Dota 6.67c Bugs, Exploit & Abuse | Dota 6.67 Linken's Rune Bugs on Puck and Morphling - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.67c Bugs, Exploit & Abuse | Dota 6.67 Linken's Rune Bugs on Puck and Morphling

Dota 6.67c Bug, Exploit & Abuse - Linken's Bug on Puck and Morphling. Looks like Dota 6.67c still has some bugs that's abusable. This time, using Puck and Morphling you could have a new rune, Linken's Sphere rune! To reproduce it, you must have Linken's Sphere on Puck or Morphling. However, it's easier to reproduce on Puck.

How to reproduce Dota 6.67c Linken's Bug on Puck:

1. Buy Linken's Sphere and level up Phase Shift.
2. Drop Linken's Sphere and move a little bit from it.
3. Pick the Linken's Sphere by right click on it.
4. While still moving, hold shift and click Phase Shift.
5. Tadaaa! You got a Linken's Sphere rune! ;)

The Linken's rune will 20 seconds cooldown, credits to Kuarinofu. And below is get the Linken's rune using Morphling. Thanks NoobDota!

Have fun before IceFrog decide to fix it :)

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  1. lol awesome!
    will try it out
    thanks for the tip

  2. Too Many Bug On 6.67*s

  3. Does the linken rune actually works? I cant pick it.
    Tripple kill!!!

  4. RRRRRAAAAMPAGGEEEE yeah i did it ;)
    nice bug <3 it

  5. cant pick it up can bottle it what is the use then ???

  6. I think it's not a bug bcause of Linken's mechanic and you can do this trick in previous version

  7. cant pick it up. cant bottle it...

  8. There was a big effort in 6.60 to eliminate the linkens 'rune' bug. Looks like one (or more) still slipped through. :)

    If you manage to grab one (linkens rune), it applies a spell block buff to your hero and dispels upon the first block. Linkens (item) works the same way except it auto-casts the buff again after the cooldown.

  9. Thx for putting my vid on ur page alief :D
    also the link to my youtube page is this one

    using alotta time now to try to make a cumpilation

  10. storm can do it also
    just pick it up when using storm's ulti

  11. AM mana break is not working at lvl 1 n lvl2

  12. erm.. what good can this bug do?

  13. this bug is old already.
    it also does nothing..
    in fact, it does negative things to you. (by chance! LOL)

    it triggers the linken's sphere magic block
    so ur actually vulnerable to magic. haha (e.g. from zeus' wrath)

    u cant even bottle it. and the description is from double damage.

    no good for that.

  14. how about some bugs that actually work :D? that u can use

  15. that bug could happen in the later versions..
    only in the later versions it is like a double damage rune.. only you can't use it..
    still this much is helpful..
    thanks for the post!

  16. if i use version switcher, i am now 1.24.2... so after i switch to 1.24.4, am i able to switch back using the same switcher? or need to dl 1.24.2 switcher to switch back?

  17. ...did u save ur 1.24.2?u nid to save it into .zip file.which allow u from ANY version to switch into saved version do 1.24.4 ,save it into .zip(if u dled latest version i think i included which mean u no nid to dl again or make new one again).then simply click on switch version and there will be option for you to chose which version did you like more.

  18. i think damage doesnt increase when morphling pick that rune up

  19. this bug can be found also in 6.66 map by means of astral travel of obsidian....
    to do it buy a linken,,then obsidian destroyer must be your teammate and ask him to use astral in you and taraaan linken sphere rune appears...
    to pick it u must have one empty slot and look at your status...

  20. you CAN! pick it up and it lasts forever (or until it blocks a spell)

    [just go closer to it before u right click it!]

  21. faceless void can also do it..

  22. that's not all! the naga siren can get stuck between trees when using its mirror image skill, you wont get attacked with melee but you will with ranged

  23. oh yeh and scorpion king will get a sand storm that moves with it but i dont know how to do it, i remember it involved radiance

  24. Cool bugs! don't really helpful though... :)

  25. anonymous how about lanaya?
    lanaya can kill roshan?

  26. stupid.. ^ he said anonymous while a lot of players go by the name of anonymous! what the fuck are you trying to pull off man? fucking retards!

  27. i once did alleria's ultimate to work infinite ! i dont know how i done that btw ... she was permanently with the focus fire .. attacking any target !

  28. Raijin have this bug too. The method is same with Morphling's. Manta's Style , Linken Sphere.

    Ball of Lighting then Manta equal whoosh " Linken Rune"

  29. may i know how to capture the rune? i try and try but doesnt work the infinite bottle..

  30. hahaha now that i knew this bug,
    perhaps i should use puck all the time when i playin' dotA online?

  31. Kupu-Kupu?
    Funny name

  32. kupu-kupu means butterfly in malay.

  33. not in malay, but Indonesia

  34. the Malay and Indonesian language are almost the same. so Kupu-Kupu can be both malay and indonesian.



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