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Incohatus the Formless, Hidden Hero on Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2

Incohatus the FormlessIncohatus the Formless, Hidden Hero on Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2. I'm sure most of you didn't know that there's a hidden hero on the latest map of Dota 6.57b AI, Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2. The hero is very cool and i'm sure you will love to play it. The hero name is Incohatus the Formless. The name said it all, he is formless and take a form of a whisp. Nothing special there. But, the interesting part is his skills...

Look at the picture, his first skill is from Broodmother and his second skill is Diabolic Edict from Lehsrac. Can you guess it now? .... (waiting for your guess ^_^)

Yup, his first skill is able to take ally/enemy first skill as his skill. His second skill is take ally/enemy second skill. Wow, imagine Meat Hook combined with Chronosphere, cool!! Curious on how to use this hero? Read on!

To be able to use him, you must play with the Dota 6.57b AIplus Revision 2 map (Revision 1 is not included him yet). And then, in the beginning of the game, type -fun followed by -tryhero. You will have Incohatus the Formless as your hero instantly. And then, have fun! :D I'm sure you didn't need a guide for a hero like him :) Enjoy playing Incohatus the Formless!

Update: Check the Incohatus the Formless Guide too see the skill you can copy and can't.

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  1. this is not the official hero rite?
    you gotta be kidding me.

  2. so cool i copied the 1sr skill of enchatress the last skill by demon witch and second skill of magina lol so fun!!!!

  3. i triggered a bug, but not sure how, but i copied lich's ulti and can't reset it.

  4. Too bad you can't choose primary attribute for the hero and you're stuck with intelligence only.

  5. Removing individual abilities would be neat, instead of having to pick all 4 again, when you just want to swap 1 of them.

  6. Just Found a bug. I cant reset pugna ulti that i copied and later i get to up another copy ukti skil. Which is a cool bug u can use 2 ulti XD

  7. I tried copying TA's second ability, only to get a permanent "Move +2" ability, which gave +20% movespeed.

    Also, if you want imbalance, copy Aftershock and then switch between treads modes constantly. Or, if that gets fixed, use an orb effect instead, such as Viper's.

    Unfortunately, many abilities are just broken. Although, the idea's pretty cool.

  8. @anonymous - no, this hero is made by BuffMePlz and only exist on Dota 6.57b AIplus Rev.2 It's a fun hero you know, although there's some skills that cannot be copied :)

  9. SB empowering haste + razor unholy fever = no ppl can chase me in the game^^V

    in fact, no ppl can run away from me, lol

  10. You should be able to steal any skills, like if you want 3 passive skills, which are usually 3rd skill for most heroes, you should be able to have 3 3rd skills and an ultimate. It could be made by having all the stealing abilities and the skill resetting one use the "spellbook" ability, so they take up just one button or use chat commands to select which spells you want to steal, if doing it with only skills is too much work.

  11. what will happen if i steal invoker skill ?

  12. you can't, invoker's skills cannot be copied

  13. wow only a week since i last log-in
    so many new that i need to catch up

    Anyway, @alief maybe its better to put the mini-guide for formless here or link it here, bcoz in the guide you can read the complete lists of skill that formless can and can't be coppied. what do you think???

  14. @Chal - i think it's nice idea, will do it soon :)

  15. try to steal earthshaker 3rd skill n strom spirit 1st skill ^^
    then press the 1st skill continuse n see wad happen

  16. Very cool the hero, the only problem is the time of reset, 30 seconds is too little, the hero gets very stolen!

  17. Agreed, 30 seconds is too low, as it refreshes the cooldowns as well.

    Imagine getting a refresher on him: Ult -> reset -> Ult -> refresh -> Ult -> reset -> Ult. Cast 4 infernals at once, and 5 once the 'reset' cools down.

  18. nice hero..
    some passive skill can't be copied..

    i pwned viper with his skills except the 3rd skill (corrosive skin)..

    it's soo nice when teamed up with zeus...
    get refresher orb+aghanim...
    triple zeus ulti...

  19. Yup, it's cool & great hero man.

  20. Its a fun hero indeed,but unfortunately its too imbalanced to be actually put in the game.Too bad:|.

  21. The WORST and IMBA bug abuse that you can do with that hero is simply copy the warlock skill "Rain of Chaos"...
    The best and unpenetrable defence possible or attack with a hero that can let you recover mana like lightbringer...

    You copy it, call down a infernal then unlearn, learn it again (CD resets on unlearn), call down another infernal, ecc ecc...

    You can made an army like that... Ultimus it's the most imba skill i've ever seen due that bug...

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