

Ethereal Blade - A situational item. When you realize that your stun is no longer enough to slow down your fast target.

Black King Bar - Anti Spell item. Cast Avatar to show your bigger ass to opponent's magic users.

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Strategy
You can pick this hero when you want to be ganker or carry.

You need to be supported by:
- Disabler:
You need their skill to stun or disable the movement of your target so you can land your 550 damage ulti.
- DPS Hero:
Your homing missile will make them happy to land their hits as much as they want.

Beware of his counter:
- Disabler + mass damager:
They will make you crash to the ground easily.
- DPS Hero:
You ganked, you die. That's why you really need Lothar or Dagger.


When the battle begin, you must choose to go mid alone. So you can get your level higher than everyone who laning with partner. Try to harass your opposing hero and dominate the lane. With boots and bottle in your pocket, you can try to gank the lower level hero. Use the combo to get the kill. If you can, target hero with no escape mechanism, it will increase your chance to kill. You need to own this phase of the game. So gank and kill as many as you can.

Mid phase of the game is rather hard for Gyrocopter. But if you can own the previous phase, you will have enough money to buy some useful item. You are semi-carry in this game, so you will depend on items. Remember not to die, play safe with stick to your friend, and always gank with them. It's okay if you don't get the kill as long as you can survive. Don't forget to farm and push the lanes between gank. On this point, your Flak Cannon should get some levels for easy farming.

If late game start, it only means your team not fast enough to push and get Frozen Throne/ Tree of Life. Your skills are not as effective as they were. It will hard to gank anymore. Always follow your team, cause without your team you're only a flying creep. At this phase, your job is stun and slow when the teams clash, and push the lanes using your Flak Cannon. You are very very fragile and weak in this phase, so if you still want to own the game, finish this game before late game happen.

Based on: Playdota Guide

This post contain Aurel Vlaicu Guide & Build - The Gyrocopter Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Gyrocopter forums.

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  1. 2nd blood! -ezl-™

  2. Looks like a terrible hero
    Icefrog is running out of ideas sadly

  3. this hero has very good skills.. nice icy. :)

  4. gg for -wtf mode rofls

  5. used him alot in the few games.. bkb and attacker builds are pretty good for him

  6. i just played him 2ce.. make this :
    wrath/ bracers
    arcane boots/ phase boots + perse

    GG and u can farm imba as welll... just spam 1st and 3rd pwrs.. and cane..

  7. you fail mooolkey skadi and his third skill dont stack

  8. too imba la..the rocket take 300dmg at lvl1 nia

  9. skadi does stack with 3rd skill moron

  10. BES NEW HERO IVE EVER PLAY.....dagger, ,orchid,phase boots..walao weeyyy...dis hero use too many mana..dats y use dis hero...<3..=D

  11. I've played it today to , i've tryed various builds on him but the best would be (for me so far that worked) phase boots + linken + buriza and a bracer or 2 didn't get to play late game with him sadly

  12. this hero is fucking gay shit, one imba plane

  13. not good character..

  14. the GUYS or maybe GAYS that are saying this hero is not good, well all i can say is that, they don't really know how to play DOTA, dumbass...

  15. sucky skills... missle , missle, missle and missle..=.="

  16. nice for one on one. not to sure how it'll fare in team battle

    1. his call down would give you hell hes good on killing and assisting team player

  17. Funny heroes,are they new heroes? or new clowns? ,..Cool anyway, at least there is an improvement. Dont ask for more... JUST PLAY!!!!

  18. item build for mine is:
    1. threads
    2. MKB
    3. Butterfly
    4. Guinsoo
    5. lothars edge
    6. radiance

  19. strong hero!!!!
    I lik this so much!! dagger for him then own..xDD
    agree...for those say this hero is not good, mean they are not good in DOTA too.

