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SMM Grand National Dota Tournament (SGNDT) Final 2008

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament (SGNDT) Final 2008. Ok, beforehand this is my first post about competitive Dota, so maybe i need some feedback from you :) As the title said, another Dota-Allstars competition with large sum of money as the prize is coming up, SMM Grand National Dota Tournament (SGNDT). The tournament will be held in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 21st - 23rd November 2008 (Friday - Sunday). Even though the tournament held in Malaysia, many other teams invited, like Indonesia Fnatic, Philippines SG.Mineski, Singapore Impreza and even Russian Federation - Rush3d!

Do you want to know the prize? Wow, it's so big!

Prize Pool:
* $10,132.28 + Trophy + Hardware
* $5066.14+ Trophy + Hardware
* $3658.88+ Trophy + Hardware

The schedule is followed as below:

Team Registration: Friday November 21st at 10 pm (22:00 Asia time)
Opening Ceremonies: Saturday at 11 am (11:00 Asia time)
PMS NyX-.Evo vs PMS Asterisk* showcase match: 1 pm (13:00 Asia time)
Groupstage matches begin at 10:30 am on Friday, games will be ongoing until Sunday.

Participating List:

Invited Teams:

1. Indonesia Fnatic
2. Russian Federation - Rush3d
3. China Ehome
4. China CaNt
5. Philippines SG.Mineski
6. Singapore Impreza
7. Singapore Evo-Xtc
8. Singapore PMS Asterisk*
9. International - PMS Nyx-.Evo

Qualified Teams:

10. Malaysia Kingsurf (Defending Champion)
11. Malaysia Cybertime (Hiphop)
12. Malaysia Cybertime (Achilles)
13. Malaysia v2'mKvL
14. Malaysia U.C.P.R.O.'tBun w4si
15. Malaysia Penang ICE
16. Malaysia Gizmo Mix
17. Malaysia ENSP-Freedom
18. Malaysia NGL
19. Malaysia PGA
20. Malaysia Vs2
21. Malaysia Fn'Bkt
22. Malaysia Imbanology
23. Malaysia WLY2
24. Malaysia Glow
25. Malaysia DNA-SK
26. Malaysia Bazooka
27. Malaysia Surf Empire
28. Malaysia Ftz
29. Malaysia BGL
30. Malaysia F'day
31. Malaysia Say-Thanks
32. Malaysia Fishnet Miao
33. Malaysia Show Net
34. Malaysia Survivor.
35. Malaysia Re'
36. Malaysia FC
37. Malaysia VrDb
38. Malaysia V-Gust
39. Malaysia NC1
40. Malaysia Ice-butter
41. Malaysia gp2
42. Malaysia The Net
43. Malaysia Ice 2
44. Malaysia Epic
45. Malaysia Fishnet Eternal.

If you curious what's the rule for a big tournament, here is it:
Finalized ruleset

Game Format:

Game Version: Dota 6.57b

Competition Method: 5 vs. 5
Tournament Structure: BO1 in group stage with 8 groups. First and second place in groups reaches top 16. Top 16 onwards will be BO1 double elimination until the Grand Finals. Grand Finals BO3 with 1 game advantage for WB winner.
Match Length: Until a winner is decided
Match Winner: The player who completely destroys the opponent’s Ancient or if the opponent surrenders.

Coin Toss

The match will begin with a coin toss and winner of the coin toss will get to choose:
(a) Sentinel/Scourge side of the map or
(b) Draft order

The side that losses in the coin toss can choose the latter.

Hero drafting:

The team that starts off the drafting will have 1min 30secs to decide on the 1st hero, after which next team also gets 1min 30secs to choose their 1st hero. This process is repeated until all the heros are selected.

Team that fail to pick their hero within 1min 30secs, their turn will be skipped.

Teams who failed to pick their heroes will be given 30 seconds at the end of the drafting session to draft their remaining heroes. After the time limit has been reached, the undrafted hero slot will be replaced with "Random".

If any team is found to have any hero which is selected differently from what was decided earlier, the referee has to be informed immediately. Team which made the mistake of selecting the wrong heroes after game starts will be penalised (Warning or Game Loss).

In any situation when any team did not select their heroes according to what they have decided, referee will use the heroes’ selection list recorded to verify if that team is guilty of making the mistake. Then referee award warning or game loss if the team is found guilty of making the wrong selection.

Game Mode: Extended League Mode. (-Ap mode will be typed in-game)

1. Both teams will be allowed to take out up to 4 heroes from the pool of heroes before drafting starts. This will work based on a 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 format. Teams can choose to stop taking out heroes before the maximum 4 heroes limit and their turn to take out the heroes will be void.

1. Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
2. Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
3. Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
4. Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
5. Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
6. Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
7. Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
8. Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero

A maximum of (but may not up to) 8 heroes can be taken out before the drafting session happens. After the taking out draft finishes , teams will proceed to pick the heroes for the game.

2. Picking heroes: 1-2-2-2-2-1

1. Team one will pick: 1 hero
2. Team two will pick: 2 heroes
3. Team one will pick: 2 heroes
4. Team two will pick: 2 heroes
5. Team one will pick: 2 heroes
6. Team two will pick: 1 hero

Game Play

1. Sharing:

. Sharing of item is allowed as long as the game permits.
. It is not allow to suicide to pass Rapier intentionally.
. Sharing control is allowed

2. Item Limitations :
. No item is restricted.

3. Backdoor
In light of exploits from the latest version (6.56) of the game, the administration decides to DISALLOW BACKDOOR for this tournament.

