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Pudge Hook Training Map

Pudge the Butcher is probably one of the most hardest hero to master on Dota-Allstars. Especially his Meat Hook, it's need a lot of training to master the timing of this hook. And i found a map that will help you master this hero. Actually, this is very old map, i read this in a forums long time ago. But i would like to share it here because i think it will be useful for newbie or even veteran that want to train Pudge. Of course you can train in the pub game, but the probability you will be flamed is very high ^^ Training with Dota 6.59 AI map also helpful, but since the AI (i think) can react the moment you press the Meat Hook button, it's really annoying ~_~

In this map, there's 7 kind of training. From just a single hero running with same pattern, a hero entering your blind spot, or even a hero running around behind some running creep (this one is really hard ^^). This map will give you 10 chance for each training. On each chance you only can try Hook your target 1 time. After 10 time, the score will be given. I'm sure, this map will train your feeling and timing with the Pudge :)

Here is the download link:
Pudge Training Map


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  1. ty ..
    mkktlong to ..
    haha ..

    this wil rili help ..

  2. thxxx
    i really2 need this map ^_^

  3. This isn't the best kind of practice (the best is with actual people) but it is challenging and is good for new people or people who aren't too good with hooking.

  4. A Clockwerk training map needs to be made. You may say that he is the same as Pudge, but his hook is faster than Pudge's.

  5. Clockwerk's hook is almost instant. You barely need to aim it, just click slightly infront of the hero or at the hero.
    0.5 seconds is not alot of time for people to react.

  6. can you reupload the link to the mediafire?

    I can't download from gamewebz....

    Also the mirana map..

  7. how can i start the game? it says no enemies stuff like that <_<

  8. cant download . .

    why ?

  9. Go to single player and use custom game. Choose the map then can play le. map now can download le so GRAB IT NOW to train yourskills !

  10. Even if it is nearly instant, some people may have trouble with it at longer distances, where it is not as nearly instant.

  11. The size of clock's pen... HOOK increases with each evel, BUT it it always takes him 0,5s to reach max length. So it not that hard to time it right

  12. i cant start the map .. it justbrings me the ''select map'' interface again . any sugestions how to make it work?

  13. Train yourself with Ai made by BMP, i found that they freaking pro about dodging an butcher hook,

    its like they even can aware from the minimap not from the fog nor the screen.

  14. hello, i trying to start game from Custom Game»Downloads»Practice your Pudge, but when i start game it take me again to screen, where i can start map again, help me please, i really want play this map


  15. y me cant play after download ?

  16. i'm pretty sure this map needs to b played on warcraft 1.23 or lower. u guys have to switch back

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  18. .haha thanks
    .i really need
    .because i really

  19. Very nice, something that i would love would be to practice curving Pudge's hook. 

  20. You should be on Single Player

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