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Dota 6.61c Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.61c News

Dota 6.61cDota 6.61c Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.61c Download News and Update. IceFrog has just release Dota 6.61b to fix some major bugs on Dota 6.61. But it's highly possible another bug is exist and make Dota 6.61c released.

If you found bug that you wanna fix on Dota 6.61c, share it here ;)

Update : It's released! Download it on Dota-Allstars 6.61c post.

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  1. Somedays ago, I was playing with enchantress.
    against PL, riki and more two other heroes [the other had hexed me]
    smokescreen, guinsoo, more silence = DIED!
    when I respawned I get silenced for the rest of the game :S
    nothing removed the silence!
    hex, bloodrage, aphotic shield, even the death, don't removed that f*c*ing Silence XS
    [please resolve this f*c*ing bug]
    if you want to seea SS. please e-mail me:

  2. my linken doesnt work!!!!i tried it so many time!!!i lose that game!!!!sory idont hve the replay...but this is true!!!icefrog check it out!!!

  3. @^

    what patch are you using?? the stable in 1.23 now if u using the old 1 could lead to some bugs..

  4. consider enable crystal maiden to freeze batrider when he is flying

  5. if u reincarnate when the game ends you can control your hero still and kill the fountain without it fighting back

  6. the same bug appeared to luna in a game on 6.60..
    something happened and she was silenced until the end of game..

  7. my friend is using axe and he got silenced the whole game, the only silence in that game is death prophet's silence and riki smokescreen, but riki is in our own team.

  8. icefrog spelled 'supportive vestiments' instead of 'supportive vestments' in khadgar's pipe of insight description

  9. monkey king bar's hotkey is cropped while in your inventory

  10. ironwood branch's has incorrect DIS border.. maybe icefrog should make a new one

  11. ghost scepter should have a description

  12. try with -unstuck

  13. the tauren chieftain stun is bugged i think. the 5 second stun still stays on u even if u get hit by a hero. shouldnt u get unstunned if a hero hits u