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DotA - Luck is no Excuse

Do you ever lose a fight when your enemies only left with 10 hp? Well, you can call him lucky.. But if you see this movies, you will call that a PRO! Luck is no Excuse! This is a really great movies by Hex0r that show you many example of PRO prediction, map awareness and teamwork. Including denying each other at the same time! I give this video 5/5! ;)

One of my favourite scene is when Axe with 100 hp surviving from Zeus, Enchantress and Centaur(Dominated Neutral Creep) by juggling in the forest. And what makes it more fantastic is that he manage to turn the table and caused Zeus to death (alone) and also kill Enchantress with the help of Lion. Enjoy! 

PS: I already watch this 5 times ^^

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  1. im gonna comment so dat no loser will comment that their first....



  2. @above : congratulation.. ur 1st + 1st blood .. lol

  3. i guess dat meakes me 3rd...TRIPLE KILL!!! :P

  4. Rampage lol!
    Nice movie
    i'll watch it once i'm on a destop browser lol B-)

  5. Rampage lol!
    Nice movie
    i'll watch it once i'm on a destop browser lol B-)

  6. hurm,, not that im good at dota or anything,..
    im just a regular person wif normal dota skills...

    i,m not trying to flame u or start anything but...

    accepting luck as part of someone's strength is important..

    of coz the pros can read and timed their movement but in the end ,divine intervention is a force to be reckon with..

    sweaty palm,... flash lights and even bugs flying around is enough to throw a pro player off their balance...

    just stating my opinion...

    plz dnt be mad....

  7. @above - Why should i mad? :) Well, of course luck is also a part of the game. But those people showed that they winning their fight with the help of prediction not just pure luck ^^ But you also right, even the most pro player can have their bad luck right? ;)

  8. wow, very amazing video!!!

    i can learn something from the video!!!

    hoho, very top class teamwork and prediction,,

    how many years for me to take to be pro like that video??

    heheh, such a great video, hard to forget

  9. I just can say.....the AXE realy PRObrave........I like him...xD

  10. ^

    btw.. realy nice video, its great to have a great teamwork.. can easily pawn others team especialy those who weak in map awareness ;)

  11. Can we have something else other than ES and SK and their terrific stuns and ultis?

  12. alief, can u give me link replay for Prime Defending 10 Kingsurf vs mym??

    cant download from mymym site, give me 404 error,

    hopely mediafire link

  13. hey i did a lot of those moves in the video before and im not that pro either

  14. Hoho . Love the video .
    Learn New Thing About Sand King .
    Didn Noe That Is Possible [ The Last Part ] . Really . Nice Video . =]

  15. Wow! Wicked video!I Have never seen anything like that before! Just awesome! They all are imba pros!
    Can I get their autographs?!:)



    hope you enjoy btw to alief plz inform bmp to make ai for older versions ty


    Heroes of Newerth!

  18. hahaha
    ya very pro ooo.....
    last hit is not lucky but

  19. who is hexor???
    where I can battle with hexor team??

  20. lol juggernaut kills furion, its funny how the clip ends soon after, coz i could feel slardar pwning his noob ass soon after

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