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Exact Dota 6.58 Changelogs

For those love the details, here is the Exact Dota 6.58 Changelogs i take from the Dota-Allstars Mechanics Forums :)

* Mask of Madness: Amplified damage is now applied at the end instead of within the duration Damage between 2 and 3000 is recieved 12.1 seconds after it's activated as ATTACK_TYPE_HERO ,DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE )
* Sentry Wards: True sight range increased by 100 700 -> 800
* Illusion Rune: Now creates 2 images instead of 1, images deal a little less damage 50% -> 35%
* Silencer: Curse of the Silent is now an AOE effect 275 Triggered AoE
* Bone Fletcher: Death Pact can now be used on any non-hero unit, not just allied units. Ancients can't be targetted
* Lucifer: Lvl? Death bonus damage is now reduced by magic resistance only rather than both magic resistance and armor Spells/Normal->Spells/Magic
* Lucifer: Reduced Doom's cooldown by 20 seconds 180/150/120 without Scepter 110/100/90 with Scepter -> 160/130/100 without Scepter 90/80/70 with Scepter
* Enchantress: Improved base damage by 10 19 -> 29
* Drow Ranger: Improved Marksmanship by 3 Agility each level 12/24/36 -> 15/30/45
* Viper: Viper Strike's cooldown reduced from 80 to 80/50/30 seconds
* Rhasta: Increased cast range on Mass Serpent Ward 350 without Scepter 400 with Scpeter -> 550 Without Scepter 600 with Scepter
* Templar Assassin: Improved turn rate 0.4 -> 0.7
* Pugna: Reduced Scepter upgraded Life Drain cooldown dramatically 22 at all levels -> 10 at all levels
* Venomancer: Improved Plague Ward cast range and vision radius Cast Range 650 -> 850 Vision Radius 1200 Day / 800 Night to 1400 Day / 1400 Night
* Visage: Rebalanced Raise Revenants (5/6/7 Max to 4/5/6 Max, Sight radius reduced by 50%, 29/39/49 damage to 40/46/52) Sight 1200 Day / 800 Night to 600 Day / 400 Night
* Added a sound to Tidehunter's attack MetalHeavyChop
* Techies' name now includes the third goblin (77704) Squee and Spleen ->Squee Spleen and Spoon
* Improved Roshan's Turn Rate 0.1 -> 0.8
* Put a practical limit to prevent mass -roll spams 20 Times

You can see the screenshots on Dota 6.58 Picture and the Download link on Dota 6.58 Official Map post. Enjoy! :)
Source: Dota-Allstars Forums

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  1. does this mean.. after mass of madness beserk ends, a MOM user could die.. cuz the damage applies after beserk ends.. can sumone confirm this.. is that a kill or a suicide?

  2. i love this site a lot more than that www.dota-i-am-stealing-your-content-utilities.com

    keep up the good work, alief.

    tetep semangat! :D

  3. What does the increased turn rate on lanaya and roshan mean? Does it mean that it takes them more time to turn 160°?

  4. increase turn rate not duration/time i guess.. so perhaps it might spin faster or spin more now.. not spinning slower.. anyone justify this plz.. im not quite sure either

  5. @pluginbaby - i already checked, when the mask of madness end, you will get the additional damage and you can instantly die if your hp is critical at that time, and it's a kill.
    @anonymous - it's the turn rate speed, so if increased, it will be faster to turn. So i think the Roshan strategies using Lycan wolf doesn't work anymore ^_^

  6. +10 base dmg to aiushtha is needed... before early game she cant even last hit creep properly.

  7. without the +10 damage aiushtha is already devastating in the late game. but i think it's a nice addition for her low base damage.

  8. lol.. in that case.. faceless void can no longer survive escaping killing early game with MOM while at low hp.. haha.. he would tank all the damage.. kill.. try to escape with low hp then DIE!.. lolz

  9. Can someone tell me why he made the basher that bad? i mean such a long cooldown, its like syllabear, but the bear is fast as hell... and the bash doesnt last as long... pretty crappy and easily replaced by either mkb's ministun or slow. come to think of it. Any other opinions?

  10. @ ^

    myb coz its a cheap Lv2 item. but 25% is quite high in pseudo random. still studying the new map.

  11. If the basher would at least stack, they might be considerable items. but cheap? 3200 Gold for some 1,1 stun? and only IF you get 4 hits on the target you have to wai 0,9 secs at least to screw him once again. Adieu my lame permabash-Magina^^