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DotA - Unwavering Resolve | Nice Dota Video!

We've got another nice Dota video here ;) Thanks to .|c000000ffJK who kind enough to posted DotA - Unwavering Resolve in our forums. I hope this video can bright up your life and help you start this week with a smile ^^

Video Highlights
0.00: tYranEE going rampage with one Tidebringer slash
0.43: KuroKy's Tiny taking on four
1.05: Yamateh shows why Force Staff is good for Techies

1.18: Puppey's Techies firing at will
1.28: Artstyle's Enigma capped an escaping Beastmaster
1.42: tYranEE triple killing with Shadow Fiend at the brink of death
3.00: The Nevermore Dance
3.33: 1 Requiem of Souls damages twice?
4.15: Great Tiny toss
5.05: Lacoste's Puck escapes with low hit points.
5.26: Lacoste's Vengeful swap saves Shadow Fiend
5.41: Pugna and Tidehunter versus five
6.19: Yamateh extremely close dodge from the axes.
6.36: Dagger Puck versus Skeleton King

Enjoy the new movie! :)

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  1. kingsurf the best!!!!!! KS rules!!!

  2. wow.
    awesome video.there is no such word like LUCKY OR something.


  3. Ultra Kill? =P

    Anyway this video is nice...Player inGame also nice..=]

  4. too good mate. the pugna and last puck action were the best

  5. whesker(yasser1680)April 6, 2010 at 4:22 PM


    pls insert vidoe link or make vidoe's file for easy download. this is better. thank you.

  6. @above
    yeah, i was wondering if there is any HD version of this that can be downloaded.

  7. Help Me help Me PLZZ
    Skin for Smartlunch 4.1 Client
    For Download.

  8. Can anyone help me how to show word "...has skilled Toss (leve4) or ...has skilled Star Falls (level4)?" because it will be usefull when in use in OMG, plz help me anyone who know how to show that word in dota, tq

  9. Observers can only see those "words" that show which skill has been raised.

  10. Only observers can see those "words"

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.