4. Hero Limitations
. No hero is restricted in the draft.

Detail reference on the administration for the above rule.

1. Towers are not to be hit without creep support unless it is deniable by the opponent. All other structures are not to be backdoored without creep support although it is deniable. If you reached the building with creeps you are though allowed to continue attacking it even if the creeps are killed.

2. If you reached the opponents base together with allied creeps, you may attack all buildings, and you do not have to cancel your attack if your creeps have been killed.

3. When a backdoor occurs, the marshals will judge based on the intentions of the offender and the severity of the offence. When deemed to be intentional, a warning or a default game loss will be given out.

A team with 3 accumulated warnings in a game will be given a default game loss.

4. Winning: Completely destroy the tree or the throne of your opponent or your opponent concedes the game

Rules and Regulations:

General Rule:

· Registration form

There will only be 2 reserve slots for the tournament. Teams can only use the players written in the registration form. If the reserve slot has not been written, the name can be fill in later and cannot be altered after that.

Tournament Rule:

(*Note: Teams that broke the following rules and regulation would be disqualified. This decision would be made by the Chief Marshal)

1: Gamers must report to the respective game zone 10 minutes before the match. Participants who are late for more than 10 minutes will be disqualified.

2: Abusive behavior towards the staff will result with a permanent ban in which no foul language can be used to the opponents.

3: The Game Marshal has the authority to take disciplinary actions, as from the moment he enters the field of play until he leaves the field of play after the final whistle.

4: Once fixtures are fixed, neither delayed nor postponement will be allowed.

5: Dress Code: Minimum dress code should be T-shirts & Jeans/Pants with covered shoes. The following will not be allowed into the tournament area: 1) Slippers 2) Torn Jeans 3) Shorts 4) Singlet


1. Teams are persuaded to save their games frequently during a match in order to compensate for disconnects.

2. Disconnect before a hero has been killed (First Blood): match restart\

3. Disconnect after a hero has been killed: remake from the save game.

4. The teams must save game right after first blood

5. To account for the various situations of drops that may arise, the final decision will be decided by the marshal in charge after a detailed discussion with the team leaders involved using the below rules as reference.

6. If team 1 have killed 5+ heroes more than team 2 during the period of the last save game and the disconnection, then the disconnect is in the favor of team 1.
For example:
- At the time of the save game the score is 35-35
- At the time of the disconnection the score is 42-37 for team 1
- Since team 1 have killed 5+ heroes more than team 2, team 1 may now chose whether to continue the match or remake from the save game.

7. A tower counts for 3 kills when calculating this, an Aegis counts for ½ a kill rounding down, a rax counts for 5 kills.

8. If neither team is in advantage then an admin should be consulted, unless teams can agree to a decision by themselves.

9. After a remake all players have to pick the same heroes as before, and must go to the same starting lane. On initial creep contact, the players may change lane.

10. It is allowed to use a disconnected hero, but it is not allowed to give his items to other players. The items may either stay on the disconnected hero, or be sold so the money is dispersed among the remaining players.

Abuses & Exploitation

1. A player is allowed to play for 1 team for the entire duration of the tournament. Any substitutes for a team must be approved by a senior marshal before the game starts.

2. Pause Abuse (Warning or Game Loss):
From the point after hero selection process is completed, pausing without any valid reason is disallowed.

3. Bugs Exploitation (Warning , Game Loss or Disqualification):
No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like "exploiting/activating the bug unknowingly", "we had no idea this bug existed" or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these are.

Examples of Bugs:
* The latest Obsidian Destroyer bug.
* Activating the enemies team glyph of fortification is forbidden.(e.g. with a crow)
* Creep pulling is considered a tactic and therefore is NOT considered a bug.
* Earthshaker Fissure is not allowed to block the entrance and exit of bases.

4. Penalties Awarded:
Warning: After warning is given games goes on. If two warnings are accumulated then the team will be ejected from the tournament upon receiving the two warning.
Game Loss: Game loss given to a team mean the team loses the current game no matter what is the result of that game. A win would be awarded to opponent instead.

5. No foul language throughout the tournament. (Warning or Game Loss or Disqualification)

6. Player could immediately inform the Game Marshal if he/she finds out that a member of the match has violated a rule. Immediate actions will be taken by the game marshal.

7. Any complaints from teams that signed the confirmation slip would not be entertained, any complaints must be done before so.

8. We seek everyone’s cooperation to the rules and hope that by implying the rules to the league, everyone can have a fair game and most importantly, have greater fun.

Ugh, i wanna see it. What about you? Do you have a team you want to support? Well, i have. But maybe i should keep neutral as the blog writer ^_^ But you're free to support your favourite team! Cheers :)

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  1. That's a pretty damn huge cash prize. I bet we will see some real competitive action with that at stake. Everyone will have to play their best, so this will be really awesome to watch.

  2. lol, backdooring disallowed ... due to exploits from 6.56.

    and no item restrictions. \o/

    Icefrog should create a mode where Backdooring is not possible, so there would not be any necessity to use stupit selfmade rules.

  3. kingsurf lose this tournement..and ehome takes all the cash

  4. wait!
    this is malaysian dollars right?
    not United States dollars. haha

  5. that is US dollar, i watch that tournement at times square, it is very superb....

  6. please post replay from tournamnet....

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