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StarCraft 2 Dota-Allstars, It's Possible!

StarCraft 2 Dota-Allstars Map is possible. Warcraft and Starcraft is like a twin brother. One will release after another and won't kill each other. And the next turn to release is Starcraft 2. Maybe you already know that Starcraft is more like future based games while Warcraft is the opposite, ancient based. Despite those different setting, there's a question arise. Is Warcraft III Dota-Allstars custom map will be possible in StarCraft 2?

Let's see.. Many new characters are being introduced into the StarCraft lore with the addition of the star map in Wings of Libery. These characters will provide missions and have various interactions with Raynor throughout the campaign. The question is, can we use those character on map editor like on Warcraft III? Blizzard has confirmed that it is possible. Not only that, hero abilities and leveling system is also allowed within the custom maps. Now, what's still missing? Any idea people? Yes, it is the items/equipment. What's the meaning of having heroes without great items right? But don't worry, items is also included in the map editor. That means all things necessary already served.

In the official Starcraft 2 Beta, a map editor will be included. This will provide Blizzard direct feedback from the map makers, including IceFrog (if he decide to make it). The feedback will give Blizzard some idea of which features needed to make a StarCraft 2 Dota-Allstars map and other custom map.

In summary, Blizzard is likely make Dota-Allstars possible to implemented in StarCraft 2. Now, let's just see what will IceFrog do with it ^_^

PS: The source is this site, you can see the interview with Blizzard people to confirm this.

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  1. well this could be interesting ^^ i alrdy thought about this before, Blizzard gave us great games with great map editors before, so why would they mess it up now? ;)
    the only thing that kinda disturbs me is that if IceFrog decides to try a remake on SC2, that could delay new versions of DotA for WC3, _much_

  2. i definitely think it is possible. after playing the campaign mode, what's left to do? why a multiplayer game of course! custom maps give blizzard games their excellent replayability. so, what's the coolest custom map on this planet? DotA!! i would prefer dota on SC2 since it offers a lot like better graphics & game physics. in my opinion, if dota will continue it will be on SC2. so to those losers who petition "no dota for SC2", don't download/play it & stop bugging those who like it!

  3. i vote for dota on SC2... but less ppl will play if SC2 requires higher graphic spec.. rofl.. sum of the ppl play n really wanted to be pro on dota cuz they cant play other high end games.. on the other hand, some of the ppl who hates dota ppl bcuz they have high end computers so they dont give a damn on lousy spec games like war3.. but maybe the fact is, they cant play well in multiplayer n team strat game.. and they r afraid they will be noobs in dota..

    back to the point.. i vote for dota on sc2 while waiting for war4 (years to go)... dota on sc2 will make the game more superior and i hope sc2 enables a higher map size maybe around 5-6mb max size so we can experience better textures and quality in dota..

    or perhaps maybe there will be a new map maker for sc2 dota???? who knows...

  4. why only ice frog
    i prefer some1 else should take up
    let him stick to war3

  5. Well, i'd like that.
    Since I've been a starcraft fan, I already had the idea of blizzard implementing the hero system on SC2 just like WC3, sadly, there were three teams. if we can split them, what would it be? maybe the alliance(protoss/terran) vs the infested??(zerg/terran or protoss maybe?)

    we will not know until it releases on its date(2009 XD). I'll look forward to a hero defense on SC2


  7. wad the fuk r u tokin about? the earliset AOS maps originated from Starcraft and dota is AOS too. the idea of dota came from sc.

  8. it's good to see that someone who know what he's talking about. I dont wanna see a map called "DotA" in SC2 call it AoS (Aeon of Strife).

  9. any attempts to put a DotA like map on SC2 would fail because Blizzard decided not to put LAN capabilities on SC2 which really sucks bacause 80% of people who play DotA play offline.

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