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Dota 6.56 Bug / Dota 6.56 Exploits

dota allstars 6.55b loading screen Images Dota 6.56 Bug / Dota 6.56 Exploits, in case you haven't know, there's some bugs/exploits on this current map. The bug is pretty major, because it affects a team.

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The bug is on Obsidian Destroyer with Powertreads. When you already got your Powertreads, take your Essence Aura skill immediately. Your running out of mana? Just switch your shoes! Change it from STR Treads into INT/AGI Treads and so on. The Powertreads type changes can triggers the Essence Aura, so you can have a free mana after several times changing your treads. Not only that, if your friends have Powertreads, they can also do the same tricks. Just go near Obsidian Destroyer and switch the Treads.

The other is on Puck with Phase Boots. I haven't try this yet, but i heard there's some glitches in this combination. Maybe i will try it on Dota 6.56 AIplus later. Have you ever try it or there's another bug? Share it here and maybe you can put that on Dota 6.57 wish list so it will be fixed soon :)

Update: I forgot that the bug also affect her team mates ^_^, thanks kikeUY

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  1. If you are around Obsdian Destroyer and change treads, does essense triggers? or it´s just triggers when Obsidian changes treads?

  2. Yes, it also triggers in allies who switch treads.

  3. how many mana does it give back in a lvl 4 essence aura?

  4. I´ve tested it on ai plus, and it triggers for allies too. The amount of mana restored is calculated on the total mana pool you have, but since you can change your treads with no mana cost/cooldown, you will have kinda infinite mana, even at lvl 1 essence.
    This bug really deserves a 6.56b right away.

  5. Take Puck buy Phase boots, activate phase shiftinstant activate phase boots and you can walk in the Shift mode

  6. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's just a graphical glitch, as you're not invulnerable nor invisible.

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