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Dota 6.64b Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.64b News

Dota 6.64bDota 6.64b Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.64b Download News and Update. The recent release of Dota 6.64 contains some changes and balances. As usual, the changes can cause new bugs. So it will be natural to expect Dota 6.64b/Dota-Allstars 6.64b ^^ If you found something wrong and want to fix on Dota 6.64b, share it here ;)  All Dota 6.64b updates will be placed here :)

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  1. i hope that Icefrog change abbadon soundset from arthas soundset to original death knight hero soundset coz it sound so cool!!!!i hope icefrog do this like they did to windrunner

  2. lol the guy below me is a dumbshit

  3. ...and the guy above me eatshit

  4. Everyone above me is a cocksucker..

  5. I've found an exploit bug in 6.64, try ogre magi with force staff, you will get multicast more frequently, less 10% chance to not-multicasted. I've report it to icefrog, hopefully he fix it ASAP.

  6. there is some channeling spell which doesn't stop until u enter -unstuck
    for example enigma's black hole
    windrunner ulti even changing target
    rupture(not channeling) stays on the status of skeleton king even after dying(for the fist time) n status last until he actually die

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