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Dota 6.63 Loading Screen Wallpaper Version by Kunkka

Dota 6.63 Wallpaper Loading Screen
Dota 6.63 came with an epic new loadscreen. And today, Kunkka has just released the official wallpaper version of the Dota 6.63 loading screen (1024×768). To download the image, just click the image above to enlarge and save it. If you wanna say thanks to Kunkka,  go to this link :)

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  1. Wow Thanks!
    This is cooool~

    1st anyway :P

  2. thanks,and two the both of you u guys fucking suck for being first and second

  3. Nice ass on Akasha, and is that Blood Seeker getting burned by Jakiro?

  4. @Anonymous yes, that BloodSeeker getting burned by Jakiro ;)

    if you want, you can download this epic wallpaper with 1280 x 960 px. to the left of the deviantart page, just click on download. :)

  5. like the dragon tatoo at juggernaut back, kinda cool..

  6. someone note that little IceFrog on the map??? its around yurnero... lol

    Where is wally LOL

  7. Whoaaa.. I just realize that the flag that Yurnero carrying is IceFrog flag ^^

  8. its like an epic scene..thumbs-up!!! but i didn't like the fact that there are four nessaj..they sjould include RAIJIN too w/ an overload in his hands!!! ^^

  9. someone draw an madness Panda's(EARTH, STORM & FIRE) too in fight, im sure they will look cool for loading screen.. just my suggestion ;)

  10. I'm not really a fan of the left side. tiny doesn't looks scary and big, He looks malnourished and overall, not well-drawn. The rocks behind tiny are poorly done, totally amateurish ( relative to rest of the drawing). QOP looks like a melee fighter rather than a spell-caster, heavy on magic. I wish to see spells made by her or make her look enchanted and magical. And is that omniknight on the bottom-left? I think he's too dark-looking to be a warrior of light and holiness and ,again, like QOP, looks like a melee fighter lacking the magic side of him.

    The middle to right hand side,however, is very good. It's actually quite impressive. Totally an upgrade from the previous screen. Leagues better. You are very good in making "evil" forces and putting darkness in your drawing, to the expense of making the 'good and magical' heroes look inappropriately dark.

  11. after inverting the colour so far i could only see icefrog in the flag that yurnero holding.. is there any frogy??

  12. Awesome. Especially love the chaos knight(s) bearing down on the rest.

  13. GW Suka Krobelus sama hantun-hantunya
    Gilaaaa Keren banget !!!!

  14. Great one !! Love it =)

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