Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - DotA-Blog

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!)

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots. Here is some screenshots of the brand new Dota 6.55 map. The new items picture is still taken from the beta, i will change it tomorrow. It's already late here ^-^ Here we go!

New Night StalkerThe cosmetics for Night Stalker is make him more terrify on the night.

Multiple Town Portal is now enable. Now you can teleport in about 300 AoE near the tower without having unit/tower as target. Just click the land near them.

Dota 6.55 New Heroes2 New Heroes! Kunkka the Admiral Proudmoore (Captain Coco) and Alleria the Windrunner. Also watch the location of the Sentinel Tavern, it is now placed on the bottom right of the map.

Kellen Dagger updateThe Dagger is now not disabled by creep/tower attack, only hero attack disabled it. glad to hear that!

Glyph of FortificationDust of Appeareance
Phase Boots Magic StickWoot, 4 new items!

Enigma Black Hole
With the darken area nearby, it feel's more like a dark hole

The new Glaives is cooler :p

The crown is look sexy on him :p

New Ezalor the Lightkeeper
Now the old model of Ezalor is the metamorphosis mode.

Ezalor Ultimate Skill
I love this skill! :)

Blinding Light
It's like Shivas Guard + Deafening Blast ^^

Life Tree BalanceNew placement of the Life Tree hopefully balance the Sentinel tower.

That's all. If you have something interesting, share it here :) And i can't guarantee if all of those picture will implemented, i just trying the beta map and capture the pics :D Have fun! And yeah, you can see the details changelog on Dota 6.55 Beta Dota 6.55 official map post

Credits: ZyB-Er for contributing pictures and forums :)

PS: The strike sentences is written on Beta Version of Dota 6.55 ^-^

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  1. nice. a handsome hero. compared to goblin clokwerk. huhu..

    1. Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK j3

  2. wow is jaina proudmoore father isnt it (in warcraft story). rylai/cm is original model for jaina.

    this new hero look cool and awesome anyway

  3. I think Captain Coco will be one of DotA's favourite hero. I like his 1st skill.

  4. WWWOOW i am too excited to see the complete 6.55.........

  5. Hello! nice... note: when his 3rd skill ends he leaves a green mark under him.I wonder what that is for? maybe for fun.. or not.

  6. Wow, great info guys ^.^ New Hero, New change, it will be more fun :D

    Btw, when this map released ?

  7. This one is Beta right? I'm waiting the complete one. DOTA rocks!!!

  8. 1st Skill - Makes him to atk at cleaving rate

    2nd skill - Makes Enemy/Him[not so sure] to miss on atk

    3rd skill - fires a ship at straight direction [ like mirana arrow shot ] makes the enemy to move slow

    4th skill - casts to enemy/ally/itself that will marks X on the land where it was casted and puts him back when the casted hero will be hit or overcome the distance it has given

  9. His first skill gives him a 100% splash damage and 60 bonus damage for x seconds. Excellent for pushing and killing.

    His second skill summons a ghost ship that moves forward for about 2k range, cauing any enemy in it's way to be slowed for 3 seconds and sucked back a little distance. (I tried spamming this skill in -wtf mode and there's no way any hero can run from you.) Good for chasing, but does no damage whatsoever.

    His third skill makes himself miss on attacks, but not sure whether this has any other effects on him since this spell cannot be casted on enemies. Until other effects are known, this skill is useless.

    His ultimate, when casted on an target hero (enemy, ally or himself), leaves a mark on the ground at where the target was. After 3-4 seconds, or when the hero gets hit, the hero will automatically teleport back to the mark. Excellent for escaping ganks and chasing, apparently.

  10. his third skill also gives him critical

    his ultimate, the target does not return to the x when he gets damaged. the target returns after a short time. haha i tried this map with my friends and my friend chose mirana. i marked him with an x, then he leaped, after a few seconds he comes back hahaha... mirana=dead

  11. look at Enchantress oO
    Untouchable has now 100% and isnt anymore the ulti. The ulti is Impetus with a 25% at the end. Imba...

  12. me oso wanna tell tht enchantress skill had been modified...
    just at above tht kiwon14 said
    ulti swapped wif 1st skill(impetus)
    now impetus is more imba@@

  13. His third skill gives him or any other hero a percentage increase in ms and crtic for a few seconds, then the secondary effect kicks in which makes him miss on attks.

    beta 8 edi came out
    all go have a test ^^

  15. Beta 9 ^^

  16. I found two new items but they seem not working yet.

    Poison Powder and Magic Stick

    alief : feel free to use that image to update main info ^^

  17. Please don't remove Ezalor's light balls. That will seriously nerf his pushing skills.

    There are already lots of blind/miss-to-hit skills, AOE, single target or part of a disabling skill. I know there's an urge to pay homage to Gandalf in LOTR with that Blinding Light skill, but come on.

  18. Another thing about Ezalor...

    I noticed that Chakra's cooldown has been improved to 19/18/17/16 from a constant 19 in the previous version. However the slight health regeneration and the +% damage buff is now gone.

    Let me just say that the +28% damage bonus is essential. In early game you can do more hurt/harrassment to enemy heroes and towers (600 range helps too). In late game you can buff carry heroes and make them even more awesome. In fact, there was no waste casting Chakra on a friendly hero who had full mana. It is equally useful especially if your teammates use heroes whose skills do not really use much mana.

    3 sec less cooldown and no more +28% damage at level 4... it is a hard sell. I know I can't expect the decision makers to listen to some random anonymous dude like me, but if it were up to me, I would cap the damage bonus to +20%, just to compensate for the reduced cooldown.