  20. == it's only missles missles and missles cause it's main theme is missles and mech ==

  21. u can bet that this hero is probably gonna be nerfed a bit

  22. I would go Lothars Treads MKB Bfly AC And Some Type of HP.

  23. this hero is so those who don know how to play this hero juz go back home n eat shit

  24. arcane boots (for use first skill without worrying about running out of mana)
    3x bracer (for life, since he is very fragile)
    lothar (...)
    eye of skadi (the only item that works without canceling third skill)
    if you get up here, sell the bracers (one by one)
    and make buriza, buterfly (in that order)
    , ok, now you got: arcane bots, lothar, eye of skadi, buriza and buterfly
    if you do not win the game with all this
    or you are noob
    or your team is shit :D

  25. i prefer:


    last radiance..

  26. ganking with thread,dagger,orchid,BKB...

    this hero is going to be nerf...

  27. Gyro lane with tinker wahahahaha

    1. Putang Ina Ninyo
      Mga Putapeteng Noobs

  28. ive done with this hero is....

    or remove the satanic make it skadi or tarass

  29. watch me jennifer ilac!!!!!

  30. jennifer didn't know how to count heroes!!!nyahaha..uppat brad

  31. just put 6 ironwood branch imba's!!!!!!!!shitbox

  32. just play DORA not DOTA...diba jennifer I.....

  33. etheral blade was suited from him promise! and actually the arcane boots was made because of him...

  34. Heyy this is the build.

    1.) Power Treads ( Agi )
    2.) Orchid of Masevolence
    3.) Manta
    4.) Heart of Tarrasque
    5.) Lothar Edge or Kellen's Dagger

    For imba build

    all orb effects.

    try the VENOM ITEM. in the 1st game.

    TNX. my NAME is OMGzzz.

  35. way too fucking OP, seriously. I have not used him, but one of his spells [not ulti] is just ridiculous. Had a shitty gyro on my team, 5 levels lower than everyone else, and like 1-7, and he goes, uses that spell and gets a double kill, wtf??

  36. i think this hero nothing does'nt like ancient apparition(before his ulti delay increase)its very imba hero ... it's making hard when we want to push a line ..cause his ulti just 20 second delay.. and it's make an enemy got they life dying quickly..

  37. those who keeps complaining are just plain noobs...

  38. noo!!!! u just need 6bottles and damn!!!! you win the game xD so imba guys xDxD

  39. Mine is :

    Power treads
    Monkey king bar
    lothars edge / kelens dagger
    Eye of skadi


  40. Ulti is a killer.
    use homing activate rocket barage and blink to your opponent and use call down

  41. ..waahhh this hero has a good farming skills.. heheehehehe...

  42. icefrog use the fun tavern models that should be good to have new heroes with good models it should be fun to play dota like proudmore clockwerk invoker lanaya i like those model that you use just a suggestion tnx

  43. ohw... howd ya like his skills?? imba... lmao

  44. hahahaha..he's so cute.. ilike his nose..hahaha,..his skills are good for combos..hahaha..

  45. You imbas out der.... dis character is good for KS.... lmao :)

  46. eye of skadi stacks with the heli's 3rd skill.... -.-

  47. I have to complain about your skillbuild. You should take Flak Cannon in early game. Not for farming but harassing purposes. New enemy creep wave incoming, activate skill, stand so you are able to shoot your enemy and pwn! ;)

  48. I think his name gives a clue of Iceforg's nationality cause his name is an airport in Romania.

  49. hmmm nice hero for me.. my build is just simple..
    1.power treads

  50. "The 1 who said that this hero is a bad idea and Icefrog is running out of 'em is absolutely correct". THIS IS BULL****!

    I love all 4 of 'em and especially Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter. They ain't no imba and their skills are fresh and not copied from an older hero. Not to mention that the skill build that is written above is absolutely right. GO GO Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter!

  51. don't u think that he looks a bit like sniper?both the skills and his appearance too. Now my build is:

    1xArcane Boots(he is a nuker with little mana)
    1xEtheral Blade(it's like that item was built for him) if game isn't over yet i don't really know what item to get next. it's ur choice plz say sth about my item build.

  52. "2xWraiths
    1xArcane Boots(he is a nuker with little mana)
    1xEtheral Blade(it's like that item was built for him) if game isn't over yet i don't really know what item to get next. it's ur choice plz say sth about my item build."

    decent build.. but i suggest u put in some items that gives him extra HP or defense... seeing as you need to be close to the enemy to use his full potential... but dats just me. :)

  53. i don't think it was good build.. lots of people had the same build as urs. fail.

