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Dota 6.59d Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.59d Bug

Dota 6.59d Bug Dota 6.59d Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.59d Bug. There some bugs exist on Dota 6.59d. Here it is:

On this bug/glitch, Spirit Breaker is keeping his maximum speed form of charge even though he is not charging again. This is because he is charging Leviathan who have Kraken Shell to debuff his charges. Watch below video:

Kuarinofu found a bug that make Luna's Eclipse never stop. But he still cannot find a way to reproduce it. If he can, this bug is surely game breaking and can force IceFrog to release Dota 6.59e ^^ Watch below video:

If you have any other bug on Dota 6.59d, share it here. And don't forget to report it to IceFrog ;)

Update: Looks like the unlimited Eclipse is not a bug but a cheat using collided map. If you face this or unlimited omnislash, there's big chance that your opponent using a cheats.

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  1. totaly random?!?!? this bug is just sooooooooooo overpower =[

  2. Yeah but he couldnt controll is hero anymore.
    Max MS
    Magic Imune

    cool =)

  3. Those ain't bug they are collided map, do remove the post as it causes misunderstanding, patch 1.23 remove these maps

  4. Yeah, it was a hacked/modded map. That's why you should update to 1.23

  5. Alief, I know of a -random bug where you can always get Nevermore. There's a Youtube video on this already btw. Basically, the user types -random. After 5 seconds, the host enters -ah. When the screen 'clears' (typical of -ah), the player always gets Nevermore.

  6. If multiple players enter -random and the host enters -ah after 5 seconds, the first player (which can include the host) who entered -random will get Nevermore, the second will get Pudge and the third will get Knight Davion, I'm not sure what the rest will get though. This is from the Youtube video.

  7. The spirit breaker issue is already known and not really considered a bug but rather a unique or unplanned feature.

    Basically when kracken shell takes effect, SB temporarily loses target and autoattacks the nearest enemy unit. After the units are cleared his charge will relock on the original target.

    In the video posted, he charges, loses lock, autofights a wave, then autofights a 2nd wave that just showed up. They end the video before you can see the conclusion of the process, where SB will continue to charge Tide Hunter.

  8. people should stop wasting their time to find bugs. If alot of bugs are found, icefrog may need to make 6.59e. If he does this, it will delay 6.60
    If u wanna kill time dont waste ur time looking for bugs.
    Try this game out
    its addicting

  9. yeah, that's include Ursa Warrior invulnerable bug

  10. @PkerYH

    Great bug huh! It would save a 250 gold for a sure nevermore Random. Haha. :D

  11. Again, NEITHER VIDEO SHOWS A BUG. Charge is supposed to work like this and Eclipse lasted forever because it was a hacked map.

  12. yeah i agree with the above post
    maybe we should stop looking for bugs?
    its quite fun

  13. That's not a bug. That's collided map

  14. hey hey, i got a bug at necrolyte, dont know how it made but look at these pictures

    then after that zooooooooom


    replay here:

    Change .rar to .w3g...See it

    im nnot joking

  15. lol


    it's a hacked map. The link says it all.

  17. Noticed!

    Don't believe this bug, it's fake!
    because IceFrog didn't make DotA Allstars v.6.59e.
    Enough to be an evidence!

  18. there's another bug concerning atropos using his ulti on riki.. played the game two days ago but forgot to save the replay... dunno what happened actually.. -atropos perma ulti stuck there-

  19. Atropos's ulti now works even if ul get invisible. Same thing works with BM

  20. There is another bug which involve Kunkka than when u use torrent on enemy, it would not show a sign of it and instanly kill any target that been hit.

  21. i hav found a bug with lina...her intell wen she is lvl 3 was i billion!!!!(6.59D)

  22. can u tell me bug on lina is random or u know how to do it..can u post on youtube?? this will be great man...

  23. It's better to send bugs to the creator first before releasing it to the public.

    There are a lot of cheated DotA maps on pub games, these and those bugs are making DotA worthless and less fun.

  24. yesterday i play 6.59d... my opposite team using jugg...i dont think is bug... because he did that many times...each time he ulti.. he chop till you die in lv 6... his chop more than 5time... lv6 ulti should chop around 3 slashes...maybe hack @@

  25. doesnt indentify if it is realy bug in 6.59d but i found manyMay 2, 2009 at 2:43 PM

    UH actually i already found a lot of bug in 6.59d n seem i cant find how to redo the bug but sometime when i use the same hero it happen again.
    One of them is Beastmaster ulti it cooldown about 30sec when i use it

  26. It not really a Bug... its a hack

    ... clue... it has something to do with the a file inside the Warcraft Folder

  27. Im the guy on top of Lord GraybackMay 8, 2009 at 3:41 AM

    i doesnt hav any hack file

  28. johnfgiggity is gay!!

  29. most of them is not a bug at all...
    like me..i was playing with my fren with his sand king n then he uses ulti n i die at the other side of the map...
    no bug involve...just pure hacking..!!

  30. fuck maphackerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

  31. actually thats not a bug...
    that guy using map hack..
    it call coldie map...
    can set ultimate for all hero..
    for example... juger.. if he normal lvl 6 ulti just 3 times slash..
    but if using coldie map and set it to maximum... juger ulti wont finish till no enemy..

    Me also use tis map.. but sometimes only.. XD~

  32. The Luna one was true, GArena match, our enemies were all at mid, then our Luna used Eclipse, it was non stop.

  33. Luna ulti suppose 3 or 4 beams in lvl 6, but the collided map can change her ulti to 1 - 100 beams...
    same like jugg omnislash...

  34. its just cheated... luna is always raising her hands... its cheated by (-WTF) unlimited skill and mana .... when u make videos make sure its not cheated by normal game mode

    find me in garena.. php my name in GG is w|cff00ff33awa

  35. @anonymous above
    Yes it's cheated but not -wtf mode...
    It's a collided map, not only luna is cheated in this fake map!
    here are some heroes i know that are cheated:
    yurnero infinite omnislash
    Sand King infinite epicenter
    kunkka increased torrent damage
    balanar move speed bonus
    lucifer earns more gold by devouring

    It is recommended to play 6.59c instead of 6.59d to avoid this cheated collided map!
    Although there's a bug on 6.59c, the bug is not too much game breaking!

  36. Tiny and jugger.

    WHen tiny tosses jugger his spin stops regardless of duration.

  37. believe it ?? doom bringer 2nd skill can get5k per creeps ... lich king ulti never stop .. sk(sand king) ulti shake whole map ... ts ( time stopper) ulti stop whole map .. could u believe it ???

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