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Dota-Blog Forums are Open!

Hello guys! ^^
After several weeks working on it, i'm proudly present the Dota-Blog Forums! A new media that will help this blog grow as a nice place for Dota-Allstars community. I hope this forums can be a friendly and comfortable media to discuss about Dota. As a short introduction, here is some place that you should check :)

1. Tired after having Dota Match? Go to the Dota Lounge to chat and have a relaxing discussion.
2. Discuss your favourite hero with ease. Each hero have their own forums so you can have more focused discussion.
3. You can go to the Underground Bar and discuss "dangerous" things like bugs, exploit and other stuffs. Enter with your own risk! ;)
4. Beginner Help Desk will be a friendly place for those new to Dota and want to learn more. If you feel yourself a Pro and have a spare time, go to this forum and help the newbies growing :)
5. Do you play on Garena? You can discuss more about Garena on Garena Guild.
6. You can find a worthy opponent and arrange a match on the Death Match Rings.

And many more.. ^^ The forums is new and still growing it's member.  But you'd better be hurry before your favorite nickname is used by someone else :p If you have a friend, we'll happy if you introduce the forums. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Wow, this is interesting. Many things I wanted "other" DotA forums to have were exactly what's said here. I love it. =^)

  2. @CungPowCow - Thanks :) This forums is still new, so maybe we'll need some time until it work as intended :)

  3. honestly.. opening a new dota forum is a BAD idea as it is difficult to survive..


    in ur case having so many personal followers (including me :P), i guess you might do great..

    to proceed, try not to provide stuffs like other forums does.. n hell yes, finding exploits and bugs fast n share it on ur forum would be a great idea..

    the Underground Bar would be great.. looking forward to drop by and forum-ing with u guys as soon as im back to stable basis here as my final exam is just around the corner :)

    cheers alief.. all the best to dota-blog community :)

  4. owh.. btw, i got some basic background and experience on php's including phpnuke, sql database and of course the one ur using, phpbb.. if ur looking for scripts or addons, i can look it out for ya... just trying to share my expertise here :P

  5. Nice our own forum,
    nice one agin alief,

  6. @pluginbaby - Wow, thanks. Actually i'm pretty new on phpbb and having some difficulty on modifying it lol Surely i will take your offer, but maybe after your final exams :p

  7. I think there is no need for forum as we already have comment form. Don't you think?

  8. @anonymous - Yeah, i know that :) But the most important difference with the forums are you can create a topic there :) But of course if you only want to see news update, you can comment on this blog as usual :)

  9. hehehe nice work Alief ;D

  10. maybe after a blog u can also create own website for tools..why not create a facebook of dota community blog.....suggested only..Btw nice work on the new forum i also have register to that forum..hehe..

  11. Opening a separate forum is a bad thing imo. It is for everyone's best that they gather under the official forum which already has the highest members of all innumerous dota forums spread worldwide. Most importantly, there's nothing in dota-blog forum that is not present in official forums. By making a separate forum, we "separate" people from rest of the dota community. Just my 2 cents though, I'm against this forum. =/

  12. happy eid mubarak to you alief and all muslims on dota-blog ..

  13. Thanks, i already joined the forums :D

  14. i want 10 vs 10 dota map...

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  17. Meet Nerddy, a freshly graduated hero from a nearby school. Instead of practising fighting, he read alot of books. Among them are:-

    Economics of the Ancients
    Accounting Basics:Counting with Gold
    Towards Global Peace:A Blood-free Theory
    Ancient Psychological Manipulation Methods

    Below are his skills, hope you all like it:

    Nerddy the Bookworm (Dune Worm look-a-like dragging a thick book)

    Gold Throw(G)
    Nerddy throws gold and experience on nearby friendly units, increasing liquidity and efficiency. Everyone will spend more. Shops have to increase item supplies, reducing unemployment, ceteris paribus. Right click to auto-cast. (Only within 500 A.O.E)
    Level 1- adds 200 gold
    Level 2- adds 400 gold
    Level 3- adds 500 gold + 1/2 exp. lvl-up point
    Level 4- adds 600 gold + 1 exp. lvl-up point
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    Cooldown: 60

    Enemies would face difficulty purchasing items. Helps push up infant industries like itself to be more competitive in the industry. All item prices are increased permanently.
    Level 1- Items cost 5% more expensive
    Level 2- Items cost 10% more expensive
    Level 1- Items cost 15% more expensive
    Level 1- Items cost 20% more expensive
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    Cooldown: 3/2/2/1

    Nerd Aura(E)
    Any enemy who attacks Nerddy will be influenced to study because of it's thick book and knowledge. Enemies become more intelligent each time they hit Nerddy. Stackable and each hit last 10.2031 seconds
    Level 1- 10 damage reduction, +1 Int. point
    Level 2- 20 damage reduction, +2 Int. point
    Level 3- 30 damage reduction, +3 Int. point
    Level 4- 40 damage reduction, +4 Int. point
    Mana Cost: passive
    Cooldown: 0

    Nerddy's vast knowledge can also be used to destroy, if it is needed. By manipulating the economy, Nerddy can cut off item supplies to shops. All shops are affected and items become out of stock at random. Last 600 seconds.
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    Scepter upgradable :
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  18. WTF!
    THIS IS FUCKIN/FREAKIN idea,(but stupiddddly the above poster no suggest it on right site[ forum])

    gold throw is some kind of the gambler skill ,so change to this,(most of his skill related to business[why dun u change it to FUCKTARD BUSINESSMENNN]it more suitable)

    turn a smart looking into fucktard looks,
    target unit will be silence and life reduced 200hitpoint instead of damage(so its like guinsoo)

    Fast Learner Nerd,
    every creep killed,he gain 80%MORE EXP,
    it work on ancient to[like roshan],
    not work on hero-but it will give extra 120 gold instead of extra exp-

    Confusing Nerd!
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  19. hahah LoL
    this site is like

    very similar messages hahaha