  54. My build on this character is:
    Phase Boots

  55. Lothars Manta Burzia(OR)Monkey King Bar Butterfly Satanic Treads.

    Done. GG

  56. pt
    mkb, orcid, cuiras, (mjolnir > can't use in flack mode)(optional)

  57. A lot of the builds here are impossible to make in the avarage game unless your opponent fails terribly... I think the "2x wraiths, 1x Arcane Boots and 1x Ethereal Blade" comes close to the core build for Gyro. Instead of the 2x wraiths I'd go for Bracers and a Dagger would do great aswell.

  58. Here's the most awesome build of xenon1318 from GG Philippines:

    Early Game
    [Must have]
    Arcane Boots
    3 Wraiths(for killing) or Bracers (for more HP)

    Mid Game:
    Arcane Boots
    Vanguard (also for Hp)
    Kelen's Dagger or Lothar's Edge

    and Lastly for Late Game:
    Boots of Travel
    Heart of Tarasque
    Kelen's Dagger or Lothar's Edge
    Assault Cuirass


  59. I think xenon's build was great!!!
    Bracer, Vanguard and Tarasque fits for Gyro coz of the low hp .... HAHAHA

    I'll mark that as a THUMBS UP!!

  60. yep aala items hain mai ne is pr
    5)lother's edge
    and lastly
    6)heart of tarasque
    aren't these items imbaaa.............

  61. Treads (Agi), Butterfly, Desolator... owning... No time for more items cuz the game is over :D

  62. Treads (agi),Vanguard, Butterfly, Desolator... owning... No time for more items cuz the game is over :D

  63. Fucking hero just know how 2 absorb damage from enemies...
    if you match diz to a aggressive type you will definitely end your game..

    LOL ^^

  64. IMMO...

    Lothar(instead of dagger)

    Lothar>Dagger because he can use his rocket from afar(more dmg) and then aproach the enemy,and also lothar's not disabled by radiance

  65. pt

    and then you can buy it any item, even 3bottle..xDD

  66. weak naman kau ehh

  67. Item build ko ay
    2.Ethereal Blade
    4.Assault Cuirass
    5.Lothars Edge
    Add nyu ako sa GG lvl 18 ~|cffff0000SeTh

  68. Item build ko ay
    2.Ethereal Blade
    4.Assault Cuirass
    5.Lothars Edge
    Add nyu ako sa GG lvl 18 ~|cffff0000SeTh
    good stat but i say heart instead of manta

  69. another hero based out of league of legends... shadow demon and now also this, based from corki of LOL.

  70. Another Hero from LOL? You noob! Gyrocopter is a popular airstriker of human campaign from W3 TFT. Before LOL there's W3, so who copied in the first place? You NOOB!

  71. ahhhhh!!! divine at lvl 6 >.<

  72. My Item Build for this guy was

    Satanic/Helm of Dominator
    Treads (Agi)

    I dunno if it'll help you but it certainly helped me.

  73. gay builds guys..

    treads/arcane whichever suites you

    Dagger, never lothars for the reason that this hero is not made to start a clash but to damage in a clash... BTW lothars is useless since his homing do not have a long cast range..

    Ether blade. just like kardel. ^^ Time the homing hit with ether.

    SnY.. Attack speed and health.

    BKB if you want survival...

    i like playing tricks with heroes.. and IMO lothars is for gay, i play a dagger type troll. Weew!!

  74. BTW i must add another core item for this guy... Force staff-homing-ether combo followed by dagger-ulti.. Chase with 1st and damage with 3rd.. Cool effects!! hahaha!!

  75. how about if he play 1 on 1 with omninight?
    i onece play with him but i lose.....^_^
    omninight always used his immunity powers?
    de.....can win till he is fat?

