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Battle.Net Gateway Editor | How to Set New Gateway

Battle.Net Gateway Editor Download. If you're gonna play Dota-Allstars on private server (PVPGN), you will need Battle.Net Gateway Editor to add new gateway. By default, there's only 4 channel on your Warcraft 3 Gateway, you can see it in the picture above. By using this Blizzard Battle.Net Gateway Editor, you can add/modify/remove gateway on Starcraft, Diablo 2/Diablo 2 Expansion and Warcraft 3. 

How to Set New Warcraft Battle.Net Gateway

  1. First download the Gateway Editor from the download link in the end of this post.
  2. After that, put the file into your Warcraft 3 Directory.
  3. Open the file and you will get a window opened like the first picture.
  4. Choose the WarCraft3 tab.
  5. Click add gateway.
  6. Fill with your server information.
  7. Name -> You can fill this with whatever name you want. This will be the gateway name.
  8. Zone -> Fill with number. You can check this on your PVPGN server.
  9. IP -> It can be an IP address like or a domain name like 
  10. Click OK, you're done.

Please note that sometime you must exit your Warcraft 3 before the new gateway added appear on the list. Have fun!

Download link:

Warcraft Gateway Editor via Warcraft Map

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