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Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 21 Map Leaked!

Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta Loading ScreenDota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 21 map leaked. Whoaa, just find another beta map ;p I don't know if this is not a fake, but after testing it, i think it's likely the real one. Cannot find many changelogs, you can try find the changes by yourself.

The current changelogs are :

DotA Allstars v6.54 Beta 13

- Fixed some Toss anim/sound bugs
- Fixed Shallow Grave (cd was 200/175/150 not the intended 120/80/40)
* Rebalanced Aphotic Shield
* Improved Borrowed Time
- RD rigged for SP and Abaddon
- Fixed bonus ava damage doing a little less than it should
- Fixed Toss working on ancients
* Player turn indicator for RD has been made more clear (if its not your turn, the color indicators are faded)

PL, Invoker and Tiny don't have to be in EVERY game, but they should be in most of them.
Dazzle and Abaddon should be in every game.
All 5 are rigged for RD.
This is changelogs found by people, you can share yours too :)

-Changed QOP sonic wave animation (very cool imo)
-Changed Dazzle`s skills. He doesn`t have shallow grave anymore
Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance and Invoker Alactricy and EMP also got changed

I haven't check above change, so i cannot confirm it yet. After check it, i will try to provide some pics :)

Download Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 21 via MediaFire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 19 via MediaFire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 16 via MediaFire
Download Dota-Allstars 6.54 Beta 13 via MediaFire

Warning! I use a new source for this leaked map (the previous leaker get caught T_T ), hence i can't guarantee the quality yet. So, don't flame me with this reason :p Feel free to tell me your opinion :)

PS: Looks like the leaker cannot show the changelogs because IceFrog is prohibit him. So, you must find the differents yourself ^^"

Update: The official one is already released! :) Official Dota-Allstars 6.54

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  1. Nice! I'm getting it right now! Thx


  3. the change only that??
    what was the meaning of RD?

  4. Looks like the leaker is prohibit to show the changelogs. RD is Random Draft i suppose, a mode like AP or AR.

  5. YOu could add this to changelog :
    -Changed QOP sonic wave animation (very cool imo)
    -Changed Dazzle`s skills. He doesn`t have shallow grave anymore

  6. Phantom Lancer Spirit Lance and Invoker Alactricy and EMP also got changed

  7. Can you guys email me the new changelogs or tell me whats change

  8. Changes I found in beta 19:

    Abaddon's BorrowedTime now heals you when are damaged without needing to cast the shield on yourself.

    Crystal Maiden Rylai's Freezing Field animation changed into WC3's Blizzard skill. Which means you will not longer be seeing multiple frost novas, but you will see ice raining on the field with some effects.

    ClockWerk got nerfed. His Clog looks smaller.

    Dazzle's skill has poison touch and the shadow heal thing remain, what was change is that he has a new skill that prevents people from killing you for 5 seconds. Only prevents damage that will kill you. His Ultimate was called "acid spray", I expect some changes to the name and hotkeys are they are all bugged. But what is does is an AOE effect for 24 seconds, cooldown 40 seconds. Each second the allies affected by the aura gains +1 armour while the enemies get -1 armour.

    Lich's chain frost seem a bit smaller and smoother now.

    Qop sonic wave animation uses animation really like super sonic, Big white "O"s that fly out.

    Items that can be disassembled now has the tooltop "this item can be disassembled".

    Twin head dragon's Ultimate seems a lot faster and further range.

    -rickroll has been removed. OH NO!!!!!

    This version seems to be a cosmetic change version and rework of Dazzle and LOA.

  9. -Lowered Damage on Abbadon`s shield to 100/125/150/175

    -Replaced Flask of saphire water with Healing Salve.

  10. couple other things:

    phantom lancer's nuke has been greatly improved

    clockwerk still isn't drastically changed 0_0

  11. pl max image is now 5 instead of 8

  12. Damn~My favorite hero was Phantom Lancer coz he is so cool wif his 310 damage spirit lance n his image splitting of 8! Now it all chng to 250 damage(cooldown 7),DoppleWalk Invisibility tat onli last for 8 Sec(WTF!!) n Image splitting of 5(WORST NIGHTMARE!!)
    How can i play tis dumb ass anymore? Can anyone tel me??

  13. Does this map trustable??

  14. yeah how about tell icefrog that the phantom lancer image can deal 100% damage hhahahaah