  76. like gyrocopter but it so many mana

  77. putangina ang bumastos kay gyrocopter

  78. whos now i like gyrocopter but make it 2nd skill faster and third skill make it better and gyrocopter all skill to many mana

  79. he is a nice guy especially the missile it is awesome(:p
    this hero is a hero i.e he will die but make every 2 die lol items
    1 he lacks mana so arcane boots
    2 he needs damage +bash so mkb
    3 he needs evasion so butter fly
    4 he needs hp so hearts
    5 he needs escaping or initiating item lothars is the best than dagger cuz he is not a ganker he is only hit one at a time :p
    6 i forgot this his missile will do massive damage wen i make a etheral blade

  80. ur an imba if u build dagger it sucks man maybe if lothars i'll agreee, ur a certified IMBA PLAYER!!!!

  81. don't forget euls because it have a great synergy with your ultimate

  82. ===!, Flak Cannon, a 100% cleave in 3-4-5-6 shots for a cost of 50 mana, That skill really makes DK's dragon form lv 2 sucks. Think about it, DK has to train till lv 11 to have a 100% cleave while the gyro could do a 100% cleave at lv 1 =.= . Seriously, the only range-cleave that can compare with this dude is templar's psi-blades, and it only goes in a straight line, not to mention her mellee-like "140 range" T.T

  83. My Item:
    arcane boots
    sange and yasha
    kelen dagger

    test this

  84. refresher orb work well for him
    2x ult

  85. Morons, gyrocopter is a great hero if not used by noobs like you

  86. haha your weak also men pak u

  87. ang bobo naman ng mga item niyo!!!!!!!!!
    dapat ito yung item
    1.Phase Boots/travel
    2.eterial blade
    ultra mega grycopter!!

  88. i prefer this items for pro
    1.phase boots/Bot
    2.dagger/lothars = combo w/ ur 2nd skill when it hit. dagger then use ulti + 1st skill = gg = u have ur 1st skill O.o u nid this items because u will start the gank. and u nid HP
    4.guinso/orchid = guiso for HEX ! duh? love this item. orchid for silence so u can avoid STUN X)
    6.shivas = it gives u armor, mana regen + SLOOW ENEMIES X)

    for early game. i prefer u should go mid. and farm till u get dagger. use bottle + bird. so that u maintain good life and mana. MID so that u can easily gank. USE UR 2nd SKILL DUDE O.o.

    u can add me @ fb

    thx X)

  89. eterial dW? Etheral p0..haha..

  90. my balanced build:

    URN. he'll be in a team battle so often. helps for early hp too. if your one of your teammates is a better urn holder then buy a bottle

    arcane boots. then upgrade to arcane ring, and then teleboots

    lothar and manta

    butterfly/ethereal blade. depends on the situation

  91. vladmir is the best one for gyrocopter

  92. BatleFury is nice too for gyrocopter
    LOL XD

  93. DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  95. please update.. need to know about the strategy

  96. Maybe someday I will be a good gamer in this game

  97. bote...ironwood X3 tango X6....un k na..tsaka bird para hanap ups..

  98. the skill build sucks...the condition for the 2nd skill is far tooo risky...the homing missle can just be destroyed in 3 hits. where as theh 3rd skill offers longer range + splash damage - the damage's the best Cleaving skill there is...gyrocopter's role should be DPS...3rd skill + dd = total ownage

  99. 1.linken sphere
    2.shivas guard
    3.etereal blade
    5.bloodstone/maelstorm if u want
    6.wood branch ^^

  100. tread
    refresher orb
    lothar edge
    manta orb


  101. this is a weak hero

  102. I disagree with the first skill pick, yes the stun is awesome but I got several first bloods with the rocket storm on a lonely hero. Even strength based ones (I was playing 1v1 too so he had extra bracers and stuff)

  103. He's awesome.

    Flak Cannon can kill as many as infinite creeps during its attacks. I can earn up to $2000 in 2 min

    Rocket Barrage cooldown is good. Can use while moving and retreating.

    The only problem is he focus his stats on agility and intelligence making him fragile.

