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Dota 6.63b Bug and Exploits

Dota 6.64Dota 6.63b Bug and Exploits. The recent release of Dota 6.64 has fix and the same time publish the bug that exist on the previous version, Dota 6.63b. And here is some Dota 6.63b bug that can be game breaking: 

- Enchant able to take over Primal Split units
(Note: I always thought that this is intended -_-) 
- Linken Sphere cannot block Nerubian Assassin's Mana Burn
- Mjollnir's Static Charge being stackable  
- Glyph from affecting Tombstone
- Proximity Mines not triggering automatically on Scourge Towers like they do on the Sentinel ones
- Disassembling Mjollnir not giving the recipe

To prevent above bug, just simply use the new map ;)

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  1. Double Kill !!!...

    Humm... i didn't realize that the skill "Open Wounds"on 6.63's not working properly on non-hero units, so it can't target regular units.

  2. Triple Kill......

    GODLIKE @_@