    I have played Ezalor a lot, that's why I'm passionate about him. He is one of the top choices if my friends and I wanted a fast game.

  19. Wow, thanks for the picture :) It came from beta 9 right? I will check it first and will use your picture :)

  20. All my friends now excited playing FOC fight of character, wishhh ice frog could add option -foc to select new foc tavern for foc character :D

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. alief : Np for the picture sorry i didnt said was from beta 9 ^^ , didnt know can login with google acc either xD always post Anonymous
    Link from beta 9 above was me too ^^ you can check by Ip i guess :)

  23. @zyb-er - thanks for the picture and the link :)

    And yeah, some people begin to confuse because there's 2 post about Dota 6.55 beta ^^ Actually my intention made this post is to show some screenshots of Dota 6.55, so Dota 6.55 beta post is not too heavy because the images is placed in this post :) So, if you want post comment related about 6.55 Beta changes, i think it's better to post it in this link to make us easier to share changeslogs :)

    And thanks a lot for all the comment and feedback, really appreciate it :) Can't wait until the Official Dota-Allstars 6.55 came out :D

  24. @alief : Thx for the clarification i will try to comment on the other post and keep updating screenshots of the changes found as you prefer here.
    Till now i got this few screenies to add :

    Enigma Black Hole visual change:

    Nortrom Glaives of Wisdom visual change:

    Dirge Size Change:

    Broodmother Insatiable Hunger change:

  25. More Screenshots of new Beta 12

    New item Dust of Appearance:

    Sange,Yasha,Sange&Yasha Recipes:

    Sentinel Shops Arrangement and Model:

  26. Ridiculous... The Changes in Sentinel's base wont stay that way. TOO much space to enter, making it too easy to invade the base. Hopse this is gonna be changed to the original... Dirge was made too something mouse-like. What an "undying". You just have to kick his lil undead ass...

  27. this has to be a joke.. just cant be!! to many beta maps released very soon, and those changes? the sentinel base is so huge!! april's fool passed away so i dunno what kind of joke is this -.-"

  28. @nickfreak - it still the beta, everything can be changed.
    @krl - well, there's an answer for that, it could be the leaker upload fews beta map at the same time. But, based on my previous experiment, if there's huge change, the beta can reach beta 28 or something. You can check that on one of my post about 6.50 beta. (and the beta leak is true)

    Anyway, let's just see wether this is true or not. But the leaker of this map is the same as the 6.54 beta leaker, and it's proven right (at least until 6.55 beta 9 ^^).We get the beta 10-12 from his shared mediafire folder, but not from his blog, don't know why he hasn't post it on his blog. That's why it's i also get a little suspicious about beta 10-12. But none of us can know the answer unless there's a real beta tester that kind enough to give us the answer lol ^^

  29. @alief - well, i just agree with the beta map 9.. but not the beta 12, it came with weird changed, aint IceFrog style :S the fact is that they are screwing it up and most of the ppl dnt like it!!

  30. @krl - yeah, let's be patient and wait for anything new :)

  31. can u tell me the map are download from the side same with the texture in the picture???

  32. @coldsphere - the texture is looks different because he is using Dota Theme Manager. The map is the beta map i shared in this blog :)

  33. I dunno why they have to make undying so small... even his zombies are bigger than him. Anyway, it's still buggish like when you die and revives, he returns to his original size.

  34. I dunno why they have to make undying so small... even his zombies are bigger than him. Anyway, it's still buggish like when you die and revives, he returns to his original size.

  35. i think undyings size is just a bug... i dont thihnk hes supposed to be that small, it just doesnt make sense really

  36. i think they did good work for it now, i mean new version look cool instead the big one.

    fer sure.

  37. beta 20

  38. Abaddon's shield now has the properties of the hero damage reduc, not sure if this was always in I absorbed ~480 damage when i had a lot of armor.

    Also i think the cast point of coil might have been improved a touch, uncertain.

  39. Blood bath now goes something like...
    15hp loss -> 5 hp loss
    and the +damage is a bit less at early levels

    Also the CD is 10 sec at all lvls, I think that's less.

  40. CM has been changed

    Ult does not channel, she has lich's 'nova blast' and the mana regen aura is +3 at lvl 3 (no lvl 4). Freeze is same.

  41. Bara's ult can target magic immune, not sure if this is new.

    Also, when I charged some thing, near by allie would attack it, not sure why.

  42. Stop spreading lies about changes :x

    Also, Bane was always able to target magic immune. Ultimate-type stuns will always go through magic immunity (like Beastmaster as well)

  43. Your blog is the best! Thank you for this unic information.
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  44. just played slark in dot 6.55 beta 30 still no changes. only two skill with tooltip missing

  45. Bloodseeker:

    Blood Bath v6.54: 5%/10%/15%/20%
    Blood Bath v6.55: 10%/15%/20%/25%
    --> +5% at each level

    Bloodrage v6.54: 20 sec cooldown
    Bloodrage v6.55: 10 sec cooldown
    --> at level 3 and 4 shorter cooldown than duration (12 sec and 15 sec) and at level 2 you can cast it at enemies directly after it ends (135 damage, 9 sec)

    And the damage has not changed since 6.54!

  46. yay 6.55 at last >_> been a while

  47. I really like Admiral Proudmoore. One of the future line ups for Sentinel in the tournaments...

  48. Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download Now

    >>>>> Download Full

    Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download LINK

    >>>>> Download Now

    Dota-Allstars 6.55 Map Screenshots (Updated!) - Dota-Blog >>>>> Download Full

    >>>>> Download LINK Q9