  104. try my build(try 1st comment later PLEASE) or phase boot
    3.Aghanim Scepter

  105. my 1st time play build(owning too,against noob maybe :S )
    1.we phase him into boot boot(phase boot),later on i switch into bot
    2.preseverance so we got damage,not to forget mana and hipoint regeneration,not quit remember what it be after that,maybe linken
    4.aghanim since another gay rocket after techno freak goblin(not techies ahahaha!),get it as fast as u can,or faster as faster faster can get u can(wtf!)
    5.radiance is need-ed if u own the game and better not dream to have it if u feed the game,aim sumthing better!
    5.1.i hate to say, i have this and sell it on game,it is dagger...(i used it more to blink in into clash, not to blink out,so i sell it!)
    6.the weirdess and it works! the item named dagon,i set my missile ,i go in then dagon target followed by rocket spamming every 7 sec.the result is i died when attemp to kill...i miss type there i still manage to set up my ulti and KILL the enemies(only 2 were killed,the word 'enemies' is not relevant at all' :O )

    so the game ended at level .21.result:my team lose :P

  106. my build on this hero was simple..

    a bracer, vanguard and treads..

    then lothars and MKB..(of course i farmed a lot and didnt join early clashes for me to to have less kills and more farming) then butterfly..
    and after that . . .GG !! my build depends on the heroes you are about to fight with..but this build is great. . .for me .


  107. Alvian AdhiprasetyaJuly 5, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    well . . nice . .
    i'd rather null, magic wand, arcane, bottle, and eul . . .
    that's all . . and you own the game . .
    (my alternative: phase boot, dagger/force staff)

  108. its nice to now that gyro was a good hero

  109. aint the 3rd skill orb effect, why helm of dominator?

    1. ok i'll answer you're question why Helm of Dominator? ok so orb effect skill's when you used orb effect item/item's the effect won't stack right??? but that was on the old version when u use helmn of dominator it would give you life steal but when u use the third skill the life steal won't effect until your skill wears off

  110. Treads/Phase Boots
    Ethereal Blade

  111. .Phase Boots/travel
    2.eterial blade

  112. 1st: gyro is very low on strength (HP), 2nd: the H o D only works on regular attacks, the effects doesn't work when Flak Canon is on

  113. No Aghanim's scepter?

  114. if you think him as weak  then your weak

  115. thats wrong punk

  116. this dota blog rocks!!!!!

  117. my build is
    Etherael blade
    if there are weak heroes fragile then you can consider swapping HoT for a buriza get euls early if you want to gain more experience EoS is important to kill this is like a carry/caster build to always use spells to harrass try this

  118. HoD is a waste in my opinion better is a simple ring of regen and save fro something better

  119. Usually I get a bracer, a ring of aquila, and arcane (unless I want to save for BoT). Next core items are BKB and Aghanim's. (BKB lets you survive teamfights so you can spam all your skills. Aghanim's gives you global cast range on your ulti, so don't forget to use it!) Then take Butterfly to make flak awesome. Optional items: Manta, Ethereal, Veil, Urn, Heart, and Lothar's. Items NOT to buy, since they cancel flak cannon: MKB or any orb.

    The guy who made this guide says not to take flak cannon till late game, but IMHO that's a terrible mistake. Flak is very low cd and mana cost, and has a pretty decent range even at low levels. I use it to farm and harrass in the early game, and I almost always end up dominating my lane and sending enemies back several times to heal at their fountain. Position gyro behind the line of enemy creeps, then hit flak cannon. The heroes will have to stand so far back to avoid getting hit that they won't even get XP. The mana cost on this skill is so low that you can spam it with just a sobi mask.

    Also, buy observer wards! You're a bit flimsy, so the one thing you don't want to do is get ambushed by several enemies while farming.

    With BKB, Gyrocopter is the ultimate teamfighter. I usually get scores around 11-5-25 with this build. Support your team and enjoy the ownage!

  120. i played gyrocopter once he is an easy to use hero in all kinds of situation ok so my build for him would be:
    The Butterfly
    Aghanims Scepter
    Black King Bar
    Lothar's Edge
    Power Threads

    gyro is both killer and supporter he is at first well soft when it comes to armor but does hell of a damage can farm easily and kill when you reach lvl.2 well that's for me

    the best partner for gyrocopter would be enigma black hole + call down = shit! da fuq and total RAMPAGE you can kill 3-5 heroes easily with enigma around :D

  121. you all are forgetting about aghanims scepter!

  122. my build is


    GG ;)

  123. my build is


    GG ;)

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