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Dota 6.60b 6v6 Ver.1 Map - Dota-Allstars 6v6

Dota 6.60b BugDota-Allstars 6.60b 6v6 Ver.1 map has just released. This map is the usual Dota 6.60b map, but instead of having 5 players on each side, it has 6! So if you have many friends and they doesn't fit with the regular map, you can try this one ;)

Look, there's 6 hero circles!

Download Link
Dota 6.60b 6v6 via Warcraft Map
Dota 6.60b 6v6 via Rapidshare

Known Bugs
Endgame Scoreboard is too big to fit all 12 players

If you found more bugs you can post it on the maker site, FYI, Dota 6.60b 6v6 map is not made by IceFrog, so this is unofficial Dota map (just like Dota OMG map). Enjoy having 6v6 match! And i hope Dota 6.60b OMG mode will coming soon ^^

Update: Dota 6.61 6v6 is available!

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  1. this map release by icefrog or someone else???

    btw its cool! @_@

  2. Third me!?!
    la lang mga pinoy dyan ui!

  3. 4th

    astig dapat ai muna bago yan
    (cool but ai must be the first before that)

  4. 5th ahahaah ayos 2 ahh!!

    -Shun Jokah

  5. Use English guys, so other people can understand ;)

    @anonymous - This is an unofficial map, just like the dota OMG map ^^

  6. oo nga english kasi gamitin nyo mga tanga hahaha,,..

    this map is great, more strategies and combos can be done by players,, more fun, more kills, more gb,, and a lot more team clash skills to be used hahaha,...

    this time all lanes will have same exp and lvl at 6v6

  7. it will be just for play map if theres too many players but still good.. and yah more clashes will occur.. either the game will end soon or long depends on the hero combos

  8. It looks cool but please use your brains and think... 6v6 is imba.
    1st of all, the art of solo laning will be lost. I dunno. Hard to explain, but someone help me out here and explain why 6v6 is imba. I am 100% sure icefrog will never ever implement 6v6, unless a big change (bigger than 6.60 change) will be done.

  9. there is still the option for solo lane..
    1 hero has just to pull and neutral..

    But y that changes the game a lot

    The AOE>>>Everything else

    cause a team with 6 AOE dmg & stuns is pure pain..

  10. this map is great, whoever said that it will be official? its just for fun, for friends who are many..
    dload it if you want, nothing will harm you
    and how will it be imba? 6v6, both team has added player, that imba thing will depend on the players
    thats why they can develop their own strategies. feel free to experiment...
    and yah, in this 6v6 the game could really end fast if the heroes i mean the players are well coordinated

  11. haha..pinoyz don't be magulo..


    personally i don't think it will be imba if there's 6v6, although the gold will be damn low,.

    i agree with the guy up there who says the game will last longer or end faster now, since the damage that will be exchanged between team clashes is now enormous..

    also, more manpower per lane will be a lot more fun and either very helpful or devastating for the team, depending on the mix of heroes, anyway, to the Alief dude, where'd this come from?

    haha..this is gonna be fun..

  12. Good map...
    Now playing with partner is nice, because the 3 lane could be controlled by the 2 player from Sentinel and Scourge.
    Is it from Icefrog???

  13. 2 heroes per lane kinda cool

  14. in my opinion, playing this map wil make the game longer, the starter gold will be too low to be even be able to buy any core items. 2 player lane will also make gold collecting harder. esp. if you are sharing a lane with a greedy person. and a winning team cannot end a game with only treads. Hahaha!! Good idea but i never think it will last though.

    BTW pinoy din ako! Bundukan (mountain) na...